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Chapter 01.

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First day of the second year of College. What possiblitys can happen. Lots!

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"Hey guys. Welcome to interviews at aol." The interviewer Tye said.

"Hello." Cloe said.

Gerard and Cloe took a seat.

"So you 2 have been together for how many years?" Tye asked.

"Does this include dating?" Gerard asked.

"I suppose." He nodded.

"13 years in dating. 5 years marrage." Gerard answered.

"Oh. Okay. Now lets start with when you 2 met. How?"

"How much time do we have?" Cloe asked.

"Lots. If we run out of time we can continue the interview."

"Well," Gerard started. "The first day of the second year of college. Cloe was new and........."

"Hello class! Welcome to the first day of school! YIPPIE!!!" The teacher said.

There was silence. Cough

She cleared her throat. "Anyways. We have 3 new students. All the way from North Carolina we have Becky....umm....Becky Schnowkingdur. Say hi Becky!"

"HI!!! I love your outfit teacher who I still don't know the name of!!!"

"Oh isn't she just wonderful! Our next student comes from California! His name is Dexter Blue. Take a seat there Dexy."

"Don't call me Dexy."

"Great! And last but not least Cloe Armstrong.(Thats her new maiden name okay!) She comes from New York which is where this school is loacted! Say hello!"


"Take a seat next to the kid with the afro."

"IT'S RAY!" He yelled.

"Ray." The teacher smiled. "Ummm. My name is Mrs.Poofing. I am your math teacher. Yeah this may be a specialiszed school for kids with an artistic talent but you have to take the main courses too! And I am NOT talking about food! Anyway, lets move on."

Cloe took her seat. Wasn't long untill the boy in front of her turned to say those hateful words. "Hey, you wanna ditch this class and do somethin' with me hot stuff?"

She heard laughter. "No, so go suck it."

"Blondie got atitute."

"May I ask why you got excepted into this school?" She asked.

"Umm...ha, ha." Cloe snatched his drawing book and saw a bunch of pictures of girl clothes.

"Oh, you want to design stuff for woman. Thats a great hobbie."

"Oh yeah? What are you in for...drawing ponies?"

"No, I can play the piano and draw anime stuff. So leave me the hell alone."

The boy finally gave up and turned around.

"I thought so." She murmered.

"Class dismissed!" The teacher said. "Jeff can I talk to you?"

Jeff must've been the boy in front of him.

Cloe walked out. She was stopped by 2 girls. "Nice outfit."

"No need to be sarcastic." Cloe said.

"No I'm serious. I love Blink 182."

"I saw what Jeff did to you. He's a total ass-hole."

"He was an ass but I can't judge people that quickly."

"Come on. Let us show you around." I'm Melody by the way and this is my friend Jazz." Melody said.

"I'm Cloe in case you didn't hear."

"Melody! Jazz wait up!"

2 boys ran up to them.

"Hello." Melody said. "Ray, Gerard this is the new kid, Cloe. Cloe meet Ray and Gerard."

"Your that girl I sit next to in math." Ray said.

"I sit behind you." Gerard said.

"Krissy talked to me today!" Ray said.

"Really!!!" Melody said.

"Yeah! I saw she said Hello!" Gerard shouted.

"Seriously Ray I don't know what you see in her."

"She's hot! I can't even decribe her hotness!!!"


"Next class is lunch." Jazz said. "We'd better go before any of the newbies take our spot."

"Yeah. Come on." Everyone ran off. Cloe followed.
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