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Chapter 3

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Frank and Gerard meet for coffee.

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Frank sauntered over to Gerard's table and took a sip of his beverage that he had just ordered. As he sat down Gerard could feel his face heat up slightly, but it wasn't from Frank, of course not it was the heat from his coffee surely.

Gerard cleared his throat and looked to Frank, "How come you just flipped her off? Was she rude or something?"

"Ahh it was nothing, she just said some stuff I didn't like, that's all." He smiled. "So, how long has it been since I've seen you? It seems like years."

Gerard grabbed a packet of sugar from the basket in the middle of the table and ripped it open, pouring the contents onto the table. He ran his finger through the mound creating a long black stripe through the sugar. He kept pushing his fingers through the granules as he spoke to try and keep himself calm.

"I'm not sure, gotta be 3 or 4?" He shrugged. "I mean I moved out when I was 19, I'm 23 in April so...yeah about that." He pushed all the sugar granules back together again to remake the mound, pushing his fingers through again.

Frank was staring at Gerard's fingers and he played with the sugar, his eyes focused on the little particles of sugar being pushed around and he just gave a short 'hmm' to answer. Gerard took this time to look at Frank, really look at him. He couldn't help but compare him to the kid that used to be around his house 24/7 but he wasn't anything like that now. Back then he had a haircut that represented a bowl cut, his cheeks were soft and plump with a rosy tinge and his chin was round supporting an almost double chin. Now though, Frank had his own style and it suited him well. His once rounded chin had turned into a well-defined jawline with a chiselled chin, his wavy hair was long around his ears and it gave out a vibe that said 'run your fingers through me'. As Gerard kept looking he kept seeing little imperfections on Frank's skin like little pricks where the skin has been worn away. Like the little pinprick on the side of Frank's mouth, maybe he used to have a lip ring? He stopped playing with the sugar and lifted his coffee to his lips.

Sitting in front of him was a completely new man to what he was comfortable with. Even down to his clothes, they were obviously work clothes, what with the button up shirt, tie with pants and shoes. The whole outfit screamed 'respect me I'm business!'. Although his attire was business you could still see specks of Frank that was peeking through. You could see the start of a tattoo on his neck, the smudge of black just above his collar on his shirt and of course there were the letters that were littering his knuckles. Oranges and blacks mingling together. Gerard couldn't make out what the letters spelled but he wanted to know.

"So where do you work, Gerard?" The question took him off guard but he regained his composure. Don't let him intimidate you, Gerard.

"Well, um, obviously I'm in my last few months of college but I still have my apartment although my-my mom and dad will help with that until I finish college but I do some shifts at a local comic book store if-if they need me. What about you? You've got the whole business thing down to a t."

"Are you serious? That's awesome, I bet it's fun too." Frank took his phone out of his pants pocket and unlocked the screen. Gerard couldn't see the wallpaper but it was obvious it was a person that was adoring the screen. He internally sighed, of course he would have someone. "Well you're right I have this shitty job I have to wear suits for and it is boring as hell but it pays the bills, right?" He chuckled and put his phone away.

As he put his phone in his pocket Gerard could make out the first few letters on his knuckles. It spelt 'hallo'. This was confusing. Maybe Gerard was mistaken but he couldn't help but think that was the German word for hello. Maybe Frank really loved the German language..? Then that thought spiralled into another thinking why Frank would have that anywhere on his body let alone his knuckles. Obviously his confusion had shown on his face because Frank coughed slightly which pulled Gerard from his thoughts.

"Ha, yeah of course, can't complain. So, erm, anything new happen over the past 4 years?"

Frank's eyes widened slightly and he put his cup down with a soft chink. This time it was Frank's turn to play with the discarded sugar as he spoke. "Yeah actually, something pretty big happened. I have the best girl in my life now. She has really changed my life. Her name is Leia." Frank's smile was back and it took over his face. Whoever this Leia girl was she was doing wonders to Frank. You could tell by the way his smile stuck to his face as he spoke that he really loved this girl.

Of course Gerard was happy for Frank, of course he was. Frank was in a relationship and loved it, but he was also 2 years younger than Gerard. How come Frank could find someone and Gerard couldn't? What was wrong with him? Maybe it was the way he skipped on words when speaking to new people or the way that he would always shy away when trying to start a conversation. He couldn't help not being able to come up with a conversation starter, it was just the way he was. But he still couldn't get that ounce of jealously that pricked at his gut as Frank kept talking about this Leia. Until it hit Gerard about the name.

"Wait, Leia as in Princess Leia? Leia Leia? Star Wars?"

Frank just looked at Gerard for a second, eye brows raised slightly until he let out a breathly chuckle. "Yeah, kinda. Her dad is a Star Wars nut."

"Are you kidding me?" Gerard grinned into his now cold coffee and tried his hardest not to laugh.

Frank just looked at him confused and a little hurt. His drink forgotten on the table in front of him. He just nodded, "I'm deadly serious, Gerard. You should meet her, she would love you."

Gerard considered it for a second. Did he want to meet her? Did he want to risk seeing Frank and this Leia girl happy and get jealous all over again? "Plus you could see your mom and Mikey." Frank added and that sealed the deal. He missed his mom and Mikey a lot, he hadn't seen them since his birthday last year and it was now February.

He nodded, "Yeah that would be cool, I've missed them a lot. I suppose I could use a few days away. I could go Sunday to Wednesday or something since I have a class on Thursday I can't miss but the rest I can."

Frank grinned again and took his phone out again. "Shit. My lunch is nearly over. I better go."

"You're working on a Saturday?"

Frank nodded and downed the rest of his coffee in one gulp, "Yeah, just today though, I don't normally work Saturdays because of Leia but today it was pretty last minute so.."

"Oh of course I understand, do you want a ride? I assume you caught a taxi or something?"

"Oh no no I couldn't, I got the bus here, left the car at work."

"Come on I'll give you a ride it won't be any trouble, I swear, scouts honour." He pushed the unfinished coffee to the centre of the table and walked out of Starbucks with Frank hot on his heels. He stopped in front of his car, unlocked it and got in. Frank did the same.

"Sweet ride." Frank ran his hands over the dashboard and Gerard inwardly cringed and prayed there wasn't any dust there for Frank to run his hands in.

Gerard pulled out of his parking space and Frank directed him towards his work place. The drive was comfortable and relaxed, a lot less awkward like the coffee shop. They were friends again and it felt nice to be able to have someone like that. Gerard felt comfortable around Frank; it was like he could let out an energy that was instantly calming, putting all at ease. He spoke with his hands too, emphasising certain points with different movements. A blur of reds and oranges flashed in corner of Gerard's eyes as he drove and he fell in love with that mixture of colour.

After about 10 minutes of driving and Frank telling Gerard about how much he's missed him and how he is a 'crazy ass fool' for not visiting, they arrived at Frank's workplace.

The building was huge, towering over them both. Thousands of windows were placed along the front of the building making the building look more modern. He revolving doors at the front were rotating as people wearing similar attire to Frank walked through.

"Wow. Windows." That was all Gerard could say.

"Yeah, but those windows make it so hot in there. Anyway, thanks for bringing me back I really appreciate it."

Gerard nodded and held out his hand for Frank to take. Frank slipped his hand into his and used his hand as leverage to pull him into a hug. It was awkward positioning with the gear stick sticking into Gerard's thigh but it was nice; like the one in Starbucks. Frank let go and patted his hands on his thighs.

"So I'll erm, see you soon then."

"Yeah you will, I'll talk to my mom tonight and I'll email you or something about tomorrow."

"Awesome, I'll see you tomorrow Gerard." Frank pulled him into another hug and sprinted out of the car towards the building.

"Bye, Frank." Was all that Gerard said although ,sadly, it was to an empty car.

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