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Chapter 5

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Gerard goes home.

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The drive to his mom’s wasn’t long, it wasn’t tiring but when he had arrived he was practically exhausted. This was because of his late night last night. Staying up until 3am and then driving was not a good idea.

As he drove down the familiar setting of the street that he grew up in, memories flooding his head both good and bad. When Mikey broke his arm falling out of the old spindly tree on the side of the road, he and his brother making go-karts out of old wood and skateboard wheels. These memories were running his mind wild, not helping his ever growing headache, as he cruised down the road looking for his old home. Gerard immediately spotted his mother standing outside waiting in her white blouse and pink skirt. Her hair was hanging loose gathering at her shoulders, the blonde locks looking as curly as ever. She looked like absolute perfection. She looked like his mother.

Gerard turned his radio down and pulled into the empty spot in front of the house, seeing his mother start walking down the pathway to his beat up old car. He turned off the engine, got out and pretty much jumped at his mom;

“Mama.” Was all that he could muster before embracing her in a death-grip hug. Being there was already becoming so emotional and he didn’t know whether it was from lack of sleep or him just being in touch with his feelings recently.

His mother hugged her son tightly not wanting to let go, so they didn’t. They both knew how much the other needed this so they stood next to Gerard’s car just holding each other. Gerard may have let a few tears fall but nobody would ever get that information out of him. Nope, no way.

When they both had the courage to let each other go, Gerard’s mother held him at arm’s length and truly looked at her oldest son. He had got slightly thinner over the past year or so, nothing to worry about but he had indeed changed. His once shorter brown hair was now down by his chin and black, she took a few seconds to take in the change but found that it was growing on her by the second. Even if he didn’t look like he did last time it was still her son standing in front of her and for that she was grateful.

“You look so good, sweetheart. I missed you so much.” She said as she brought him back into another hug.

“I missed you too mama but you’re kind of squeezing the air out of me.” He breathed heavily when she let him go taking him by the hand and leading him into the house.

“I’m sorry honey I just really needed to hold you. It’s hard being away from you for so long. Don’t you ever do that to me again! Ya’ hear?”

“Yes ma,” He replied whilst rubbing the top of his arm where she had just hit him, “where’s Mikes and Dad?”

“Oh, they have gone to the store. I’m making pasta and meatballs tonight for you so they have gone to get some supplies. We are going to make the pasta by hand too. I thought it would be nice for Leia to be involved as she will be here with Frank for dinner."

“She will?” He knew she was coming with him to visit but he didn’t know she would be helping his mother and him make the pasta for the dinner. It was always something they did together and he didn’t want anyone to disrupt that, especially someone who is dating the man he wanted. He wanted to spend the least amount of time with her as possible. Then he would be able to convince himself that she is no good for Frank. He hoped.

“Of course. Why would he leave her behind, sweetie?”

“Why would he bring her?” Gerard muttered to himself.

Obviously it wasn’t quiet enough because Mikey walked around the corner carrying a bag of items, “Getting jealous, bro?”

As soon as he hear his little brother’s voice Gerard turned around in his seat and jumped up to hug him. Mikey brought his hands up around his brother’s waist, bag in hand, and returned the hug with as much might.

“Mikey! Good to see you, man.” He dropped his hand from around his brother, took the bag from his hand and dropped it onto the counter. As he turned around he spotted a figure in the background and he immediately knew it was his father. He strode over to him and offered his hand out for him to shake, “Hi, Dad.” Was all he manged without tears brimming at his eyes once more.

His father took Gerard’s hand in his own and shook once, twice, squeezing hard. “It’s good to see you, son. You’re looking well.”

“I’d say he looks like a girl with that freaking haircut, well lack of.” Mikey sniggered taking a bite out of the apple he was eating.

“Michael don’t be like that. Apologise to your brother!”

“No…mom he does! I’m only telling the goddamn truth here.”

“I don’t care what you think you’re saying, apologise to your brother.” She said as she walked up to Mikey and pinched his ear. Mikey immediately recoiled, his neck cricked to the left to try and dislodge his mother’s fingers from the top of his ear.

“Ow, ow.. mom! Please! It hurts,” she pretended that she didn’t hear him and continued to pinch his reddening ear,”Okay okay! I’m sorry Gee I didn’t mean it.”

Donna promptly released his ear after hearing his apology, smiling as she did it. Mikey rubbed his sore ear and pouted at both his mother and his brother. Donna walked around the counter and picked up the bag to put the ingredients away. The supplies that were needed later such as eggs and flour were placed on the side next to a large bowl.

“So when are Frank and Leia coming?” she asked as she continued her activities.

“They should be here soon. I texted him a while ago and he said he was leaving so...” Mikey answered as he tapped at his phone, completely absorbed.

“That’s lovely it’ll be a great little get together with all of us and Leia is so cute you’re going to love her Gerard.” Donna clapped her hands together and looked at him. The excitement on her face was very visible, she just wanted everyone to be here already so they could all reacquaint and get back into old ways. She always loved it when the boys were together, they would bring out the best in each other and a little bit of the worst. They were adventurous and mischievous and she just wanted a little of that back even if the boys were all grown up.

“I’m sure she is, ma.” Gerard said. He tried not to seem like he was dreading seeing her but deep down he was and he was disappointed in himself for it. He wanted to give this girl a chance but all he could think of was that Frank knew him before her, he was hurt and he had no right to be. He lost that right when he moved away. “I’m gonna go get my bag from my car and take it up to my room, okay? I’ll be down soon, gonna unpack.”

With that Gerard stood up and left the kitchen to go outside to his car. Unlocking it as he walked down the path he heaved the bag onto his shoulder and went back inside. He heaved under the weight of the bag; it didn’t seem this heavy when he put it in his car this morning. ‘Oh well’ he thought as he took the bag upstairs. Up the stairs he stopped in the hallway looking at all the photos his mother had kept whilst he was away. There were lots adoring the walls, all of them included either him or Mikey on their own or with friends. The one that really caught his eye was one of Mikey, Frank and himself. All three of them were stood up with their arms resting on each other’s shoulders. Frank was in the middle smiling wide with his toothless gums. His brown hair was all over the place. Mikey was on the left of Frank, a finger up his nose with a scrunched up face. His glasses were dirty and smudged; how he ever saw through them we will never know. Lastly was Gerard, on the right of Frank, he was standing there with his arm around Frank’s shoulders whilst looking at him. He was smiling at his brother and his friend a smudge of dirt down his cheek and neck. It had been a great day it seems even though he hardly remembered it.

Gerard felt his fingers begin to ache as the bag’s weight began to worsen over his shoulder so he stopped looking at the photo on the wall and walked towards his old room. He pushed the brass doorknob so the door would swing open and walked through.

It was definitely his old room but his mom had added a touch of ‘Donna flare’ as she called it. His once black walls and sheets were a delicate beige and his furniture had been moved around. He didn’t hate it; but he didn’t love it either. The few posters he left behind on the walls had been taken down, rolled and put on top of his desk with a band around them. He walked over to the bed and settled his bag down unpacking his stuff slowly as he tried to take in his new surroundings.

Once Gerard had finished putting his things away he sat on his bed and took another look at his new-old room. He really didn’t like the new paint job but his mother did so that is all that matters. She changed this room when he moved out, she wanted something to do. Obviously she spoke to him and asked him if it was okay with him and of course he said yes it is his mother after all.

Gerard must have fallen asleep because he was suddenly being woken up by Mikey sitting on his bed poking his chest.

“Go away, Mikey, I’m tired.”

“Yeah well you can sleep tonight, mom wants you downstairs we have company and by company I mean Frank.” Mikey got up and walked to the door, just as he reached it he turned around and leaned against it, “so you better come down. I know how much you like Frank.” He smirked and walked down the hall to get back to the others.

“Fuck you Mikey Way.” Gerard said to himself. He knew it was a mistake telling his little brother about these feelings. Even so he couldn’t leave them downstairs so he clambered up out of bed; he didn’t remember how comfy his old bed was until now. All he wanted was to be back inside it. It was so soft, so much better than his one back home. He definitely made a mistake by leaving his old bed with his mother. It would also serve as great covers between him, Frank and his girlfriend. The more he thought about it, staying in bed seemed like a great option right now.

Gerard walked out of his room and downstairs where everyone was gathered. His dad, Mikey and Frank were standing around the island counter in the middle. At first he saw Mikey talking to Frank on the other side of the island. Frank looked even better than he did yesterday if that was possible. He wasn’t wearing his work suit today as it was his day off. Instead he was wearing, he presumed, black pants (he couldn’t see behind the counter) and a shirt that hugged his small figure nicely. It definitely was a nice change and it seemed like Frank was feeling a little more relaxed too.

At first they didn’t seem to notice that Gerard had emerged from upstairs but then Frank looked to his left and saw him standing there.

“Hey! There you are!” He beamed at Gerard with a wide smile.

“Here I am, ha.” He waved his hands around trying to emphasise the sarcastic-ness dripping from his voice. Come to think of it there were two people that were missing from this gathering. Where was his mom? And Frank’s girlfriend for that matter? Surely they hadn’t left together or something.

He was pulled out of his thoughts by Frank pulling him into an embrace. This one felt so, so much better as a gearstick wasn’t sticking into his thigh this time. Frank had to stand on his tippy toes to reach and Gerard found it adorable.

“So where’s mom?” he asked Mikey as he let Frank go.

“Oh she’s in the sitting room with Leia whilst Mikey and I caught up.” Goddamn it did Frank ever stop smiling? Even though he did feel that pang in his chest when her name was mentioned that smile made it feel a lot better. “Wait here a second. I’ll go get them.” And with that Frank left the kitchen and went into the sitting room.

There were a few moments of silence and then Mikey came over to him, placed a hand on his shoulder and whispered into his ear, “Be nice.”
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