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Chapter 1

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Five Years later, the City is under the shadow of the mysterious Penguin and Black Mask, the last two Mob Bosses still operating in Gotham. But as public opinion grows for the Batman, due to his on...

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A/N: Here is the sequel to my previous Batman story. I hope you like it. :)



As the Sun shone in the surrounding clear blue sky over the City of Rio de Janeiro, an agitated Woman weaved her way through a busy crowd of tourists that packed out one of the many narrow streets that the City was known for. She was a smartly dressed Caucasian Woman, with Long red hair, who every few yards would look behind her, as though she was hoping not to spot anyone in particular.

'Come on, I am not that far from the Safe-House. I just hope that feeling I have is just a false...' she began to think, only to look back over her shoulder, making her eyes widen as she saw someone in the crowd behind her.

'Damn it, I have to warn Damien.'

So the Woman then manoeuvred her way through the masses towards one of the nearby stalls, taking a small grey-ball from one of her jacket pockets and dropping it into the boiling pot that stood there on a wooden table, before hastily putting some distance between herself and the stall.

A moment later and the white steam raising from the Pot, suddenly changed to red, earning confused and agitated shouts as it's owners rushed about like headless chickens around the stall.

But by this point, the lady was already well out of sight, having ducked into an alleyway, before entering one of the old buildings that lined up either side of it.

'We should never had stayed here as long as we did.' she thought while racing up the creaky old stairs, making a lot of noise as she got to the third floor and entered the second door on her right.

"Damien!" the Woman quickly replied as she found herself up against the wall, with a Katana drawn and aimed at her throat. The Weapon's owner was an older Man with greying hair and was clearly 10 years older, narrowing his eyes at the former as he stood his ground in a sharp black suit.

"I saw the red smoke from the window, so I take it that means 'they' have found us?" he asked, gaining a nod from his Colleague in return.

"Yes, I saw one in the market and so decided to warn you, before then losing 'him' in the crowds, Damien." she replied, bringing a knowing look to his face as he withdrew his blade and let her breath easy again.

"Good, then I see the lessons I taught you are sticking, this time..." the older Man began to say in response, only for his expression to become more serious.

"...wait, you said 'him', correct?" he added, earning a nod back." from his younger-comrade. But before she could say any more, Damien passed her another Katana that was in it's sheath and began to herd her towards the balcony.

"I want you get out of Rio and to our next Safe-House, which is in Great Britain."

This brought a shocked look to the younger Woman's face in return, while her Mentor simply stared back stoically.

"If you think that I am going to let..." she started to reply, only to be cut off by the front door being kicked open, making them both ready themselves.

"You haven't started running yet..." a white haired Man in a similarly coloured Gucci suit said as he entered the apartment, revealing to them an eye-patch that was covering his right eye.

...I don't know if you are being brave or simply foolish, Darhk and Onyx."

"Foolish? That is just the right kind of word that I would describe those following the same path as you, Slade." Damien replied as he narrowed his eyes back at their opponent, who simply remained calm as he walked closer to the pair.

"Slade? You mean...'Deathstroke'!" Onyx said back with surprise and a hint of fear in her voice, making the one-eyed Man nod back, before returning his attention to Darhk.

"You know why I am here..." he began to say, while stopping just a foot away from the pair.

"Of course I do..." the older Man began to reply, cutting of the new arrival.

"...You and your 'Companion' have been killing off all the members of the League, whose that do not wish to follow the path that you are offering."

"Ra's Al Ghul is dead and the one who that took his life still draws breath..?" Slade replied with a questioning and judgemental tone.

"Leaders rise and fall, but Ra's built the league to survive long beyond his death, which is something that you have put in doubt when you started killing off those of us who were still loyal to the cause..." Damien said back in a mirrored tone, only to be cut off by his Enemy.

"Yes, loyalty to the mission of our Society, but not to the Man who bled and died for it. I am sorry, Damian, but that is treasonous."

"In your eyes...sorry...eye, Slade, but there was always going to be another 'Head of the Demon', but only somebody that had actually 'earned' the title, not 'born' to it." Darhk spat back, only to then glance over his shoulder at Onyx while unsheathing his Katana.

"I told you to go, Onyx."

"...but...?" she began to stammer, which made her Mentor grit his teeth as his anger started to boil.

"I said...GO!" he spat while lunging at Slade, making the two fight as the younger Woman ran off onto the Balcony and out of sight.

Damien meanwhile, continued to attack his opponent, swinging and lunging the blade in every way that he could. But each and every attempt to hit Slade failed, as he simply dodged them all, before countering with a well placed back-kick to the former's chest.

"Hungh!" Darhk grimaced as he was knocked back, earning a smirk from the eye-patched Man in return.

"You are a little sloppy, Damian, telegraphing all of your moves before you even make them..." he started to gloat, which only angered the other Man even more as he recovered.

"...not exactly what I was expecting from one who once held a post amongst Ra's most trusted Lieutenants." he added, making Darhk attack once more as he swung the blade down upon his enemy, who performed a cross block and stopped the attack dead in its tracks. This made the former's eyes widen for a second with surprise, due to Slade blocking the attack with nothing more than his arms, which were covered only by the fabric of his suit.

"You're still wearing armour under that expensive suit..." he said in a questioning tone, earning a nod back from the other Man, who followed through by pushing the attack back and then punching his opponent in the stomach with his left hand, before swinging his right around and connecting it with the guy's face.

"Yes, of course..." he replied as Damian found himself back against the wall once again.

"'s not exactly the right situation for my 'usual attire'..." he continued with his smirk growing wider as he watched Darhk got back to his feet, who gave him a dagger-like stare back.

"...and you're not even worth the effort."

"I'll show you!" Damien spat back as he grabbed a Picture-frame from the wall and threw it at Slade, who easily cut it in half with his Katana. Though while his attention had been diverted for just a split second, it was all his opponent needed to get back in the fight as he attacked once more with his own sword, clashing his blade against the other's numerous times as their fight continued in the Apartment.

"That's more like it!" Slade replied as their blades clashed once more, scraping against each other as the two Men tried to force the other back.

"This ends now." Darhk exclaimed as he pulled his blade back, making his Adversary move suddenly forward as the former ducked and let him pass.

"What the...!" the one-eyed Assassin said back with a startled tone, just as Damien spun around and lunged his blade at the other Man's back. But what he didn't see, was that Slade smirked slightly as he quickly moved his blade behind his back and deflected the strike, much to his opponent's despair.

"Ho..." he began to reply, only to be cut off as Slade then turned around and leg-sweeped the former off his feet and then stabbed his Katana down into his stomach, pinning him to the floor.

"Arragh!" Darkh cried out as the colour of his shirt around the wound changed to red, making him drop his own weapon as Wilson looked down at him while kicking his weapon away from the reach of his hand.

"Now as much as I loved hunting you and the others down in the past few years, it is well passed the time that this came to and end." he replied, making his bloodied and defeated Rival chuckle, despite the pain he was in.

"You really...think that this is over...,Slade?"

This made his enemy kneel beside him and twist the blade a little, gaining a painful grunt from the injured Man.

"Well, yes, Damien, I do." he replied with confident tone, which only made Darhk's pained smile widen.

"Then you're a bigger fool than I was led to believe, because as I speak, Onyx is getting further and further away from your clutches."

"Is that so?" the one-eyed Assassin then asked, maintaining a confident expression, before suddenly something came smashing through the Balcony window, earning a shocked expression from Damien as he saw the body of Onyx lying there, covered in blood.

"This one was of no challenge, unfit to be in the League of Shadows." a female voice then spoke, making the injured Man look towards the Balcony and see a fully masked Ninja enter the Apartment's interior. This made his eyes widen and clench his fists as he recognised the new arrival's voice, despite the pain he was currently feeling in his gut.

"You!" he spat furiously as she joined Slade's side, ignoring him and turning her attention to her comrade.

"Slade, has he told you anything yet?"

"No, I haven't had the chance to ask him."

"Let's not waste any more time then..." the masked Woman began to reply before grabbing the hilt of Slade's sword and turning it into Darhk's wound, making him cry out in agonising pain.

"We have been at this for almost six years, hunting down each and every member of our former organisation. But nobody seems to be able to answer my question, but you, Damien Darhk, were one of our top lieutenants. So I will ask you...who is responsible for Ra's Al Ghul's death?"

"You don't deserve an answer to that question, just like your actions have lost you your claim to the name given to you at birth, because you have betrayed everything that the League of Shadows stands for." Damien spat back, which simply made the Woman turn the blade some more into his wound, while the carpet beneath him became soaked in blood.

"Grrrraaghh...I don't know!" he suddenly grimaced, making her stop in return as a distrusting expression befell Slade's face.

"He's lying."

"I'm not, since I was...not even involved in the mission that...Ra's was overseeing in Gotham. None of us were, because...we were busy with the League's interests in of the World." he said back with baited breaths, trying to focus despite the beyond sharp burning feeling that was pulsing through his body from his stomach wound.

"Then who would know? Tell me and I will ensure that your suffering will end." the female Ninja replied, with only her green eyes visible through two small slits in her mask as she looked down at Darhk, who in turn had a thoughtful look on his own face as blood trickled down his chin from his mouth.

"...I heard rumours that...that one or two of Ra's personal Guard had been...arrested in Gotham after the mission failed. They are probably still in the City's...main Prison."

The masked-Woman then looked back at Slade and nodded, making the older Man grab his sword and pull it out of Damian's stomach. This gained another grimace from the beaten opponent, who started to bleed out from both ends of the wound as the Ninja then stood over him and unsheathed her own weapon.

"I were going to...give me a quick...death?" he asked in a shocked voice while gurgling blood that was filling up in his mouth, as his eyes widened in response.

"I lied, because you still betrayed our cause by not even attempting to find and punish the one responsible. And that is something which I cannot forgive." she said back coldly while staring down blankly as Darhk started convulsing as his eyes rolled back and spat up blood.

"You...bitch!" he managed to spit back as his life drained from his body, before a moment passed and he exhaled his final breath.

"Good..." she then exclaimed while raising her blade over her head, before quickly swinging down and decapitating the now dead Darhk, with his head rolling away from his body before stopping by Slade's feet as the Ninja sighed.

" we now know where to head next." she added, earning a nod from her Comrade in return.


"Yes, Gotham." the masked-Woman replied before turning around and leaving the room, with Slade following her as they left the two bodies there in the Flat.


A Year and a half later...

James Gordon sat in his old Ford-Falcon, which was parked in an alley in old Gotham and was currently listening to a news-broadcast from Jack Ryder over the radio.

"...five years ago, former DA Harvey Dent had been revealed to still be alive and that he, not the Batman, was responsible for the heinous Crimes that were blamed on the latter. The Man that now called himself 'Two-Face' then attempted to destroy Gotham, but he was stopped by the Vigilante..." the News Anchor explained, while the former Police-Commissioner sat and looked out at the street in front of him.

"...this in turn caused 'then' Police-Commissioner James Gordon to stand down from his position, due to him using the former DA's apparent death to ensure that the one thousand criminals that made up the Mob, stayed behind bars. And with his resignation, the so called 'Dent-Act' was abolished and those same men were released back onto the streets of our City..." the News-broadcaster's voice continued, earning a solemn expression from Jim as he shook his head.

" as our viewers well know, that was a very uncertain time for us all, because we all thought that with the lack of a proper governing body, since Two-Face had killed not only the Mayor, but the majority of his staff and the GCPD now under the control of a new and 'inexperienced' Police-Commissioner, that things were going to once more get worse." Ryder then said before a thankful tone could be heard in his voice.

"But luckily that did not happen. I mean, of course the level of Crime rose up soon after the events of 'that Night'. But instead of getting worse like most expected, things in Gotham have improved."

This brought a thoughtful look to Gordon's face as he continued to listen, before noticing a person entering the alley and approaching his car.

"There are those that would say that this was because of the combined efforts of Commissioner Foley and Mayor Cobblepot, but this Reporter thinks that this is because of one Man...the Batman..." the broadcast continued, only to have the older-Man's full attention caught as the passenger door opened and a dark-skinned Woman with Raven-hair sat down beside him.

"So tell me, Renee, how is it looking? Because I haven't seen any activity at the front." the former-Cop asked with a tinge of annoyance to his voice, while turning off the radio.

"It's completely quiet out there, Jim. I don't like it."

"What's to like...?" Gordon began to say, before taking a file out of the glove-box and opening it to reveal a photo clipped together with some notes.

"...We were 'hired' to watch this Jake Percival by his wife, because she believes that he is running with the wrong people." he added while flipping through the notes, which brought a confused look to Renee's face.

"So why are we not just following him now?"

"Because when I tailed him yesterday, he came here. Plus I have..." the older Man replied, only for his Partner to cut him off as she noticed another piece of paper amongst the notes.

"Wait, what's that..?" she asked, taking the file from Jim and picking out the sheet.

"...I didn't see these particular notes in this file yesterday."

"As I was trying to say, I was given some extra information about this particular place." he said back, earning a knowing look from Renee.

"You mean from your 'friend'...the Batman."

This made Jim sigh as he looked away from her, returning his attention back to the building ahead of them.

"Look, Renee..."

"Jim, I know. You want to help him, since he is probably the only one that is really doing any good out here..." she began to reply, bringing his attention back to her.

"...but you do realise that if you keep this up. Foley will find out and arrest you for aiding and abetting a Vigilante." she added, which made her Colleague smirk back knowingly.

"I think Peter is already fully aware of that, but he also knows that I won't stop. So I guess the only way that he could arrest me, is only if Batman and I are seen together."

The Woman nodded back as a look of understanding appeared on her face.

"That makes sense, considering that I have worked wit you for over a year now and even I haven't seen the two of you in the same room."

"Well, you may have noticed..." Gordon began to say, as he smiled back confidently.

"...that Batman is very good at letting people see him, only when he wants them to." he continued, gaining a mirrored look from his Partner as she looked back out of the Car window at the building across the street.

"Okay, so We are working with Batman on this one and I guess that means that there will be some kind of signal for us, so we can move in?" she said as the pair kept their attention on their target, with the latter nodding back in return.

"That's the plan."

Meanwhile, inside the building, there was two groups of Men standing at opposite sides of a large room that was filled with numerous wooden boxes and crates. One group wore flashy black suits and masks that looked like charred-Skulls, while the others were dressed in Puff-jackets that had the silhouette of a Penguin on their backs. Two of them carried a metal suitcase each, while everyone else in both groups carried sub-machine guns.

"So after numerous scuffles and fights, your Boss wants to finally meet ours?" one of the latter group asked, earning a nod from the one of the former.

"That's right, Black Mask thinks it's about time that he and the Penguin finally had a 'face to face', so they can discuss about how to rule Gotham's streets."

"That's not going to happen unless your Boss shows his face to us, because the Penguin does appear before another's Lackeys..." another one of the Penguin's Men said, before looking them up and down.

" matter how well dressed they are."

This made the masked-men look amongst themselves, while a Caucasian Man in jeans and a t-shirt stood between the two groups.

"Come on, Guys, don't be like that..." he replied with an almost smug expression, earning both groups attention.

" asked me to get you a place to meet, one that had not already been hit by the Bat. And here we are, so don't waste it on arguing, because who knows when 'he' might..."

Suddenly as if on cue, all their torches and even the street lamps outside turned off, leaving the two groups in complete darkness.

"What the hell?" one of the Penguin's Goons exclaimed in response, while the lead-member of Black Mask's Men readied his weapon.

"It's 'him'!" he said, making the others of both gangs follow suit. The lead Penguin goon then turned to the two carrying their metal-suitcases.

"Get those NV-goggles on, now!" he spat, earning nods back as they opened them and equipped the devices, whose lenses glowed green as they started to look around the large room.

Outside of the building, both Gordon and René saw this as they remained in their parked vehicle, earning a confused look from the latter.

"Is that the signal?" she asked, making the older Man gesture to her gently.

"No, not yet, but get ready." the older Man replied as he put the file away and kept his attention ahead of them.

Back inside, the two groups were almost panicking as their NV-goggle wearing comrades searched the room.

"Everyone, get in a circle!" one of the others shouted, making both groups d exactly that and aim their weapons into the darkness that surrounded them.

"I don't see anything." one of the two searchers said as he backed up to the safety of the circle, earning a nod from the other.

"Me neither." he replied while doing the same, when suddenly all the interior lights activated, blinding everyone as the two guys wearing NV-goggles screamed in pain.

"Aarrrgh! I can't se..!" the one furthest from the group shouted, before he suddenly went quiet.

"Mikey!" the other guy called out as looked in his friend's direction after ripping off his NV goggles, with his vision slowly recovering as he saw what looked like a body lying on the floor.

"Man down!" he called out while rushing to Mikey's side, only for something large and black to appear in his path.

"Oh shi..." he then started to say, before he was silenced by an incoming fist just as the others began to open fire. Those very sounds were even heard outside, making Gordon get out of the car as he looked back at his Partner.

That's the signal, come on." he said knowingly, which earned a nod from the Woman as she followed him.

Back inside, both the Penguin's and Black Mask's Men were firing their weapons in all directions, shattering the windows and putting bullet holes in the walls as they shared the same wide-eyed look of fear at what they were facing.

"Where the hell did 'he' go?" one of them shouted as they stopped and stared at the rest of the vast empty room around them.

"The Bat was standing right there!" one shouted back as he pointed to the two unconscious men now lying at their feet, while the rest of them remained in a circle. But before anyone else could respond, two grapple hooks shot down from the shadows of the ceiling and grabbed the the right legs of both leaders of the groups, yanking them upside down and hanging them there.

"Get me dow..." the Penguin's lead-goon began to say as he hung there, only to be cut off as he then saw the Batman descend from the darkness of the scaffolding above. The man's eyes widened in terror as he watched the Dark Knight land between him and the Black Mask's lead-man, there in the center of the circle of armed-men, who all stood there and stared back in equal shock.

"What are you waiting for, shoot him!" the latter exclaimed with a fierce tone, snapping the others out of their shock. But that did not help as the vigilante quickly spun his cape around him, creating a sharp gust of air that disorientated them. He then disarmed the first man standing to his right, using the gun to club the guy on his left while back-kicking the previous one in the chest, sending him onto his ass. Two more then attempted to charge at their enemy, but Batman quickly kicked one of the two hanging leaders into them, making them fall onto their knees.

One masked-Man then managed to grapple the costumed Man from behind, giving another the chance to attack. The Dark Knight though, quickly kicked his legs into the air and hit the guy directly in the face, taking him out. While he fell to the ground and joined the others, Batman used his inertia to break the guy's grapple and send him up and over him, landing behind the mask-Man. The latter quickly tried to turn, but the Vigilante put him into a lock and then slammed him face down into the ground.

As the Dark Knight made short work of the two gangs, the guy who had helped them found himself staring in wide-eyed disbelief at what was happening before him.

"Screw this, I'm out of here!" Jake exclaimed as he saw the Costumed-Man continued to fight his way through the armed Men, before turning around and heading for the exit. Batman then turned around just into time to see him escaping out of the room, which made him smirk.

'He's all yours, Jim.' he thought before turning his attention to his right, while one of the others recovered and charged at him, though the Vigilante simply grabbed him and used the guy's inertia to throw him into another who has just recovered, knocking them both out and noting that there was no one left, except for those hanging from the rafters.

"Now that we are alone..." he said aloud, gaining their attention as they continued to swing back and forth ever so gently.

"...I have some questions about your Bosses..." he continued while turning to face them, which brought horrified expressions to their faces as they looked at him.

"...and you are going to answer me." he finished while closing the distance between them, making both Men nod back fearfully.

Meanwhile, outside of the building. The door burst open and the Caucasian Guy ran out, directly into the path of Gordon and Rene.

"Freeze, Jake!" the former commanded as he and his Partner aimed their pistols at the fleeing Man, who tripped and fell over into the nearby Trash-Cans, causing a racket as they fell over like bowling-Pins.

"God damn it..." Jim replied as he rolled his eyes, before looking over at his equally surprised friend.

"...Rene, help me get him out of that."

The two then helped the guy up out of the trash, only to surprise him by placing his hands in hand-cuffs.

"What the hell? You're not Police, you can't arrest me, Gordon!" Jake spat back, earning a knowing smile back in return.

"Oh but we can, because your 'Wife' hired us to find out what you have been doing." he said back, making the Criminal's eyes widen in shock.

"And since we found you at a 'Crime-scene', we have to turn you over to the Police." Rene added in a similar tone, which made the older Man's smile widen.

"Rene, take Jake here to the Car, while I call his Wife and let her know to join us at the local Precinct..." he replied, earning a nod from the Woman. But before she could start to escort Jake away, the door burst open again as both leaders of the Penguin and Black Mask gangs ran out in total panic, only to spilt up and run away in opposite directions.

"Uh...Jim?" his Partner asked with a bemused look, which just made Gordon shake his head knowingly.

"Not our problem, Rene, carry on."

The Woman then reluctantly nodded back, before taking their prisoner back to their car, leaving the former Police Commissioner alone.

"Busy night?" he then asked aloud into the dimly lit alley next to the building, before Batman then appeared out of the shadows on the fire-escape over head.

"You could say that, Jim."

"Do you need me to call the PD to come get the guys in there?" the older Man asked, making the Dark Knight shake his head as he looked down at him.

"That won't be necessary, I have my ways of anonymously contacting the Police. Plus, the less they see us working together, the better. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Yeah, I guess..." Jim began to reply reluctantly, before glancing in the direction that the Penguin's Man had run into.

"And what about the two strays?" he then added, gaining a slight smirk back from the Vigilante.

"I will deal with them, once they have lead me back to their hideouts." he answered, earning a nod back from his friend as he sighed.

"I see, you're tracking them back to the Penguin and Black Mask, the last of the Mob Bosses in Gotham."

Batman simply stared back stoically in return, not answering Gordon, who then shrugged and took out his phone from his inside coat-pocket.

"Well, I should call Jake's Wife..." he began to say, only to be cut off by the Dark Knight.

"Good Night, Jim, watch yourself." he said, making the older Man return his attention back to the other's location.

"You too, Bat..." he began to reply, before noticing that the fire-escape was now empty.

"" he continued, while a slight smile appeared on his face as he returned his attention to his phone and made the call.

"Hello, Mrs Percival, It's Jim Gordon. Could you meet me and my Partner at your local Police Precinct, please..." he started to say, while walking slowly back to his waiting car.
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