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Chapter 2

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While Bruce shows off Wayne Enterprise's venture alongside Lamont Industries, meeting a very interesting Woman in return. Meanwhile Gordon visits some old associates when at a Police Precinct.

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At old Gotham's local Police Precinct, Jim Gordon stood at the front desk with Jake Percival, while one of it's Police Officers dealt with the paper work.

"Thanks for the help on this one, Jim. Our guys just found the rest of the two gangs that you reported to us..." the young uniformed-man started to say, before giving the older Man a questioning look.

"...but how did you know about that building?"

"This loser's wife hired Renee and I to investigate him, because she thought he was running off to cheat on her..." Jim began to reply, only for Jake to quickly answer back.

"I would never do that, I love Betty." he spat back defensively, before another voice called out from the direction of the Precinct's entrance.

"Jake!" called out a tattooed Woman in a fake Leopard skinned dress, who stormed right up to the restrained man.

"Betty, I..." he started to reply with a relieved voice, only to be stopped as she slapped his face, gaining the attention of everyone in the room.

"You son of a bitch!" she spat back angrily, making the Cop at the front desk gesture to one of his Colleagues, who then quickly intervened.

"Sorry, Miss, we can't allow that." the other Officer replied as he grabbed Jake and pulled him away from her, while Gordon watched with a bemused expression.

"Jenkins, take Percival to the cells." the Receptionist ordered, earning a nod from the latter as he then carted Jake away.

"But...Baby, I did it for you!" was all the latter would shout back as he was taken out of sight, gaining an angry look from Betty as she turned her attention to the Cop at the front-desk.

"Make sure you throw the book at him." she said in a definite and clear tone, only then to look back at Jim and sigh.

"Mr. Gordon, thank you for your help with Jake, I am very grateful for it." she then said in a calmer tone, making the older-man nod back.

"Just doing my job, Mrs. Percival." he replied as she took a brown envelope and handed it over to him, before smiling at him knowingly.

"Here is the payment you asked for and please, call me Betty." she said with a tinge of playfulness to her voice, which made Jim's cheeks redden slightly in embarrassment.

"Thank you...Betty." he replied with a cough, as she turned to face the door and then looked back at him over her shoulder.

"See you around." she then said, before leaving the Police station. It was then quiet for a moment as the Receptionist and Gordon just looked at the door in bemusement.

"Why didn't you make a move, Jim..?" a familiar voice then said, making the latter turn around to see Harvey Bullock standing behind him.

"'s not like you're tied down or anything."

This made the older-man sigh, before he and his former colleague shook hands.

"Let's just say that she wasn't my type and leave it at that, Harvey." he replied, earning a nod and a smirk back from the podgy-man in return.

"Fair enough, but I am just looking out for you, Pal..." Bullock began to say, before gesturing for Gordon to follow."

"...anyway, join me in the Cafeteria for a Coffee?"

"Why not. I already gave Montoya the rest of the night off, before delivering Percival here anyway." Jim replied as he and the other guy left the Reception and headed further into the Police Station.

A few moments later and the pair were seated at a table in said room, with each drinking a hot cup of Coffee.

"You know, it never ceases to amaze me that Foley still doesn't know about this." Gordon said with a tinge of disbelief to his voice as he looked around at the other Police Officers seated a tables like their's, making Bullock smile as he put down his hot drink.

"Well, I guess that we just think that our 'dear' Commissioner doesn't need to know. Plus there is also the fact that most of the guys on the force still look up to you, Jim, even the newbies."

"From what I have read in the Papers and seen on the News, Peter hasn't exactly been doing the job to the best of his ability." the older-man replied with worried tone, which brought a matter-of-fact expression to his friend's face.

"I think you're giving Foley too much credit, Jim,". When to many of us, he was never good enough for the job in the first place."

This made Gordon's eyes widen a little in shock at what he had just heard, before quickly taking a sip of his drink.

"I know you have a lot of problems with the Commissioner, Harvey, but he is still the Commissioner at the end of the day and that position warrants respect." he said back with shame tied into his words, but the podgy man simply shook his head in return.

"Sorry, Jim, but I don't buy that for a second. Because if I am totally honest with you..." he started to say back, only for Gordon to cut him off.

"What? And you haven't been 'honest enough' so far?" he said back with a slightly sarcastic, but still surprised tone as the Cop simply continued unfazed.

"...Jim, 5 years ago, you should have stayed and fought to keep your job. I know that no one in the GCPD would have stood against you...other than Foley of course."

"Bullock's right, Jim." another familiar voice suddenly spoke from the Private Detective's right, making him look there to see Crispus Allen standing there.

"Cris Allen? How long were you standing there?" he asked, making the Cop smirk back as he sat down beside them.

"Long enough to hear most of what the Bullock said, which I whole-heartedly agree with." Allen replied, making Gordon's face look both shocked and confused at the same time. But before he could reply, the new arrival continued.

"I know what you're going to say, Jim. But you haven't been here and witnessed the number of bizarre and frankly idiotic decisions that Foley has made while in charge..."

"Jim, ask the Lt. how many criminals we have had to let go in mid-pursuit, just because the Batman appeared and Foley wanted him arrested instead." Harvey then asked, making Gordon look over to Allen, who just stared back knowingly.

"I'll save you trouble, Jim. So let's just say...a lot."

The former Commissioner's eyes widened a little in return, as he could not hide his shock once more at what he was hearing.

"You're both serious about that?" he asked, still not quite buying it. But both friends just sighed and nodded back.

"It's true, Jim. Whether we are chasing down a Mugger or a fender bender, as soon as the Bat appears, we have to make him the priority." Bullock replied, making his former Colleague adjust his glasses with a disappointed sigh.

"I know all to well

"Looks like the Commissioner has summoned me..." he started to explain, noticing the curious look that Gordon was giving him.

"...he wants me to meet him at an event that is being held in the City Plaza."

"Oh, yeah. Isn't there some big Wayne/Lamont announcement being made?" Bullock then asked, making Allen shrug his shoulders.

"No idea, but I should go. Gentlemen." he replied before leaving the former Colleagues, who remained at their table.

"I should be going too." Gordon added as he finished his drink, making his chubby friend get up in return.

"Okay, Jim, then how about I walk you out then." he replied as the older Man nodded and stood up, before both men then left the Cafeteria.


Meanwhile, there were scores of people at the City Plaza, where what looked like a festival was taking place. There were many stalls and amusements available to keep the visitors entertained, but at the main stage stood Sebastian Lamont and Lucius Fox, with the former looking rather anxious.

"Bruce should be here by now, what could be taking him?" the younger Man asked, earning a calm and collected expression from the Wayne Ent. Chairman.

"I am sure Mr. Wayne will be here momentarily, Sebastian. Perhaps he is stuck in traffic?"

This made Lamont stare back at him with a disbelieving look on his face.

"Really? The guy is a billionaire, so traffic should not even be a blip on his radar anymore. All I know is that this announcement requires both CEOs of Wayne Enterprises and Lamont Industries..." he began to reply, before the older-man then saw Bruce walk into view with Alfred following behind him.

"Ah, here he is." Fox spoke, cutting Sebastian off as the Wayne approached them.

"Well, it's about time..." the younger of the two men said with pained relief, gaining an apologetic look from Bruce.

"Sorry I am late, Seb. I was tied up in some evening..." he began to explain, only to stop as if nothing came to mind.

"...Negotiations, Sir." Alfred then stepped in, earning a appreciative nod back from the Billionaire in return.

"Yes, exactly that. Thanks, Alfred."

This earned a knowing eye roll from Sebastian, before he gestured for his friend to follow.

"Whatever, you can tell me all about it after we have done our piece on stage, let's go." he replied, with the new arrival following him onto the stage as Fox and Alfred watched.

"Negotiations? Is this the Penguin and Black Mask again?" the former then asked, earning a nod from thr Butler.

"Naturally, Lucius. Batman was in the middle of re-calibrating the frequencies of the two Bat-Tracers he had used to bug two Thugs from either gang, before I had to remind him of this engagement."

This gained a confused expression from the Chairman, who took out his phone from his coat pocket.

"Why would he need to re-calibrate the tracers, since they always give off a very strong signal that is easily tracked via the 'Bat-Satellite' in orbit?"

"I do not pretend to understand everything that Master Wayne told me earlier, but there was something about a blackout zone that made the tracers signals disappear." Pennyworth replied, making the other man's expression become more concerned as he shook his head in return.

"No, that's impossible. There isn't any tech that is on level with what we have been supplying the Batman, it just isn't possible. But let me take a look at the last scans you have, since Bruce will be busy for the next few minutes." Fox said back, earning a nod from Alfred as they then walked further backstage.

Meanwhile, everyone's attention was caught as a Speaker called out from a podium on the main stage.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please..." he began to say as the audience, made up of various kinds of people, from Socialites, Journalists, City Officials and the general public, turned their attention to him.

"Now as you are fully aware, five years ago, Wayne Enterprises began an ambitious Initiative to rebuild and renovate the area of our fine City known as 'Old Gotham'. It wasn't a risk-free move to make, but it has paid off dividends, with hundreds of new jobs and opportunities created, as well stabilising an area that was once over run with Crime. And the situation there continues to improve, despite the fact that the Initiative has not yet been completed..." he continued, while the Audience watched intently.

"And with Wayne Enterprises leading by example, others have joined our Lamont Industries. And to speak more about this, I give you the CEOs of both Companies...Bruce Wayne and Sebastian Lamont!"

The was a thunderous round of applause as both Men walked onto the stage, stopping at the podium as the speaker stepped aside.

"Thank you, Gotham, you are too kind..." he started to say with an appreciative and charismatic smile.

"...but we not here today for the two of us..." the Billionaire continued to say as he gestured at both Seb and himself.

"...but for all of you. Because the Initiative that has breathed new life into Gotham City was only the beginning, a stepping stone into something greater and as most of you are fully aware..." the young Wayne added, before gesturing to his friend.

"...Sebastian Lamont pledged his company's support and resources to my endeavour. And together, our companies have sped up the time-line of how the Initiative was going to be worked and completed, bringing new ideas to the table on how to improve the City and it's infrastructure." He then finished, before stepping aside and letting Seb take the stand.

"Over the last few years, we have updated the City's Water supply-Network and Power-Grid, with both systems needing a much needed upgrade..." the other Man began to explain, before gesturing to the massive black curtain that was hanging behind the stage, covering up something that was the size of a building as spot lights were shone up at it from all directions.

"...and even though there are still a number of ideas and avenues that we are in the process of in researching, here tonight we can reveal one that will be make the lives of all Gothamites that much easier."

"And now we can reveal..." Seb then added as the curtain then fell, revealing a brand-new Mono-rail station.

"...Gotham's new, Public Transport System. He carries on, before Bruce then stepped in.

"As many of you know, the previous system was created when my Parents were still alive and had been severally neglected during it's operation, before finally being shut down seven years ago, after the Terrorist attack..." he added, while a screen just behind them activated and began showing information slides to the audience.

"...but now, this new transit system is faster and even more safer due to the state of the art H&S and Security features that have been introduced during it's creation, meaning that everyone in Gotham can go about the city without fear of something, like that day seven years ago, from happening again." The Wayne Enterprise's Owner finished as he clicked his fingers, making a Mono-Rail car activate and leave the station as it moved away over it's rail-line overhead, bringing loud and enthusiastic applause from the audience.

"Thank you, now why don't we open the floor to some questions." the Wayne then said, which made many in the crowd hold up a hand in return.

Twenty minutes after the presentation and both Bruce and Seb were now mingling with Gotham's elite and powerful, from City Officials to Business Leaders.

"Well, Bruce, that was another success to add to the Initiative." the latter said with a relieved expression, earning a knowing nod back from the former.

"Yeah, but we still have a long way to go before the Initiative is finished." making his friend put a hand on his shoulder, while he smiled back.

"But in the end, Gotham will be all the better for it. It will once more stand tall alongside such cities like Keystone City and Metropolis."

"Well said." a female voice then replied, making both men turn to see a young Caucasian Woman with dark chocolate long hair, wearing a sleek black dress that hung from her athletic-looking body. She was standing with Alfred, who despite the visible beauty by his side, still remained as professional and impeccable as ever.

"Master Wayne, may I introduce...Miss. Miranda Tate, who wanted to meet you." he said, while she stepped toward the Billionaire and offered him her hand.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Wayne." she then said, while Bruce shook her hand in return.

"Please, call me Bruce. And I am sure we have seen each other before."

"That is true, though it was at the weekly Wayne Enterprise Board-meetings. We have never really had the opportunity to actually speak to one another, which I think was a shame..." Miranda began to reply, while a slight smile appeared on her face.

"...because I think we could do great things together."

"Miss Tate was telling me of the many charitable projects that she has spearheaded around the world." Alfred then spoke, earning a nod from Seb after he took a sip of his drink.

"I too, have heard of those as well, Miss Tate..." he said, gaining the Woman's attention.

"...I am Sebastian Lamont. My friends call me 'Seb'." he added with a tinge of suaveness to his voice.

"Nice to meet you." she replied, before quickly returning her focus to Bruce.

"I was thinking that we could have a business lunch together, where we can discuss some ideas I have that I believe can help your Initiative, Bruce." she carried on, making the Wayne smile and nod back.

"That sounds great, Miranda. How about tomorrow, since I believe that I have a free space in my schedule?" he replied, before looking over at his Butler with a hopeful expression.

"Of course, Sir, that will not be a problem." he replied with a smile, before noticing Seb roll his eyes and finish his drink, before Lucius suddenly appeared and joined the group, looking rather concerned.

"Lucius, have you and Miranda Tate met?" Bruce then asked, earning a quick smile from the Chairman in return as he looked between her and him.

"Yes, of course. It is lovely to see you again, my dear." he replied, earning an appreciative nod back in return.

"However I am afraid that those potential 'business partners' you were hoping to meet, but were unable to speak to..." he started to say to the younger man, a slight crypticness underlining his words.

"...are now available for a meeting." he continued, making the billionaire's eyes widen a little as he realised what his friend was on about.

"Oh, I see..." he began to reply, before looking back at Seb and Miranda with a disappointed expression.

"...sorry, but this is something that I 'have' to take care of, unfortunately."

"No worries, Bruce." his friend replied, while the Woman mirrored his reaction.

"Of course, I completely understand. Besides, I will see you again tomorrow." The lady replied, making the Billionaire smile once more.

"Yes, we will. Please allow my Butler to make the necessary arrangements." he replied while gesturing to Alfred, who took out a small notebook and pen from the inside pocket of his suit.

"Yes, Master Wayne, I can do that."

"Now, Mr Fox and I really must be going. I will see you later." Bruce then said, while the Wayne Enterprises Chairman smiled at the others.

"It was a pleasure to see you." he added, before he and his younger Boss left the area.

"Well, Miss Tate, where and when would you like to meet with Master Wayne tomorrow? Because I have three open slots in his schedule tomorrow, with one at 12pm, 3pm and 5pm." he asked, gaining an appreciative smile back from the young lady.

"3 pm sounds good, Alfred, and I was thinking that the Criterion Restaurant would be a good place for the lunch." she said back.

"Alright then, Miss Tate. You are in Master Wayne's schedule for tomorrow." the older-man replied, earning a nod back from Miranda.

"Thank you, Alfred..." she started to say, before being cut off as The sound of a phone ringing eminated from the black leather purse she was carrying.

"...oh, forgive me..." the Woman added with a regretful tone, while she picked up he phone and looked at it's screen.

"It's no trouble, Ma'am." Alfred replied politely, while Miranda's eyes widened alittle as she saw the name on the screen.

"...but I must take this. It was nice to meet you, Mr. Lamont..." she carried on as she looked at Sebastian, before returning her attention to the Butler as she turned to leave.

"..., Good Night, Alfred."

"Good Night, Miss Tate." the older-man replied as she walked away, before noticing the disappointed expression on Lamont's face.

"Is there something wrong, Sir?"

"Oh, it's nothing, Alfred. Just that, things never really change." the younger Man answered back with a sigh. This brought a puzzled look to Pennyworth's face.

"I am afraid that I do not follow?"

"Back in College, Bruce would get all the attention from the ladies, leaving me in wind." Seb replied with a regretful tone, which made Alfred look around them in return.

"Well, Sir. Master Wayne is not here now." he replied, earning a look of realisation from Lamont as he glanced around him.

"You're right, he isn't..." he began to say, before noticing a Blonde Woman in a green dress eyeing him from just aways.

"...if you'll excuse me, Alfred..." he added with a now confident expression, only for the Butler to cut him off with a smile.

"Of course, Sir...good luck."

This brought the younger-man's attention back to Pennyworth, as he stared back with a surprised look on his face.

"...Not that you will need it." Alfred quickly and smoothly continued, making Lamont smirk back as he then walked over to the lady, leaving the Wayne's Butler on his own.

"I don't know..." he began to say to himself, before then heading out of the party himself.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Fox were now sitting in the latter's car as it drover away from the event, with the younger-man looking at a smartphone as his Chairman focused on his driving.

"So you managed to clear up whatever was disrupting the tracer's signal?" Wayne asked, making Lucius shake his head in return.

"No, Mr. Wayne, what you're looking at now is one of your tracers signalling from a whole different location..." he began to explain, while the Billionaire returned hos attention to the tablet's screen.

"...but wherever the disruption occured, it was because there is a dead-zone covering an area of several blocks, which..." the Chairman continued, only to have Bruce cut him off.

"Is too big of an area to search on foot."

"Exactly, but as far as I know, there is no device capable of producing the kind of dead-zone that can interfere with our tracers." Fox replied, earning a knowing nod from the other guy.

"I know, they are state of the art."

"Either way, I will be looking into this, Bruce. In the meantime..." the older man started to say, before his younger friend spoke up again.

"In the meantime, I will be seeing what's going on at the Gotham Depot." he said while gesturing at the tablet, which showed that the tracer was pulsing from a particular spot on a map of the city. This brought a smirk to Lucius's face as he glanced at the screen, before returning his attention to the road ahead.

"I knew you would, that's why I am driving you to your Penthouse, since you do have a Bat-Bunker beneath it's building..." he began to reply, before a questioning look appeared on his face.

"...but the 'Batmobile' is back at the Bat-Cave, correct?"

This made the Billionaire smile as he looked back at his friend.

"That's right, but then again, you did build more than one."

"How very true, Mr Wayne." Lucius replied with a mirrored look, as their car neared it's destination.

Elsewhere, Jim Gordon had arrived at home and in the five years since his ex-wife and kids left, the place felt like it had become very solitary indeed. As he stood at the front door, the former Police Commissioner remembered one of the many times that he had played with both Jimmy and Barbara there at porch when they were little, which brought a slight smile to his face.

'God, I miss you guys.' he thought as the memory faded, bringing his attention back to the locked door as he took he house-key from his right-trouser pocket.

'That can't be right...' he suddenly thought as he tried to unlock the door, with a puzzled look appearing on his face.

''s unlocked!' he added as his Cop-instincts took over, equipping his Buretta while slowly opening the door and entering the residence.

Almost immediately, the older-man noticed light coming from the kitchen area which was illuminating the living-room, so he continued to slowly walk towards the lit area, hearing the sounds of someone cooking.

'What the?' the Private Detective thought as he got to the doorway leading to the kitchen, which made him take a deep breath as he tightened his grip around his weapon.

"Daddy?" a very familiar voice then spoke from behind him, making Gordon almost jump as he spun around, stopping short of aiming his weapon when he saw a 13 year old red-headed girl standing there.

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