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Somethig with wings.

Category: Silent Hill - Rating: R - Genres: Horror, Romance - Characters: Alessa Gillespi, Cheryl Mason, Cybil Bennet, Harry Mason - Warnings: [!!] [V] - Published: 2006-08-30 - Updated: 2006-08-30 - 861 words

I had passed out. My head hurt. I was on my back. She was next to me. Bending over me. Asking if I was okay. Her worried face. I cupped her cheek. She smiled. Pulled me up and supported me.

It was back to normal. Misty and light. The world. Or maybe not normal. Just usual. Usual misery. I sat down. Leaned against the wall. The girl would have to do it. Complete the painting.

Half life. Not really there. Lights danced before me. She shook me. The girl was done with the painting. Had slept. Sighing. To be dizzy. She pulled me up. Straightened my dress. Took my hand and pulled me along.

There was someone. In the shop. I couldn't focus. No concentration. She did it. The girl. We walked past her dad. He couldn't see us. Out in the street. The cop was there. She walked into the shop and we ran.

The girl had changed. She was so much stronger. We ran. Faster than ever. Faster than the adults chasing us. Not real humans. They couldn't catch us. Nobody could. Not even him. I smiled. And tripped.

Darkness. The girl dropped to her knees. The howl was distant. But much closer to her. She cried out. Covered her ears. Rust. I watched her. Her wrinkled face. Staring madly into the darkness. Above her.

Fluttering in the night. In total darkness. It could see us somehow. The fake dinosaur. Much larger than the ones before. I thought I was the only one who could see. Maybe the girl too. It landed. Hopped closer. Stared at the helpless person on the ground who was me. Stared and grinned.

The shapeless head was noisy. Not breathing. Something. Slimy sound. It moved closer. I could feel its breath. Then it stopped. Just as if I wasn't there. I couldn't move. Couldn't breathe. Snapping for air again. The girl.

She jumped. Onto its back. Wrapped her arms around its neck. It screamed from surprise. Shook its wings. She held on. Squeezed its throat. Shouting. I told her to use the knife.

It knocked her off. Send her flying. Crashing into the wall. I cried out. It looked at me. Whispered. And attacked. I let it hit me. Beat me. Make my arms and legs numb and blue. The more it hurt. The more I smiled.

The girl yelled in the distance. The beating stopped. It moved frantically. Confused. It couldn't see me. It turned to the girl. Hovered. Screamed and attacked. She waved to me.

I cried. Just as it was about to get her. It turned around and looked at me. Frustrated. Angry. It went for me. And the girl called out again. I shouted. I shouted as she moved up behind it. Then I stopped.

She spoke softly. I held my breath. Too scared to move. It spun around just as she hit it. Right in the face. It made a weird sound. Then it fell. Something living that had covered the face. They were crawling around on the road. Creeps. Or worms.

And blood. There was blood on the road. There was blood on the knife in her hand. She was smart. I wondered why it could only see one of us at the time. It was odd. Maybe it was the same with the cop? She saw right through me.

The girl wasn't smiling. I didn't feel too good. It hurt when she pulled me up. Supported me. Helped me. And in a way it felt good. The way she held on to me. The way we stumbled around in the darkness. Outside some restaurant.

She threw me aside. Evaded the monster as it dived. Tables and chairs were tossed around. Smashed. A trail of blood was left behind. It was angry. More than before. I crawled into cover under a table.

The headache worsened. The world was so loud. My heart. And my ears. Constant beating. Not music. The monster would hear it. I couldn't find the girl.

Too fast. Or too slow. The world was closing in on us. Or me. I couldn't find her. I could call out. But it could hear me. It was silent. But there. It was there. Waiting for me.

Darkness. It was suddenly real. I couldn't see a thing. Blind. Under a table. I could feel it. I crawled a bit forward. Closer to the restaurant. Under another table. I held my breath. It was there. Somewhere. The girl had to kill it.

Monster wings smashed a table. The first one. Where I just came from. I let out a whimper. I could hear it hover. The darkness was thick. Another table was broken. It would get here.

Sting. My guts hurt. I couldn't hear it anymore. Didn't know where it was. Headache. Misery. My whole body was aching. So sore. I moved on. Splash. A splash. Blood. Someone was bleeding. Someone right on top of the table.

I tried to get up. It was stupid. Smashed my head against the table. It flipped over. I flipped over. Lying on my back. The monster hovered above me. Screaming. The end.
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