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Chapter 1

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Sly is getting ready for another heist.

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"Sly! Are you there? Are you okay?" Bentley's shrill voice crackled through my earpiece. "Ya, ya. Just keeping it down. The guards...wouldn't want them to bludgeon my head in!" I said into the tiny microphone clipped to my shirt. This was going to be a difficult heist to pull off, but I could do it. I was a master thief now, after all. I reached into the little pouch tied to my leg and pulled out my binocucom. Bentley realized his cue and began my mission briefing. "Okay, Sly. This is going to be a tricky one," I rolled my eyes, "first you need to break into the guard compound and steal 3 keys."

"Come on, Bentley. I've done this kind of thing a thousand times!"

"Not like this, Sly. There are fifteen guards in that compound. According to the cameras I installed, none of them are sleeping. All of them are patrolling. See the door?" I moved my binocucom to center on the door. "It's on lock-down."

"Well, send Murray in to break it down!" I wondered why Bentley hadn't thought of that. "No can do, Sly. First of all, the compound we're looking at is a small building. Any noise will be heard by the guards. Second, that door is titanium. Suprisingly. I wouldn't have thought they could afford -"

"Bentley!" I interuppted him. "Back to the task at hand!"

"Oh. Sorry," he said in his nasally voice. He then continued on to tell me that the guards work like a team. If one finds me, they'll all attack me. I smiled and shook my head. Bentley never has enough faith in my ability. "Okay, Sly? You ready?" I realized that I hadn't heard any of the last part of Bentley's briefing. "No, sorry. What is it I have to do?" Bentley seemed frustrated when he replied. "You have to go to the bank, and steal one of the keys they have locked in a vault. That key will open the door to the compound. Got it?"

I snaked my way down the pipe, and quietly jumped to the ground, hardly making a sound, which was good, condering there was a guard standing right in front of where I was. I tiptoed to the other side of the house I had been on only seconds ago, then broke out into a fullspeed run. No need to waste any time. I arrive at the bank without one guard noticing my presence, and quietly snuck in through an air vent. There weren't many people in the lavishly decorated bank, just a few janitors here and there. I snuck in behind one of them, and used my stealth move to eliminate him from the game plan. I then snuck through the hallway. Bentley's voice again transmitted it's way through my earpiece. "Okay, Sly. The vaults are in the basement. You're looking for the vault that has an old fashioned dial lock. The stairs to the basement are marked in your binocucom." His voice faded away as I continued to skulk down the hallway. I pulled out my binocucom to see the location of the stairs. They were to my left. I proceeded forward until I reached another hallway, going left. I followed that one. This is a very large bank, I thought. After following the hallway a little ways, I found a staircase, and made my way down it.

In the basement, there were ten vaults. Ten/ very big vaults. Five on the right wall, five on the left. I followed the vaults, looking for one with a dial lock. I didn't see one, they were all number pads. "Bentley," I said into my microphone, "these are all new vaults! Not a single dial lock." There was a silence on the other end, before I heard Bentley's reply. "Hmm. Hold on, let me check...Ah! No wonder! The vault you're looking for is /inside a vault. Hmm...vault number eight!" His voice crackled out, and I slinked over to the second last one on the right side. Nope. This one's number three. So that must mean the one I'm looking for is directly across from this one. I went over to the other one and it was indeed number eight. " am I supposed to get in?"

"The one good thing, for thieves, that is, about these new vaults is that there's a door. Not the big door. A side door, for quick deposits. It's locked too, but I'm sending Murray in to break it open for you."

After waiting for what seemed like forever but couldn't have been more thaan fifteen minutes, I heard Murray running towards me. He stopped and said, "Hey, Sly! Where's this door I'm supposed to open?" I pointed to it, just a little doggy-door, except that it had a big padlock on it. Murray nodded, and after a slight warm-up, punched it, putting his entire body weight behind each punch. After a good five punches, the door gave way. "Thanks, Murray." He smiled a goofy smile, and went bumbling out of the basement. I crawled in through the little door, and entered the vault. The inside was big enough to be a room, but it contained little. A few coins and crates, some jewellry, all very well organized, with name tags. At the very back of the room sat a vault. I assumed that's what I must be looking for. Bentley again spoke to me. "Sly, to open that, you'll need to find some dynamite. Go throught what's in this room. Look for a box that has the label," he paused, "A. Galoz. P. Newshore." I looked at all the boxes. I found the said box at the bottom of a stack of boxes in the far left corner of the room. I opened it and found twenty sticks od dynamite. "I wonder who A. Galoz and P. Newshore are! This box is filled with dynamite! I wonder why they would lock it up in a vault..."

"I may know why, Sly," Bentley said. "Do the sticks of dynamite say anything?"

I picked one up. "Ya, they do. In gold writing. It says V-120 Dyna Shock. Does this mean anything?"

"Mmhmm...just as I thought, that would explain locking them up. V-120 Dyna Shock dynamite is illegal...and very expensive. Only a handful of people here in the U.S own them. They are made in Mexico, they have the biggest explosion you'll ever see in an explosive!"

"Well, let's see them prove their worth!" I said as I lit on using a handy lighter from my leg pouch. The twenty second fuse was running out quickly. I left it by the little vault and ran for the little door. I barely escaped before I heard the explosion, slightly muffled. I re-entered the big vault. The dynamite had proven it's worth after all. The little vault's door was hanging on only by a hinge, the whole front of the vault was blackened. The explosion had exploded a few nearby crates. I grabbed the key that was lying inside the vault and quickly left the scene of my crime.

I was just running out of the building when I saw the approach of the police cars. I smiled inwardly. What they don't realize is that this is just a lead-up to what will happen to them, I thought. I made my escape just as Inspector Carmelita Fox was exiting her car. I heard her telling her oficers, "It's that raccoon. I know it is." I had to smile to myself again, even as I slipped into the shadows. She always seemed to find me, no matter where I was.
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