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Part One

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The same as all the time, ya donkey!

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"So then he said 'What're we gonna do now?", the I said 'I dunno', then he said, 'Sakka yarou ze!' And I said 'Who are you, Mark Evans or someone?!'!" One bear was talking to another about silly stories.

"LOL!" Bear Two laughed.

"And then..." Bear Two paused. "Look out! It's Shawn!"

"Finally! I can adopt some bears instead of killing them!" Shawn exclaimed.

"I don't think that's gonna work." Jordan muttered.

"Yeah, bad idea dude!" Hurley repeated.

Shawn gave Jordan the puppy eyes and pointed to the bears. Jordan tried looking away from the cuteness while the bears looked at the green haired boy.

"Please, Jordan!" Shawn begged.

"No, Shawn." Jordan confirmed. The argument between them continued for what seemed like hours to Hurley. He was getting drained out as the bears gingerly tried not to move a muscle. Tried.

"When do we talk?" Bear One whispered to the other bear.

"I don't know what do you think?" Bear Two replied.

"That bear just spoke, did you guys hear?" Hurley yelped. Both bears froze. They had been found out.

Jordan and Shawn bothed shook their heads and carried on fighting about the bears. Phew, that was a close one for the bears. Neither of them wanted anyone to know that they talked unless Shawn took them home or something, which was very rare.

"Shawn likes bears. Hehe!" Zeke guffawed.

"Guys, stop. We need to hurry up so that I can get my new Inazuma Eleven: The Card Game cards from the corner shop before it closes!" Xavier groaned.

"But I thought we were going home." Aitor sighed.

"Don't be rude, Kariya-kun, we just got here. Shawn wanted to visit Hokkaido again." Xavier frowned. Jordan looked on hopelessly at the arguments that caused people to think that they were the cutest family. None of them were related!

"Why is there a walking tree in here?" Bear One wondered.

"How dare you!" Jordan yelled.

Hurley pointed at the bears. "See? He did speak!" Nobody seemed to get their brain to click.

"We want to go with you, Fubuki-sama!" Bear Two growled. Sou machigai nai, everyone had heard them speak, so it was pointless to stay quiet. They just let it go and continued to talk.

Jordan didn't want to separate the bears from Shawn now they had officially met. "Fine."

"Yay! Thanks." Shawn bowed.

Jordan smiled at Shawn, then at the bears.

"LOL, epic fail!" Zeke sniggered.

Jordan glared at him. Zeke took a step back in shock.

"I have Kuma no Hoteru (Bear Hotel) next to Alpine Junior High, guys! You can live in there!" Shawn invited.

"Luxury!" Bear One yapped.

"You said it!" Bear Two agreed.

"Can we just go now?" Tori yawned. "I wanna play soccer with Mark!"

"You fancy Mark! You fancy Mark!" Segata taunted.

Tori slapped him.

"Can we have honey?" Bear Three asked nervously.

"Ouch, she hits really hard for a girl." Zeke admitted.

"Sexist!" Tori huffed.

"We all know that Zeke likes Shawn." Bella stated.

"Say what now?" Mark fell over in shock.

"Zell loves Shawn." Nathan repeated. He got a well deserved slap from Tori. "Ow!"

"Guys shut up, no shounen-ai, okay?" Tori confirmed.

"That's gonna be hard." Zeke sighed.

"Let's go, Shawn." Jordan beckoned.

"Okay." Shawn agrees, skipping along with his friend.

"But the shop closes at six-pm!" Xavier groaned.

"Who cares, let's just go already!" Aitor urged.

"This is going to be really fun!" Bear Two yelled.

-At the Kuma no Hoteru-

"Where's Xavier?" Shawn wondered.

"Getting his IE: TCG cards." Jordan replied.

"Where are Nathan and Axel?" Shawn questioned.

"Buying a birthday present for Blade." Jordan responded.

"Which one?" Fubuki wondered.

"Victor." Midorikawa reacted.

"What one is the one who can't play soccer again?" Fubuki pondered.

"Vladimir. There's Victor Blade and Vladimir Blade." Jordan explained.

"Stop confusing me!" Shawn held his head.

"What's confusing about that?" Jordan laughed.

"Right... Here's your dinner, bears!" Shawn opened some bear food and brought it over to the bears.

"Arigatou!" the bears yelped.

"Look, the post's here!" Zeke pointed out.

"Okay. Ryuuji-kun, your new book is here!" Lina called.

"Yessss!" Jordan got hyped up.

"Haruya-kun, your new literacy homework book has arrived." Lina added.

"Oh man, dang it!" Claude punched the table.

"Heh, Torchie hates homework." Bryce talked to himself. "I'm gonna use that fact in future."

"I'm back!" Xavier announced.

"Yay." Aitor celebrated sarcastically.

Axel and Nathan were arriving back too.

Axel slowly and silently opened the door, trying his best not to be noticed.

Mark turned around and noticed him, suddenly shouting. "Hey, Axel!"

"Fireball Storm Man's back in da house!" Zeke whooped wildly.

"Calm it, dude." Hurley laid a firm hand on Zeke's shoulder.

"Either Ryuuichirou-kun is just crazy, or he's been having a lot of candy." Bella made out.

"Or seen Shawn or the bears." Dave continued.

"Maybe he's just had a large intake on RedBull." Bryce shrugged.

"RedBull?!" Everyone gasped.

Hurley scratched his head. "Does Zell really drink that stuff?"

"He's pretty crazy, right guys?" Mark simplified.

"Yeah, by the way, Zell, don't burst my eardrums next time, okay?" Kevin fumed.

"Fine." Zeke sulked.

"Alright guys! Let's go back to Tokyo now!" Mark commanded.

"Yossha!" Everyone shouted.

"I'm staying right here to look after the bears." Shawn reminded them.

"Okay, see you later then, Shawn!" Mark waved.

"No, come with us, Shirou-kun, I will be lonely! The bears can come to my house!" Zeke begged.

"Ryuuichirou-kun, we can't take bears with us!" Bella bawled.

"Oh yeah." Zeke frowned.

"Well, I have a new darling now." Sue looked over to Zeke. Zeke sweat dropped and moved away frantically.

"Let's get going then!" Mark yelled.
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