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The Reason Behind Atlanta's Behaviour Part 2

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The final part of the Reason behind Atlant's behaviour chapter. Jay and Archie get into an argument, and Archie finds out that Atlanta only likes him because of Eros, the Archer of Love. And that t...

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A/N: Forgot I'm not supposed to be online throughout the day because of my mothers doctor supposed to be calling... oops. Went on earlier when she was sleeping- well, she told me last MONDAY, how was I supposed to remember eight days ago what she said? Anyway, I did a chapter for Class of the Titans: Land Of Dreams so if you read that story, the chapter should be posted up tonight along with (hopefully) the second part of "The Reason Behind Atlanta's Behaviour" which this is. Then I'll likely do another chapter for LOD (Land of Dreams) before starting to work on my other fanfictions that aren't CotT. So, you can look forward to that. Thanks to those who reviewed the last chapter over at and for those of you at ficwad, sorry about that, I intended to post the chapter there first as I usually do but I'd have to type the HTML codes and such, and of course I had to get offline last night so I didn't have time to go through it. Sorry about that, but hey, you get two chapters together, so, YAY! R&R.

Disclaimer: Well, as usual, Class of the Titans isn't mine.

Notice: Keep in mind while reading this that I've probably changed the actual legend of Eros considerably, especially when Hermes explains why the affects of the arrow will wear off- normally, as far as I know, the affects are permanent but I of course had to change that for the story. Anyway, that's all I had to say- carry on, lol.

Arrows of Love

Chapter Five: The Reason Behind Atlanta's Behaviour Part 2

Archie walked the halls searching for Hermes, insane thoughts invading his mind. What if Atlanta... doesn't really like me? What will I do? Will she remember that I said I... had feelings for her? Archie thought miserably. He hoped Atlanta really did like him, as more than a friend, but how could he be sure now? So many things had happened... and like Theresa had told him just as he left, Atlanta had known him for a long time now. She wouldn't just mysteriously start liking him without showing any signs of it before. It wasn't like her. Even if it is unlikely, I... can't help wishing that she likes me. Please, Atlanta... he thought sadly. He jumped as he felt a hand on his shoulder, and he turned, seeing Jay.

"Oh, it's you." he replied indifferently.

"Listen, maybe you should leave Hermes for now. You're worried about Atlanta and you might just get in the way of Hermes research. They'll come to us when they know what's going on," Jay added, grabbing Archie's arm to lead him away. Archie pulled his arm out of Jay's grasp and glared at him, crossing his arms.

"What do you mean, I'll just get in the way? Maybe Hermes won't even find anything wrong with her. Why are you so sure that there's something up?" Archie asked him. Jay appeared startled.

"I... well, it's just a feeling, but..."

"Just admit it, you still don't think it's even a possibility that maybe Atlanta might actually like me. You didn't think I had a chance when Pan came, and you still don't think I do, do you? That's why you sent Hermes to find out what's going on before I even brought Atlanta here." Archie accused.

"Archie, you said yourself that she screamed... Atlanta told Theresa that earlier, and so naturally, Theresa and I were concerned and-"

"And cut into other people's business? Sounds like you alright." Archie spat. "Why is it so hard to believe that Atlanta might like me for a change? I mean, what's wrong with me exactly? There has to be something, you seem to think it's so impossible."

"Archie, cool it okay? I didn't say anything like that-" Jay began, but Archie cut him off.

"You didn't have to, even Herry could see that you think that." Archie added. He turned around and started walking away, but Jay grabbed him. "Leave me alone!" Archie shouted, struggling to pull out of Jay's grasp.

"Not until we settle this!" Jay told him. He forced him up against the wall, and Archie crossed his arms, refusing to look at Jay. "I don't think there's anything wrong with you. It's just Atlanta isn't the type to go and fall for anyone. Yesterday, she was just seeing you as her best friend, who, although she didn't know it, happened to have feelings for her. All of a sudden today she's all over you, and it's just suspicious. It can't hurt to double check and see if there's anything that COULD be wrong with her, better safe than sorry. And you know that Cronus-"

"Are you in love with Cronus or something, Jay? Seems you only ever talk about him," Archie added. Jay raised his arm as if about to hit Archie, but he stopped and rubbed his fist.

"Listen, I'm keeping my priorities straight. Cronus could attack us at any time and we can't let our guard down. Am I the only one who gets this?" Jay asked, exasperated. First Theresa and now Archie! What's the big deal about me... seeming obsessive over Cronus? I mean, he's a bad guy, an evil immortal god that won't stop at anything to try and kill us! Is it so strange for me to be worried about THAT!?

"Whatever, Jay. I'm just saying that... I'm tired of you always making me feel as if I have no shot with Atlanta. Even if it's true... I haven't tried anything since Pan, you know that. But it still hurts when you repeatedly make me feel as if I'm worthless. How would you like it if I went up to you telling you that you had no chance with Theresa because you're so obsessed with Cronus, you can't see her getting tired of it? Her moving on?" Archie retorted. He immediately regretted what he had said and began to apologize. "Jay, I'm so sorry." he replied weakly. Jay backed up and shook his head.

"No Archie, I don't think you are. You just said exactly what you meant to say- to hurt me." Jay turned around and walked away, leaving Archie behind feeling guilty and terrible. Jay's right... he never comes out and says these things to hurt me. He just... gives off the impression to me. He probably doesn't even realize he does it, and I just... attacked him. Using what he cares about most- fighting Cronus, and... Theresa. What kind of friend am I? Archie asked himself. He began walking into the communications room and saw Hermes jump up and come over to him.

"Archie! We have a few leads on what could be wrong with Atlanta, but we need more information. Is there any scar on her body that's visible?" Hermes asked, in his high-pitched voice.

"Uh... yeah, but how did you...?" Archie began, but Hermes cut him off.

"Wound suggestion confirmed. That should narrow the search considerably." Hermes told the other techno-Greeks.

"But Hermes, uh the thing is, how does that matter? She's unconscious, so there's no way to know if it's old or new, or what. Last night was when she started acting strange, what are the chances of her being scarred already? And it's not a very noticeable scar- it's almost faded away." Archie told him. Hermes began typing fast, searching for things that could be wrong with Atlanta.

"Well, Archie," he replied, not taking his eyes off the screen, "the thing is that, if my theory is correct, it is very possible that the scar will be completely gone by Sunday- tomorrow, that is. Likely early in the morning, but it would depend on when she was hit, and of course without knowing that..."

"Hit?" Archie asked, shocked. "What do you mean, hit?" Hermes stopped typing and turned around in his chair.

"We believe it is possible that while the two of you were, uh, out for an evening stroll..." the other Techno-Greeks exchanged amused glances and laughed quietly, silenced when Archie glared at them. "That it is possible Atlanta met Eros."

"Eros? The archer of love?" Archie asked.

"Glad to see you've been keeping up on your mythology studies, Archie. Yes, the Archer of Love. He shoots an arrow- and BOOM! The person immediately falls in love with the first person they see. Left behind, is a single wound- that heals immediately. But the arrow pierces deep into the skin, and it takes time for the scar to disappear. Of course, the affects of the arrow aren't always permanent. Normally, Eros shoots both people in question with an arrow, and the affects are made permanent then. Sealed. But in this case, if only Atlanta was shot with an arrow, then it will wear off soon. If that's what happened at least." Archie nodded showing that he understood.

"It's... possible. I guess we'd have to wait until she wakes up to find out." Archie replied hesitantly. "Well... I'm... going to see if she's awake yet," he replied finally. He turned around and walked out of the communications room, but he didn't head to where Atlanta was- not yet. He had a lot on his mind.


Atlanta stirred in her sleep and woke up. She saw Theresa sitting on a chair, leaning her head against her hand and watching her. At the sight of her awaking, Theresa sat up more and smiled.

"Woke up finally, huh?" she replied gently. "How do you feel?" Atlanta sat up and stretched.

"I... feel okay, I guess. Where's Archie?" Atlanta asked immediately, looking around and not seeing her purple haired friend. Theresa saw Jay come in and shrugged.

"I don't know, Jay went to find him. Jay, where's Archie?" Theresa asked when he sat down on another chair.

"I don't know, and right now I don't... care." Jay replied finally. He stood up and walked over to the portal and exited through the janitor's closet. Theresa was immediately taken aback by Jay's behaviour.

"Well, that's strange." She replied. "I wonder what happened between them?" she asked. Atlanta shrugged.

"Who knows, but I feel better so I'm going to go find Archie." she told her. She stood up, and started to walk when suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks. She remembered... a youth. "What the..." she murmured. Her head began to ache and she began to collapse, but Herry, who had just come in, quickly ran and caught her.

"You okay?" he asked her, helping her to a standing position again.

"Uh... yeah... I just... my head..." Atlanta's head began spinning and she remembered suddenly the scream that Archie had been talking about. I screamed- I did! But why...? And who is that guy I keep seeing? Atlanta thought.

"Maybe you should rest a little longer. I'm sure Archie will come back soon, he was really worried about you." Theresa added.

"A-Archie?" Atlanta murmured. Theresa nodded, helping Atlanta back to the couch.

"Yes, Archie."

"What about me?" Archie's voice came. Theresa jumped, startled.

"Atlanta was going to find you, but I don't think she should go anywhere yet." Theresa replied. Atlanta turned and smiled.


"Uh hey Atlanta. Why didn't you think she should go anywhere, Theresa? Waiting for Hermes to tell you what's going on, like Jay?" Archie replied bitterly. Theresa was once again taken aback. What was with the guys today? Jay storming off, not wanting to talk about Archie. Archie sounding bitter about Jay... had something happened?

"What happened with you guys? Both of you are acting weird," Theresa commented. Archie glared at her and walked over to Atlanta, kneeling next to her.

"What happened doesn't matter." Archie told her firmly. He turned to face Atlanta and forced a smile. "Hey Lanta. What happened?" he asked her, noticing her close her eyes and hold her head.

"I... don't know. I went to go find you, and then... all of a sudden... I remembered." she replied. Archie's heart sank.

"Remembered... what?" he asked her gently.

"Me. Screaming. Just like you said..." Atlanta added. "I... saw myself. And some guy... he was going to shoot a couple with... an arrow. I... don't remember anything else. My head hurts," Atlanta added weakly. Archie laughed nervously.

"Yeah, I guess it would. I told you I heard you scream," he added playfully, trying to lighten the mood. Atlanta nodded.

"Yeah, you did. I guess I just didn't... remember. Why didn't I remember, Archie?" she asked suddenly. "What happened to me?" Theresa cleared her throat, causing Atlanta to turn and notice her still there for the first time since Archie had entered the room.

"That's what we're trying to figure out, Atlanta. I... Jay and I..." Theresa eyed Archie and saw that he had frowned at the mention of their leaders name. "We think there's something up with you, or at least that it's suspicious that you didn't remember screaming. We were concerned, so we asked Hermes to look up on it. I guess... Archie, did Hermes say what he thought was up?" Theresa asked suddenly. Archie's face fell and he stared at the ground.

"He said what he thought might be going on. A theory of his..." Archie replied quietly. He sighed and turned to Atlanta, staring at her confused face.

"What are you guys talking about?" Atlanta asked, looking from Theresa's expectant face, to Herry's confused one, to Archie's... heartbroken expression. Archie... what's wrong? She thought, concerned.

"Atlanta, the night we went boarding, I heard you scream. All of a sudden when I found you... you just... liked me. It's not- normal," Archie replied finally, with much difficulty. "I mean, what I'm trying to say is... it happened too suddenly. It was suspicious. But I really like you, and..." Archie felt like a moron for saying all of this with Theresa and Herry listening, but he had to explain this to Atlanta. "I guess I just put aside my own suspicions because I wanted to believe it was true. But... you don't like me, do you?" Archie replied finally. He noticed the strange expression in Atlanta's eyes again, and she closed them.

"I... don't... know..." she muttered finally. When she opened her eyes, the expression was gone. "I mean... of course I do!" she exclaimed. Archie's head lowered and he sighed. Hermes... I think... I think he was right.

"Hermes thinks that Atlanta met Eros. That would explain why she remembers a man shooting at a couple. At least, the bow and arrow part. And if she got hit with an arrow... the affects should wear off by tomorrow." he replied finally. Theresa came over and sat on the arm of the couch next to Archie.

"I'm really sorry Archie," she replied finally. Archie looked up at her gratefully and then turned to Atlanta.

"This is just the affects of the arrow. I think Hermes was right about Eros." Archie added. Atlanta's face looked crestfallen and he felt bad for it, but he couldn't lie to her. He'd never forgive himself if he did.

"But I really, really like you Archie... why does that seem so strange?" Atlanta asked, confused more than ever and unable to understand what Archie was telling her. They all jumped when they heard a door slam and saw Hermes rushing towards them.

"Hermes!" Theresa exclaimed. She stood up and walked over to him. "Well?" she asked. Hermes turned to Archie and Atlanta on the couch and smiled at them.

"I believe that we have found the cause of Atlanta's behaviour," Hermes replied finally. Archie's head lowered and he crossed his arms.

"Eros." he replied. Hermes nodded.

"Yes. Atlanta," he replied gently, "can you tell us what you remember the night you realized you liked Archie?" Theresa flinched as she saw Archie's expression get, if possible, even sadder. Poor Archie.... she thought sadly. This is too much for him. Atlanta appeared thoughtful a moment, before answering.

"Well, I was racing Archie, we were boarding, and... I saw a guy standing with a bow and arrow aimed at this couple that was arguing. And... then I remember... screaming." Atlanta's head began to pound fiercely and she cried out in pain. Archie wrapped an arm around her protectively. Once the pain in her head had lessened, Atlanta continued. "My arm... my shoulder... it hurt so bad. I woke up, and... he was gone. And so was the wound I should have had. I... saw Archie. And I liked him." Atlanta's eyes changed back to the lovesick expression they had before, and she wrapped her arms around Archie. "But what's the big deal about that?" she asked. She leaned her head against Archie's shoulder and relaxed, the pain in her head no more.

"Hmm, so that wound on your shoulder, where did you say you got it?" Hermes asked. Atlanta looked at him confused.

"What wound? I don't have a wound on my shoulder." Atlanta added. "Where did you get that crazy idea?" Hermes nodded and turned around, about to head back to the communications room. Theresa stepped forward.

"Wait- where are you going?" she asked.

"To tell the others to stop searching. We've found the reason behind Atlanta's behaviour. She's showing classic signs of the side affects of the arrow- forgetfulness, and remembering only liking Archie." Hermes replied. He began to continue, but Theresa was persistent.

"Well what can we do?" Theresa asked him. Hermes smiled weakly.

"Nothing," he told her. His voice sounded cheerful, but there was sadness flowing through it, and Theresa wrapped her arms around herself feeling it herself. Empty. "Just don't confuse her- we've done that enough already. Serious damage could be done to her memory otherwise. She might be stuck like this permanently." Hermes added. He began walking down the hallway, but Theresa followed him. She turned back and saw Atlanta laughing at something Archie had said. Archie seemed happy, but even though he was pretending to be, she could see through his cover to see he felt heartbroken. Atlanta liking him... was all fake.

"Would that be so bad?" Theresa asked softly. Hermes turned around and glanced at the young teens on the couch, and smiled at Theresa sadly.

"I know what you're thinking Theresa, but this isn't right. Her feelings aren't real- it would be wrong to leave her like this." Theresa's head sank in defeat and she sighed. I know it's not real, but... it doesn't seem fair that it isn't. "Now," Hermes replied, cheerful again, "If you see Odie, tell him we need him!" Theresa put on a smiled and nodded.

"Okay," she replied reluctantly. She turned around and saw Herry coming towards her. Theresa leaned against the wall and waited for him. When he finally came up to her, she sighed. "What is it?" she asked him.

"What did Hermes say?" he asked her.

"We can't confuse Atlanta. Archie has to play along with her until the affects of the arrow wear off. This is like... some cruel trick of fate. Atlanta finally likes Archie and..."

"It's not real." Herry finished for her. He sighed and glanced at Archie and Atlanta before nodding. "I know what you mean."

"But what's worse is, Archie isn't playing along. He really does like her... and she doesn't." Theresa shook her head furiously. "It's not fair!" she protested in frustration.

"Maybe Atlanta does like Archie. Or maybe, she'll remember all of this... and end up liking him. You can't just give up hope. I mean, Archie's a guy- I'm sure he'd get over her. Eventually." Herry added, trying to sound comforting but only succeeding in infuriating the girl beside him.

"What do you mean, he'll get over her? Because he's a guy? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!" she exclaimed angrily. Neil happened to be walking by to go find Aphrodite, and laughed, having only heard the last part of what Theresa had said.

"And that surprises you? This is Herry we're talking about." Neil added. He pulled his mirror out and glanced at himself. Herry growled and cracked his knuckles, ready to attack. He went to jump at Neil, but he stepped out of the way just in time when he saw Aphrodite walking by.

"Miss Aphrodite!" Neil exclaimed. Herry, lying sprawled out on the ground, groaned, feeling the pain. Theresa knelt next to him and smirked.

"Serves you right," she told him.

A/N: Well there's a bit of a longer chapter for you I guess, and I did get it done- just not when I had intended to. How did you like it? The argument between Archie and Jay, the revelation of what's really up with Atlanta? Next chapter, Archie has one last memory with Atlanta liking him before the affects of the arrow wear off. Hehe, I just uh... haven't exactly figured out what that memory will be. Also I have decided that there will be a sequel :) So look for that. I'm guessing there might be... 8 chapters of this story. Maybe more, before the sequel comes out. I'll keep you informed on that. Anyway, R&R!
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