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Every Pane Of Glass

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I strongly dislick my fingers right now for typing something so sad

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Chapter 8- Every Pane Of Glass

Maddie sniffed at the breeze of cold air that passed her and Andy as they walked down the streets, after she suggested getting out of the house, already. Shaking her head she smirked as the lights of the light posts came on and cars that zoomed by turned their lights on.

"You think things will ever look as hopeless as they are today?" Andy asked and Maddie shrugged as they kept walking.

"I still can't believe that Pete actually hurt Patrick," Andy linked arms with Maddie and shook his head.

"I still can't believe that Patrick actually hurt you," Maddie bit her lip and nodded.

"I'm fine..." she whispered and Andy slowed down a bit.

"I'm not talking physically, Madds," Maddie looked away as they stopped and stuffed her hands into her hoodie pockets. "He's ripping your heart apart, and you and Kati both don't deserve it," Maddie nodded once.

"What do we deserve?" she asked and Andy shrugged.

"Something better, but Patrick refuses to admit he has a kid," Maddie winced as her stomach gurgled and she groaned slightly feeling a slight cramp.

"I don't feel so good," she muttered, placing her hand spread out on her stomach. Andy smirked.

"Hungry?" Maddie skewed her mouth to one side and looked across the street.

"I don't think so,"


Maddie laughed as Joe taught Kati how to roll on the living room carpet and do other acrobatics. She bit her lip, watching intently while Patrick sat only 5 feet away from her on the armchair. Maddie didn't want to look at him, but before when she caught a quick glimpse, he looked pretty beat up. Cut lip and a slight black eye, and Andy mentioned not touring for a while, just to hide the problems.

Pete was being quite moody and wouldn't talk to anybody, no matter how hard Peyton or Maddie tried to make him happy. Kati was oblivious to it all, and Joe made sure it stayed that way. For a minute, Maddie stood up and walked into the kitchen to grab a bite when she felt nauseous. Peyton came in behind her and noticed her hand to her mouth.

"Madds...come on," she grabbed her and dragged her upstairs un-noticed before shoving her into the bathroom and watching her spill her guts.

"Have you eaten anything today?" she asked and Maddie shook her head.

"I can't keep anything down..." Peyton sighed and they heard a knock on the door. Maddie bit her lip as Peyton opened it slightly and Andy appeared with the bag Maddie had earlier.

"Maybe this will come into play now," Maddie closed her eyes tightly as the two left the room, leaving her alone with the small white box.'re in for it now


Pete woke up in the middle of the night, feeling something was wrong. Peyton groaned from next to him and sat up after him.

"Petey," she whispered and he bit his lip, standing and leaving the room.

Peyton followed as he opened each door, ending with Maddie's to see her and Kati both missing. Along with all her suitcases and belongings. Peyton gasped and Pete walked over to the bed where a note was left along with something wrapped up in a tissue.

He gave the note to Peyton as the rest of the guys came into the room, with questionable looks on their faces along with sleepy ones. Peyton gulped as she read the note out loud.

"I love you all...but I know this would just tear us apart even more..."

Pete bit his lip, holding back the tears as he unraveled the tissue to reveal a pregnancy test. Peyton shook her head falling next to him and Joe widened his eyes, Andy shaking his head and Patrick looking quite pale. Pete shakily looked up at them.

"It's positive..."
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