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Another Fool Like Me

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Chapter 6- Another Fool Like Me

Maddie was quiet as the clock in the hallway ticked and lightly rang out, announcing it was two in the morning. She sighed as she found herself outside Patrick's door and nudged the door open, crossing the room to see him on his back, arms over the blankets and resting on his chest, going up and down with each sleeping breath.

Maddie brought her bottom lip into her mouth but then smiled upon seeing his hat on one of the bedposts above his head. Shaking her head, she sat down on the edge and observed the thick rimmed glasses on the nightstand and how the moonlight from outside reflected off of them in an eerie way.

Maddie sighed again and stretched her arm out, pushing some of Patrick's hair out of his face. He smiled in his sleep and turned his head so it snuggled into her hand making Maddie herself smile. She moved her hand a little and blushed mad as Patrick lazily and dreamily smiled, opening his eyes halfway.

"Madds?" he asked and Maddie bit her lip, nodding.

"Hi," she breathed and Patrick moved a hand to grip her other hand.

"What are you doing up? We have a flight in the morning," Maddie shrugged and tore her hands away.

"You're right, I need sleep," Patrick gripped her hand again and scooted over in the bed, rolling onto one side and pulled on her arm. Maddie blinked a couple times before crawling in and facing her back to his chest.

"Kati is lucky to have you as her mother," he whispered and Maddie closed her eyes.

"She's lucky to have such a wonderful..." she couldn't finish her sentence.

Instead she snuggled into the pillow and let Patrick wrap his arms around her, letting her fall asleep, questions...never being answered.


Upon waking up, Maddie snuggled more into her pillow and held tighter onto what she was another pillow until it grunted and she felt it hug her back. Widening her eyes, she looked up to see Patrick lightly smiling.

"Come on, Madds...we got to go," Maddie bit her lip and slowly sat up in the bed.

"Patrick, I don't know if I'm ready to go back," he sat up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulder as she slumped forward.

"We want you to come back..." Maddie turned her head to the side to see Patrick with a solemn look out of the corner of her eye. She bit her lip again and wrung her hands together.

"I know," Patrick ran his hands down her arms and took her hands before leaning forward and holding her against his chest, leaning against the headboard.

Maddie closed her eyes and sighed as the door slightly peeked open and she saw Pete holding a still sleepy looking Kati. Maddie smiled and sat up grabbing at the air for her baby. She took Kati in her arms and Kati smiled, grabbing Maddie's hand and then Patrick's hand before putting them together and holding their two fingers together, giggling.

Maddie bit her lip at Patrick and he smiled, holding her waist with his free hand. Pete shook his head and sat down next to them, facing Maddie. He placed a hand on her thigh and got her attention.

"You ready to go home?" he asked softly and she nodded.

"Home sounds good,"


So many memories flooded back to Maddie as she carried Kati into her old room, sitting her down on the bed as she sat down her purse and shoved her suitcase away towards the closet. Maddie sighed and saw Kati look up.

"Guess what Kati?" Maddie smiled as Kati perked her ears and widened her eyes. Maddie sighed and held her daughter's hand while she ran another hand over the silky white sheets. "This is where you were made," she whispered and Kati's grip got tighter.

"Pawrick?" Maddie widened her eyes and watched as her daughter let go of her hand and waved behind her. Maddie closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she heard footsteps.

"Close," Maddie breathed a sigh of relief as Pete came in with a hat on his head, which probably confused Kati. Maddie shook her head and smacked Pete.

"Thanks for scaring me," Pete bit his lip before sitting down next to Kati and letting her take off the beanie/hat off his head.

"He still heard you," Maddie choked on her words and stared wide eyed at her brother.

"What?" Pete nodded.

"He walked off...he doesn't believe it..." Maddie looked down at the ground and saw Pete stand up with Kati on his hip. He hugged her as Kati wrapped her arms around Maddie and they all squished into one big hug.

"What am I going to do?" Maddie asked quietly.

"I think you should wait for him to come back," Maddie nodded and looked down at her daughter again.

"I love you Kati," Kati blinked and nodded.

"Me too,"
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