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Death and betrayal.

Category: Silent Hill - Rating: R - Genres: Horror, Romance - Characters: Alessa Gillespi, Cheryl Mason, Harry Mason - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2006-09-04 - Updated: 2006-09-04 - 617 words

I was finished. The monster triumphed. Dropped down on top of me. Dug its claws in my shoulders. It hurt. Even through the dress. The monster spread its wings. Flapped them. Higher. Up into the darkness. Couldn't see the ground.

It screamed. Awful scream. It let go. The air was heavy. The ground was hard. Sound of bones breaking. Or wood. I couldn't feel my legs. Couldn't feel anything. Numb.

Splintered chairs and tables. Everywhere. I crawled blindly through the badlands. There had to be rescue somewhere. The monster grabbed onto my leg. Defeated. Couldn't do anything. It dragged me back through the waste. Lifted me.

The second fall was worse. My shoulder. I couldn't move. Only wait. Wait for it to sit down on me. It held onto my shoulders again. The dress couldn't keep out the pain. Tears.

The monster flapped its wings. Brought me higher and higher. Over the rooftops. I could see him. His silhouette. He had his back turned on me. He didn't more. Why didn't he help? The fall. It was too far. I would die. Didn't he need me anymore? Had he found someone else? He didn't do anything.

It let go. I rushed toward the ground. The world was spinning. I relaxed. There was no reason to survive. I wanted him to feel bad. Feel terrible about letting me go. Maybe then...

The softest of clothes and skin. Bliss. The darkness let go. I was staring into her eyes. Lost. The girl had caught me. I was useful after all. I smiled. Stuck my tongue out at the monster high above. It dived. Screaming.

Just as it was about to attack. She stepped aside. The ground burst open. Something white emerged. High into the air. A worm. A bright worm. It bit the lizard's head right off. Headless corpse trashed the remaining chairs.

It lay still. The worm. My worm. The one I drew. It had saved me. Something was moving inside. I wanted to touch it, but she wouldn't let me. She shook her head. Walked away. The rusty iron ground made noises in the night.

Back at the restaurant something white gained size. Swollen. The worm had eaten the monster and grown. It exploded with a faint sound. White skin on the road. The new born screamed. Just around the corner.

The hospital. The girl held me closer. It was a miracle she could carry me. The man in the hospital. He had shot me. Wanted to hurt us. I hugged her.

A door. The hospital gate. She concentrated to disguise us. The gate was opened. It was the girl's dad. He looked troubled. And determined. I wondered who was helping him. Except for the key I hadn't done much. Maybe the worm had helped him?

He ran. Up the fire stairs. The new born rounded the corner. A bee. Or a moth. Light. Almost glowing. Not the butterfly I had intended. It glared at us. Spread its wings. Flew up. Up to the rooftop. Up to the girl's dad. It didn't look nice at all. Why did he make it like that?

They fought up there. He shot it. But it wouldn't die. It stabbed him. Hurt him. Over and over again. Her tears wetted my face. She couldn't be with him anymore. Never again. But he was still her dad. She told me.

She moved on. The knife could do it for sure. But if he saw us. The woman. She would find us. She'd kill the girl. We couldn't let him see her. More tears. So much sadness. He had betrayed us. And now the girl's dad would die. No sense. Nothing at all.
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