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Zero Kiryuu is attending the Night Class

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Zero Kiryuu is attending the Night Class

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Chapter 1: Kiryuu Zero is attending the Night Class

This story is all about Zero and the night class. There's not much Yuuki in here. SORRY~

Some important facts:

-Other genres: Friendship, family, drama, whump, more whump, maybe some adventure ;)

- None of night class students know that Zero is a vampire. Just like the manga, but I believe that Aido does in the manga right? I honestly never understood who knew, and who didn't so i just decided no one would know. (NO WORRIES! They will know pretty soon! ;) )

- Ichiru's story is going to be little different here you guys ;\

- I didn't want it to be complicated in the night class so there are only 7+1 students in the night classs that we hear of here just like in the original story."Kaname, Ichijo, Aido, Kain, Shiki, Rima, Ruka."+"Zero" and of course also Seiren "Kaname's unofficial spy/bodyguard" won't be showing here a lot, just like the manga.

-This story is not yaoi or male on male…and it's very innocent, just simple interactions and events; I'm rying to keep them in character as much as possible.

Everyone this is my first Fanfic, So please be gentle


"I need you to transfer me to the Night class." Zero repeated for the third time, since apparently the ex-hunter wouldn't seem to get it. "B-but Kiryuu-kun...why?" the chairman asked very simply, like it was the weirdest thing for Zero to ask. That irritated Zero. Why couldn't that stupid man understand!? Why did he have to act so surprised!? Zero thought that the chairman himself should have transferred him long ago, why didn't he anyway?

"Because, Cross Chairman. I. Am. A. Freaking. Vampire!" Zero almost shouted the last two words. He continued after calming down a little bet "And vampires live in that building, not here! I can't be around the day class students anymore. Can't you see? I'm becoming more and more of a threat to them as I fall more and more to the E-FREAKING level!" Zero was now shouting, he was NOT comfortable talking about this, and it just made him so angry that he had to explain the reason for that old man, he should know better why Zero doesn't want to be in the Day class anymore.

It was more than just the day class students issue, it was about Yuuki! He cannot be around Yuuki anymore! He can't! He's hurting her too much he had already got drunk on her blood for like 3 times now! And he just couldn't do that to Yuuki any longer. No. He will not. He'd rather stay with the vampires which he truly hated, than drain her.

The chairman sighed gently; finally deciding to show his understanding. It really pained him, but he knew that he needed to do this for Zero's own sake. Sitting there in his chair, he didn't look up; he just started speaking with his very serious voice. "Kiryuu Zero you are from tomorrow onwards a night class student, you will live in the moon dorms, and study in the night class as a vampire student. You will receive your night uniform tonight. Tomorrow night you must be at the moon dorms, your dorm president, Kuran Kaname, will take care of the rest."

The chairman looked up at Zero, with a careful smile on his face: "And kiryuu-kun, please no fights with your fellow students. Okay?"

Zero just glared at him for a while then shrugged and made a "Tsk" sound, then pushing his hands into his pockets, he turned to leave. "Oh… Kiryuu-kun! One more thing!" Zero turned back his glare at the ex-hunter.

"umm...about your night duties...well, you won't have to attend to it anymore, since the purpose of it is to keep the vampires from the humans, you will be able to do that just by being in their own dorms...agree, yes?"

"..." Zero shut him another glare before leaving.

Cross took that as a yes.



Zero walked across his room, and stood in front of his -hanged on the door handle- white uniform...He was disgusted by it...he's going to wear the same as those filthy vampires...but he knew he was doing the right thing.

Zero couldn't sleep that night, thinking about how he's so going to make it a living Hell for them, even though he knew he shouldn't. But for now he desperately needed to think about something good.


Kaname was walking to the dorms, coming back from chairman Cross's office. He wasn't surprised by the news, or the fact that the Kiryuu boy himself asked for it, he knew he would, and that in the end his feelings for Yuuki would overwhelm his feelings for the vampires. The pureblood was worried though, on how things are going to go in the Night class from now on, with a hunter as one of its residences and all...nothing he couldn't control, he thought, but for now he has to have a little talk with the Night students. 'This should be interesting' the pureblood slightly smirked.


Five noble heads turned slowly towards the Night dorms doors before they opened since they sensed their beloved pureblood leader's presence early enough. The five beautiful heads belonged to none other than: Takuma, Aido, Kain, Ruka, Rima, and Shiki.

Kaname walked in followed by his assistant Serin.

"Kaname-Sama." Ichijo greeted, slightly bowing in respect

" what did the chairman Cross wanted?"

Kaname looked at them, they were all so curious although they did hid it quite well...Kaname moved to sit on one of the chairs.

"He wanted to inform me that a new student will be attending the night class."

"A new student?" Kain started.

"For the night class?" Ichijo finished.

"Is he a noble?" Aido asked solely. "From what family?" he continued.

"Who told you it's a "He"?" Ruka exclaimed angrily at Aido. Aido just glared at her.

Kaname sat there enjoying himself, he said nothing, soon the students gender will be their least concern.

"He's not a born vampire." Kaname said.

"WHAAAA..." Aido and Ruka exclaimed at the same time. Kain knitted his eyebrows together in a confused frown. Shiki and Rima stopped chewing for a second before biting down on their pocky again. Ichijo just stared at Kaname in total confusion.

"A turned vampire!" Aido finally managed to say."B-b-but we never had one before?"

"Well, Aido, now we do." Kaname said with an expressionless face.

"What level is he? His master is feeding him right?" Ruka asked unhappy about the fact that they will be having a turned vampire as their fellow student.

They were all looking at kaname right now, even the pocky couple; they were all asking for an answer.

kaname sighed, raising his hand to grip his forehead. He finally said:

"He's a Level D."





"Oh..." Ruka finally managed to sputter out.

"A level D? Kaname-sama why is a level D going to attend the night class?" Ichijo asked, he was very confused, just like everyone else...what the hell was that old chairman thinking. A level D?

"Because that level D is not just any level D...he's a hunter as well, and from a very well-known hunters family too." Kaname answered clearly.

"WHAT?" Aido's jaw dropped down to his feet. Kain's eyes just got very, very wide.

"A...hunter?...Kaname-Sama, do you know the new student?" Ruka finally managed to talk confused, and unable to comprehend with the whole situation.

"Oh you all know him very well too." Kaname answered, enjoying the effect on the vampires.

"We do?" Rima finally said looking bluntly with no expression as she fed Shiki another pocky.

"Then who is it, if I may ask, Kaname-Sama?" Ichijo finally asked politely, trying to hide his shock.

Kaname looked at them, drowning his gaze on each one of them until he finally said:

"He's the vampire hunter you all know very well, but of course not well enough to know he's actually a vampire."

Kaname's face got deadly serious like he's about to give an order, which he was: "Well, now that you all know he's a hunter, and a level D I hope that you all stick to the rules, no fighting with the hunter, and no matter how much you want to harm him, you shall not. Understood?"

"Yes, Kaname-Sama" They all answered in one voice.

Kaname gave one last glance before he stood making his way upstairs, as he reached the last step he stopped, turned his head, and finally said:

"The new student attending the night class tomorrow is Kiryuu Zero."


"I can't believe Kiryuu-kun is a vampire?" Kain said in disbelieve.

"I can't believe he's going to attend the night class!?" Aido said almost shouting. Kain still in shock about Zero being a vampire said:" and as a vampire?"

Ruka hadn't said anything yet, but there was a dark aura around her as she faced the ground. Suddenly she shot her head up, she was laughing.

"Oh no" Kain said "She's in denial."

"She is going crazy." Aido said almost feeling sympathy for the bright haired girl.

"No...No...No..No..." Ruka said with an excited voice," No...Don't you see? No I'm not in denial! Or crazy! Can't you all see? It's finally our chance! We can finally have revenge on him!"

"Ruka...I think Kaname-Sama made it clear not to touch the boy." Kain said.

"Yeah Ruka. Let's not get too excited okay? It might go well, maybe you'll be friends, you know...Kiryuu-kun is not as bad as he may seem" Ichijo said trying to calm her down.

"Huh? Friends? Are you kidding me? Have you already forgotten what he did to Kaname-sama?" Ruka was almost shouting at Ichijo, who backed off. God, Ruka is so scary when it's about Kaname.

"You know" Aido started with a little of an embarrassment." he really is not that bad, when I was having a hard time, I went to him and Yuuki...and...Well…They really welcomed me, even more than I expected,

Kiryuu-kun even cooked for my sake."

"See? It's not that bad" Ichijo said smiling at Ruka.

"Whatever, it's almost morning I'm going to sleep." Ruka said as she dashed to her room.

Shiki and Rima followed minutes later. "So, Kiryuu-kun is coming here." Shiki started as they were walking up the stairs. "Yeah, it should be interesting" Rima said throwing him yet another pocky.

Ichijo, Aido, and Kain where the only ones left in the living room, each one of them chose something to stare at while thinking of the situation.

Ichijo was staring at a pocky on the floor that had probably fallen from Rima or Shiki. 'Kiryuu-kun is transfering here? No better yet Kiryuu-kun was a vampire? It's probably Shizuka-sama who turned him. So he was turned after all, it was very odd for him to survive when his parents had not.'

Aido was staring at the place where Kaname was sitting. 'So Kaname-sama knew that Kiryuu-kun was a vampire-And a level-D at that- all these years? Wow, that explains why he had asked him how he was doing that day, no wonder Kiryuu-kun got angry!'

'So he didn't survive it after all. Of course not! He was against a pureblood for crying out loud! It was stupid to even think he would survive. But no, they had all believed it, all those stupid.'

Kain was staring at the stairs. Ruka, She's going to do something, she's probably not letting this go. But, wow, what news! The last Kiryuu a vampire! He never noticed! Shizuka-sama...Ahaa…'

Finally one decided to come out of his world, picked up the pocky, and put in in his mouth, it was Ichijo. "I guess he didn't survive it like everyone thought he had." Ichijo said sounding like he's talking to himself more than to the other two. But it was enough to pull them out of their thought.

"No he didn't survive, but still he wasn't killed like his parents were." Aido said almost feeling sorry for the hunter.

"I'm afraid; Aido that what he has to go through is harder even than death itself." Ichijo said as soon as he finished the pocky.

"Yeah, well, just what Shizuka-sama wanted, I guess." Kain said, then got up, and yawned. "It's getting late you guys, I'm off to sleep."

Aido and Ichijo agreed on that, they were all so tired, it was after all 7 a.m., and with the big news, they were all so tired even more.

They all made their way up to their comfy beds. But none of the night class students had a good sleep that morning.


7 p.m., a certain silver haired vampire, wearing a white uniform stood outside the night dorms. Lilac eyes stared at the doors. Both doors unexpectedly but slowly opened wide, as a certain chocolate haired pureblood wearing the same white uniform stared with maroon eyes at the hunter. "Kiryuu-kun? Welcome to the night class. Won't you come in?" He said.


Thank you for reading, tell me what you think!
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