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I Could Crush You With My Voice

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Omg. this one is so sad.

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Chapter 7- I Could Crush You With My Voice

That night, Maddie had Kati sleep with her in her bed, lying at the wall while Maddie had her back facing the door. She knew somewhere Patrick was in the house, probably thinking about just what the truth was.

She sighed and saw Kati take a relaxing breath. She took her hand and rubbed her daughter's back until she heard the door creaking. Maddie closed her eyes and faked sleeping, feeling the bed sink next to her. An arm wrapped around her middle and a warm chest up against her back another hand under the pillow.

"Madds..." Maddie breathed and bit the inside of her cheek as Patrick whispered her name. "You're asleep," he said after a while.

Maddie took another breath and snuggled into the pillow, trying to make it believable. Patrick kissed her temple and reached his hand to place his hand over Maddie's that was on Kati's back. She smiled in her sleep and Patrick smirked.

"She's so beautiful..." he paused and bit his lip in thought. "Thinking maybe tonight the family can sleep as one..."

Maddie smiled and let sleep take over her.


Maddie woke up to an empty bed. She sat up to see Kati gone along with Patrick, but in their place, his glasses. Maddie raised an eyebrow but then picked them up and put them on her night stand instead. She slipped on some jeans and then a sweater before walking out into the hallway to see Pete walking towards her in his boxers.

"Where's Kati?" Maddie asked hurriedly. Pete smirked and shook his head.

"No worries, Peyton and Andy took her out," Maddie nodded and played with her bracelet.

"What about Patrick?" she asked in a whisper. Pete shrugged.

"I think he went down to the venue...we're playing a secret show," Maddie smiled and nodded.

"Where?" Pete smiled and took step closer to the bathroom.

"The coffee shop," Maddie smiled as he disappeared and slid down the railing to the stairs to see Joe making pancakes.

"The coffee shop," Maddie repeated and Joe laughed.

"So he told you," she nodded and grabbed a strawberry from the fruit bowl and hopped on the counter.

"I'm excited," Joe sighed.

"I heard Patrick found out," Maddie looked away.

"Yeah, but he hasn't said anything to me," Joe shrugged.

"Wait until tonight, but...don't bring it up," Maddie nodded and sighed.

"I feel so sorry for Kati," Joe smirked.

"She's pretty much a Wentz, even if she's not blood related to him," Maddie shook her head.

"But she loves her godfathers and uncles," Joe pointed the spatula at her.

"She loves her dad too, even though she's not quite sure it's him," Maddie smiled.

"She knows...somewhere in that head, she knows,"


Kati clapped excitedly in Maddie's lap as she sat on a side stage amp, smiling as her boys pranced around stage singing and having fun. Peyton glowed next to her and laughed every time Pete did something stupid.

"You gotta admit that her father is amazing," Peyton said to Maddie.

Maddie bit her lip and smiled, looking down at Kati as she watched intently at the four grown men that danced across the small stage in the old coffee shop. Kati smiled at her mother and pushed her nose, turning her attention back to them.

Maddie nodded at Peyton and they looked back letting the music take over. The show ended about ten minutes after that and Pete begged for them all to go to the club across the street to celebrate Maddie's return. Because Pete's mom was there, she took Kati home and Maddie was so relieved.

Upon reaching the club, she sat at the bar with Joe and Andy on either side of her while Pete and Peyton danced on the dance floor, and Patrick was off, somewhere. Maddie sighed and stirred her coke for a while until Andy nudged her.

"You feeling ok, Madds?" Maddie shook her head and Joe sighed.

"Come on, be a little," Maddie smiled but shook her head again.

"I'm ok, I just...I have to get used to this, you know," Joe nodded and Andy smiled.

"Kati is fine, and I know things with Patrick aren't exactly ok, but have fun for tonight," Maddie turned back to the dance floor and was about to get up when Pete came running up with Peyton, a worried expression on his face.

"Maddie...please don't freak out," Maddie raised an eyebrow and looked at him.

"What's going on?" she whispered and Peyton hugged her.

"Babes...sit down," Maddie did as she was told and shifted her eyes between the two.

"What..." Pete hushed her.

"Madds...Patrick went home," he bit his lip and looked away. "With another girl,"


Maddie lied on her bed crying for hours when she heard the door open and close.

"Maddie," Maddie shook her head into her pillow and felt the bed sink. "Madds come on," Patrick started to rub her back when she sat up and pushed him away, standing to run out the door.

Patrick caught her wrists and pulled her around again and a gasp escaped her lips before she scrunched her eyebrows together and shook her head.

"Go away Patrick, let me go," she muttered and Patrick shook his head.

"Not until you tell me the truth," Maddie bit her lip.

"The truth wouldn't matter to you," she hissed and Patrick tightened his grip on her wrists.

"Maddie, tell me," she shook her head and bit her lip to hold the tears back.

"Patrick, let go..." she whispered and he shook his head.

"Fucking tell me, Madds," Maddie winced as the grip tightened and a few tears escaped her eyes.

"You're hurting me Patrick," she whispered again and all the hate drained from his face and the grip loosened.

Maddie held her wrists for a second before raising her hand and slapping Patrick right across the face. He winced for a minute and another person entered the room.

"What the hell?" Pete asked and Maddie shook her head before all out crying and running out the room.

Pete tried to catch her but she fought against him and ran down the stairs. Pete turned to Patrick with hate on his face and glared, taking steps towards him.

"What did you do?" he asked slowly. Patrick looked away.

"I hurt her," he whispered and Pete bit his lip, flames appearing in his eyes.

"In more ways than one," Patrick looked at him.

"What?" Pete shook his head.

"You're an idiot, you know that Pat? She's so afraid of telling you because of this," Patrick rolled his eyes.

"She's lied about it all...why should I listen to you?" Pete gritted his teeth and shook his head, turning around.

"Because I would think that the boy who sat there waiting for her, would still love her..." Patrick sighed.

"Doesn't matter if I love her, she had somebody else's kid," Pete whipped around and dove right at Patrick, taking him down.

Maddie had run back with both Joe and Andy in tow to see the two boys rolling around on her bedroom floor, at each other's throats and throwing punches. Maddie raised her hands to her mouth and heard them mumbling.

"She's raised Kati all this time without us knowing," Pete.

"She didn't tell us because it didn't deal with us," Patrick.

"She fucking loved you," Pete.

"Loved, see, past tense," Patrick.

"If she didn't love you, why didn't she get an abortion?" Pete.

"Because she wanted us to feel sorry for her," Patrick.

"Wrong, because she loves you," Pete.

"Bull shit," Patrick.

"SHUT UP!" Maddie screamed and everybody paused.

Andy held Pete back and Joe grabbed Patrick's arms, holding them behind his back.

"Pete...thank you," she whispered and stepped towards Patrick who currently was, with a free arm, wiping the blood from his cut lip. Maddie shook her head at him and hiccupped, forcing back the tears.

"I never thought the very father of my own kid would ever say something like that," she whispered and Patrick frowned, feeling guilty. "Patrick..." her voice lowered as tears started to flow again and she turned around.

"Madds," Patrick said as she reached the door. She paused for only a second but shook her head.

She walked out and Pete shoved Andy off of him and ran after her. Joe let Patrick go and he fell to the floor in a heap of silent tears. Andy and him both glared at him and shook their heads in disapproval.

"I never meant any of it," Patrick whispered. Andy scoffed and Joe shook his head.

"Then you wouldn't of said it," Patrick shook his head.

"I love her," he whispered again and Andy walked out of the room, disappointed.

Joe looked down at his friend and slowly shook his head.

"Bull shit,"
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