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Kiryuu Zero is not that bad my ass!

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Kiryuu Zero is not that bad my ass!

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Chapter 2: Kiryuu Zero is not that bad my ass!

"Kiryuu-kun? Welcome to the night class. Won't you come in?" Kaname said smirking at Zero. Zero just glared at him for a second, God! He hated that bastard so much, smirking at him like that! But of course, this filthy creature was enjoying Zero's suffering. Zero could make out seven pairs of eyes standing inside behind the pureblood. That's it! Zero could NOT take this humiliation. Kaname was still smirking at him, as Zero pointed his Bloody Rose at Kaname stubbornly, ignoring the seven pairs -now red glowing- eyes.

"Now, now, Kiryuu-kun, I thought Cross chairman had warned you not to do anything reckless." Kaname said in a very calm voice, he didn't even blink once, as Zero pointed the Anti-vampire weapon at him.

Zero ignored the comment, as he moved closer to the pureblood, making the gun now in direct contact with Kaname's temple. Two of the students behind them started moving, but Kaname's slowly raised a hand stopping them.

They kept it like that for almost a minute or so. Lilac, silvery eyes glared at deadly, staring back maroons. Then finally Zero broke the silence as he slowly put his gun back into the inner pocket of his white, new jacket. "I don't need to be welcomed to this filthy place, and especially not by someone like you." Then he turned towards the group of nobles . "Let's make things clear here, you stay out of my sight, and you simply won't get shut." He threw his bag on his shoulder, and started to make his way between the angry vampires.

An ice cold hand held his wrist in a deathly grip. Ice started forming up Zero's arm very quickly. "Apologize...Apologize now to Kaname-sama!" Aido said looking angry as hell. Zero glared at him, he smirked as he answered:" Ttsk...You are probably out of your mind if you were thinking I would apologize to any of you, filthy vampires, and especially not him." Zero said throwing Kaname a glare. That's it, Aido was so going to kill him, but just when he was about to go icey on the hunter, something happened really fast, he saw light brown hair then a hand rising, and descending in a blow.

Ruka had slapped Zero in the face. "You little brat! level D bastard, who do you think you are? you not know your own place!? How can you say such things about Kaname-sama!?" Ruka was very angry, and her aura was very dark. Zero's face was covered with sliver locks from the effect of the hit, a red mark was forming on his left cheek. It was a very strong slap.

Everyone was silent for a while. Kaname hadn't done anything until now, he was just watching.

Zero was in his own world now...that's right he's nothing but a filthy vampire just like them. No, he was even worse; he's a level-D, that's right.

Zero finally broke the silence; he shut his eyes, chuckled slightly before looking up at Ruka shouting: "THAT'S RIGHT!" everyone was confused, did Kiryuu-kun just agreed with something one of them had said?

Zero continued, his voice getting louder, and louder with each word. "THAT'S RIGHT! I. AM. A. FILTHY. LEVEL. ! AND DO YOU KNOW WHY? IT'S BECAUSE OF YOUR BELOVED FREAKING PUREBLOODS! YOUR SO-CALLED FILTHY LEADERS!" Zero was now almost panting for air; he was so frustrated he forgot to breath. As soon as he finished his "speech", he dashed towards Kaname, holding his hand up, ignoring the stoned-from shock vampires. "Keys!" he demanded with no obvious patience. Kaname looked at his hand for a while, and then he looked up at Zero's flushed face, from anger, and from Ruka's impact. "Oh, but Kiryuu-kun, I thought the chairman told you. To avoid any unwanted "incidents", you are to be my roommate."

This time, eight eyes shut up at Kaname's face, they all shared shock, confusion, disbelieve, and anger.

" OH HELL NO!" Zero said the words with complete disbelieve. "No way, I'm not buying this!" he muttered. Kaname looked at him, and said :" Oh you better then, Kiryuu-kun, and fast too, because we have no time to discuss this right now, classes are about to begin."

"K-k-kaname-sama " the words finally escaped Aido's mouth, in total confusion." A-are you serious about this?"

"Kaname-sama, really are going to live with...with...that!" Ruka said pointing at Zero, ignoring his glare.

"Yes, Ruka, if it's for the good of this Academy I will live with Kiryuu-kun, and I hope you all take my example." Kaname said calmly." And now, enough with all of this, we need to go to class."

Kaname grabbed bunch of books that were sitting on a table near them, he gestured for the vampires to follow him, and they all started moving, except of course one certain silver haired vampire.

Zero is not going to follow that freak, like he was his puppet or something he waited until they were all pass the doors before he started moving. He pulled only a notebook, not really in the best mood to take out his entire schedule for the night. Zero started out into the cold breeze of that night, it's going to be a hell of a long night.


The gates opened, and the vampires made their way slowly towards their class. Zero was still separating himself from the group, as if he didn't want anyone to know he was walking with them, although it was pretty obvious from the matching uniforms.

They entered the big building, and headed for their class. The first period was history, Vampire history that is. The vampire's quickly adjusted themselves in the class. Shiki took a seat, and threw his head on the back of the chair, chewing the pocky Rima had just threw to him, after adjusting herself on the desk in front of him.

Aido just sat on a random chair supporting his chin on his hand, still thinking deeply about the situation. Ruka stood a couple of meters away, crossing her arm together, and staring at nothing while also analyzing the situation. Next to her, Kain stood scratching his forehead, still in disbelieve.

Kaname was standing, with his back against the big window, and his head slightly turned, looking outside. Ichijo was the only one sitting in the front, with his books all out, like a good student. A minute later Zero came in, totally ignoring the vampires, like they don't even exist. He was standing at the front of the class, with his back to the door. He was scanning the place with amethyst eyes, looking for the most isolated place, that dark corner to his left seemed nice, no filthy vampires close. Just when he was about to make his move towards the desired spot, a voice pinned his feet to the wooden floor.

"Hello, vampires, how are we today?" Toga Yagari stood leaning against the door of the classroom. Zero turned around slowly facing his teacher. Oh no he completely forgot the hunter is now a teacher for these vampires. "Sh..shishou..." (Master/teacher) Zero muttered the words carefully. The vampires around them stared at them. "W…waits, he's your master?" Aido finally said. Zero totally ignored the question, because he was still in shock, and even if he wasn't he wouldn't have answered it anyway.

Yagari-sensei made his way across the room towards the silver haired boy. He put his hand on the boy's head, shuffling his silver locks a little, he leaned in closer so he can be at the same height as his student, as he answered Aido's question "That's's my cute pupil doing? Ah...Zero...what's with the scary glare? You used to be easier going...Oh, but god, right now you look just like your master, boy"

Yagari winked at him with his only eye...Zero flushed with embarrassment, moved away from the hunter's hand, as he made a "respect" bow (Japanese style) for his master. He hadn't noticed he has been glaring at his master! How could he, this hunter, who taught him a lot, and lost his eye trying to save his life. No, he would never intentionally disrespect this man, ever. " Sh..shishou, f..forgive me.." Zero muttered the words, while still bowing in respect, and obvious apology too.

Ruka, Aido, Ichijo, and Kain were all staring in disbelieve now...well, the man did call kiryuu-kun with his first name, and with no honorifics, so they must be really!...this was the first time they had seen Kiryuu-kun polite? So respectful towards someone! Kaname just stared at them in silence...Rima and shiki stared too, but with their own bored style.

The older hunter smiled softly at his student, as he jerked Zero gently from his bow. "You don't have to be sorry because you look like me you know?" he gave him a playful smirk. "As you know I'm teaching here now, so is Kaito" Zero nodded his head wordlessly.

"Okay now enough of this, let's start our class, Zero, I expect you to be just as good of a student when you were a child." Yagari-sensei said announcing the beginning of the lesson.

Zero slightly nodded with his eyes, and made his way to a seat. And the class began. Maybe it will be fine now with someone he admired, and loved around, Zero thought.


IT WAS NOT FINE! Zero hated every second of that stinking vampires filled class. They were so disgusting, the way the talk, answer, and walk around in the class. They are beasts in human forms, how can they be so full of themselves. The way they were so proud of being vampires just baffled Zero.

Of course the worst of all was the way they WORSHIPED that creepy pureblood! But to Zero he was the worst one of them all; A pureblood. Vampires who can turn human into vampire beasts like themselves, so they can be their slaves. To Zero, Kuran Kaname was nothing but a reminder of that woman. And still those filthy vampires viewed at him as a God!

He took another look at the vampires scattered around the dark classroom, so disgusting, his eyes landed on that very same pureblood standing with his back against the window. Kaname looked at him suddenly, Zero of course just kept on glaring. This...this freak is just like her, she, the one who made his life a living hell, he still feels sick whenever he remembers that night. She murdered, slaughtered his parents right in front of his eyes, and took his brother away, and then...she bit him...Zero was still glaring at Kaname as his hand subconsciously rested on the tattooed side of his neck.

"Mmm…ok next is Zero...Zero!?...Zero?" Yagari sensei said raising his voice a bit.

Zero just got up, he shut a very quick apologetic glance towards his master, and dashed outside the class, a hand still holding his neck, and another covering his mouth. The vampires were a little bit shocked at the act, but didn't care much about the level D. They all shut their eyes towards their leader. Kaname slightly smirked, as he turned towards the window. The boy was obviously disgusted by him, plus Kaname guessed: The hunger.


It was too disgusting in there; Zero just couldn't take it any longer. He walked or rather ran through the hallways. The hunter jerked off his jacket throwing it somewhere, his breath quickening by the second, his heart was beating so fast it hurt, and his Tattoo itched so damn much! His eyes finally met the "Toilets" sign; he pushed the door roughly, walked to the sink, and took it all out.


Yagari made his way to the door to follow Zero, but a voice stopped him." Don't worry, sensei...Kiryuu-kun is alright, you don't have to stop the lesson...please continue." Kaname said most coolly. "Aidou will be glad to check on him" he finished.

He knew it was a bad idea sending a "vampire" to him right now, but Kaname just couldn't help but enjoy it. He was pretty angry at how Zero walked into the night class without someone forcing him, how he made that hard decision for her. How he can always be with her, close to her in ways he can never dream of. He respected him, but he envied him more. He was so angry he just wanted to humiliate that low-life.

"Wha…I am?" Aidou said stupidly, before realizing his mistake as Kaname shut him a side-killing glance. And before Yagari could answer, Aidou was already in the hallway.


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