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Chapter 4

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On the drive back to his house Gerard had a lot of thinking to do. For one he had to talk to his mom about going to stay for a few days, surely she wouldn’t mind him visiting it was his mom after all. Secondly, he had to contend with these new feelings that had surfaced during his time with Frank. Gerard was so confused and disappointed but at the same time he had prickles of happiness mixed in with it. He hadn’t felt these emotions in a long time and it scared him a lot and the more he thought about it the more confused he got. These feelings were popping up out of nowhere and he didn’t like it so he decided to push them into the back of his mind and tried to focus on the other thing he had to do. Calling his mother.

In the car he came to a stop at a red light so he took his phone out of his pocket, attached it to the speaker jack on his radio and called his mom; she answered after only a few rings.

“Hello? Gerard?” Her voice was bright and happy and it made his chest twinge slightly. He really missed his mom.

“Hi mama, how are you?” He said as he put his foot down on the accelerator and continued his journey home.

“I’m much better now thank you, sweetie. I miss you a lot. How are you?”

“I miss you too, mama. I’m fine I just wanted to call and ask you if I can come back home for a few days? I met up with an old friend today and it would be nice to see everyone. I don’t know… I’m feeling…I don’t know what I’m feeling right now.”

“Of course you can come, sweetie, you know you’re always welcome here, this is your home. Truth be told I need someone here to talk to other than your father.”

“Mom what’s happened? Where’s Mikes?” Just as he said this Gerard’s stomach dropped thinking the worst. He always pictured his mom and dad happy forever.

“Nothing is wrong Gerard calm down. I just need someone to talk style with and you know your father and brother are useless with this stuff.” Gerard had arrived back home now so he parked into the driveway.

“Mom don’t do that you scared me I thought you and dad had had a fight or something serious, please mom.”

Gerard’s mother began chuckling down the phone. He could picture her running her hands through her hair as she did it, a feature he had picked up when he was little.

“When are you planning on coming?” Her voice was a lot lighter now. Hopeful and excited at the prospect of seeing her oldest son again after so long. They hadn’t seen each other in quite some time and it was really starting to take a toll on both of them. For Gerard it was having somebody caring and nurturing close by to help you when you’re down. For his mom it was having her son so close but not being able to visit into his busy lifestyle, it hurt not being able to hug him whenever she wanted or to be able to talk about mundane things over tea and coffee, it was the little things.

“Well I was thinking of coming tomorrow, if that’s okay of course?” He said as he tapped his thumbs on the steering wheel, another habit of his he had taken from his mother.

“Absolutely, sweetheart! Come whenever you like.”

“Okay mama, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye baby.” And with that he unplugged the handset from his speakers and pressed the red ‘end call’ button on his phone. So that was that; he was going to his mom’s for a few days, seeing his family and hopefully seeing Frank again. He will probably have to meet Frank’s girlfriend too. That should be interesting; of course Gerard has no right to be jealous of this woman. Just because he met Frank first doesn’t mean that he has some sort of right to him. He is just a concerned friend that’s all. At least that is what he keeps on telling himself.

The rest of the day was spent packing a few things into a large bag; clothes, toiletries and art supplies that sort of thing. Items that will help him get through a few days away from his home. He also decided he would have to try and clean the place up a bit before he left. He would hate coming back from Jersey to a messy house. Gerard whizzed around his house vacuuming, dusting, doing the dishes and even washing the clothes he was going to take to his mother’s house. While he was doing that he was texting his brother talking about tomorrow and why he suddenly wanted to go and visit. He told him about his encounter with Frank that had stirred up some feelings inside that he was not familiar with. Of course his brother was particularly cruel with his teasing telling him that Frank was way out of his league now and that he should have ‘snapped him up when he had the chance’ back when they were living together.

How was he supposed to ‘snap him up’ if he didn’t even know if there was anything left snapping up? How was he able to do that when he has a girlfriend and by the looks of it he was pretty invested in her, heck he could even be planning to marry her or he could already be married to her.

No matter how hard he tried, how much he tried to clean and keep himself busy his mind kept creeping back to Frank and their encounter earlier that day. Before he knew it he had done everything that he needed to do, that included getting a head start on his college project; but he just wasn’t feeling up to it so he sat at his computer that night exchanging e-mails with Frank, telling him about his plans of going to his mother’s tomorrow. Frank replied and said that he would try to make it there around two-ish. It all depended on how Leia was feeling.

And that was when Gerard’s stomach dropped harshly. He was going to meet her tomorrow and he would have to act like he was an ordinary friend of Frank’s, not someone who was slowly developing feelings for the shorter man. He could definitely do this. He was gifted at this type of thing; he may be awkward but that is the reason why it works so well. People find his awkwardness so weird they hardly pay any attention to what he says or what his body portrays.
So with a heavy, anxious heart Gerard shut his laptop down, placed it on top of his pile of clothes and slipped into his bed. He doubted he would be able to get any sort of sleep what so ever but he wanted to try.

Gerard was right. He didn’t get to sleep until three AM that morning.
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