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Chapter 2

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Sly's taking some recon photos when he hears shocking news.

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We were seated inside the safe house, Bentley on his laptop, Murray eating (yet again), and me sitting, thinking about Carmelita (don't tell the guys that, though). Suddenly, Bentley exclaimed "YES!!!!!" I jumped and Murray looked confused. "Uh, you plan on telling us what the big deal is?" I asked, sitting up straight and folding my arms on the table in front of me. He turned away from his computer towards Murray and I. "Guys, I did it. I managed to purchase a one-time use item that will be handy for this mission. I have bought...a timed sleeping bomb. Sly, you're going to need this to break into the compound." I raised my eyebrow at him, but Murray voiced my question for me. "Uh...Bentley. That doesn't sound too exciting. Sounds like anything we could've bought," Murray said, shoving another handful of chips into his mouth. "Au contraire, my pink friend. This sleep bomb is possibly the rarest bomb you can get. The company that manufactured it only made fifty before condemning the bomb as "unsafe" and halting production! We should be getting it in a week's time. Until then, we have nothing to do. Sly, maybe you could go take some recon photos of the guard compound."

"Okay, Bentley. I'm here, but I see no way in."
"This is the tricky part sly. There's a small hatch in the roof, but to get up there you must first climb to the top of that tower," I moved my binocucom towards the right and saw the huge thing looming up, "and take out the guards posted there. Then you must paraglide down to the roof of the compound."
" that supposed to be tricky?" I asked. "Yes Sly. You have to take out all the guards on the tower with your stealth move. They're all positioned closely together, and at their first glimpse of you, they'll sent off the alarm and our plan will turn to dust. So, you take one out and hide, and keep doing this, until you've neatly removed them all," he stated. I nodded and started towards the tower.

It was a surprisingly long walk to the tower, with many guards patrolling the route. I stopped to pickpocket a few before continuing on my way. I also had to fight a few. I managed to get away with only minor cuts and bruises. I arrived at the tower and proceeded to walk around, looking for a pipe or ladder to climb up. I promptly located a ladder and clambered up. It only went a quater of the way up the tower, but I saw the blue aura on a small lip protruding from the tower, signifying that I could use a master theif move. I chose to use one that I had recently uncovered from the Theivius Raccoonus, and grabbed hold of the ledge with my hands, swinging my cane over my back. I slowly scooted my way along the lip, right hand forward, followed by my left hand, my feet planted against the side of the tower. I went halfway around before I saw a pipe a few feet above me. I double jumped and went to swing onto it with my cane, but missed and fell to the ground. I hurried back to the ladder and did the whole thing over again. This time I caught the pipe and clambered up. This pipe only went up another quater of the way, and I saw a decorative hook, jumped and hooked onto that, and proceeded to use the many things on this tower to make my way up to the top. I finally arrived and saw that there were four guard posted there, one facing each direction. This is going to be trickier than I thought! I continued up the pipe I was currently on, which was attached to the underside of the roof. See, the tower was a square thing, pointing striaght into the sky, with the odd decorative hooks here or there. Right near the top of the tower was a little section that had no walls, only pillars supporting the peak of the tower. One pillar on each corner. One guard looking in each direction, North, South, East, West. The pipe I was on ran up one of the pillars and on the underside of the roof, as aforementioned. I climbed the pipe until my back was to the floor and let go. I landed softly on my feet and took out the first guard. Then i jumped off the buliding as the other gurdas scrambled about looking for what had happened. I climbed up again and repeated my previous actions taking out the second guard, then the third, finally the last. I stood on the tower and I could see the police cars on the road. Carmelita and her men had decided to stay, searching for me. I paraglided over to the compound and landed softly on the shingled roof.

Sure enough, there was a small hatch in the roof. I peered in. "There is no way I'm fitting through that, Bentley." I shook my head as he insited that I must. "Sly, you have to. It's either that or be unprepared for the heist! You'll find it easier than it looks." Bentley was right, he was always right, it seemed. It took a bit of effort but I did manage to fit through. Luckily, the hatch opened into sleeping chambers, which were left unpatrolled. I made my way around the room, and found a vent. I assumed that I was meant to crawl through, so I did. After a bit of crawling in the dusty vents, I came across an opening. "Okay Sly," Bentley's voice crackled, seeming supremely loud in this quiet. "You need to take a picture of the door, the guards and the cameras." I proceeded to do so, trying to get the best shots possible. It was then that Carmelita entered the room. "Okay men, we have some information about the whereabouts of the Cooper gang," she began. "It seems that they are definetly located in the city. We found some footprints at the scene of the last crime, at the bank. which confirmed our suspicions. We have someone watching the house where we believe they are residing."
"Uh oh, Sly. This is bad news. Take a picture of Carmelita and head back to the safe house. Oh...and, uh...use the back way." Bentley's voice faded as a scurried out of the vents and dashed back to the safe house, entering the back way, as Bentley had advised.
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