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Chapter 02.

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I'm really bored so heres chapter 2. I worked rather hard on this one too.

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Let me decribe-
Cloe-Sandy blonde hair in loose pony tail, greenish blueish eyes, a "The Offspring" t-shirt, ripped jeans and converse.

Melody-Brown hair, green eyes, a black shirt with red lace shirt, black and red camo pants and checkered shoes.

Jazz-Purple hair, blue eyes, black glasses, a "Blur" t-shirt and purple jeans with black leather high heel boots.

If you don't know what Gerard and Ray look like go shoot yourself. :D
Everyone sat down at a table with their lunch trays.

"What class do you have next?" Jazz asked.

"I have...thank god! Art!" Melody said.

"It says here that I have science." Cloe said.

"Ditto." Gerard said.

Ray was silent looking at his paper.

"well?" Melody asked.

"I can't tell you." He said.

"Cut the crap! Lemmie see!" Gerard said reaching for Ray's paper.

"Come on!" Ray said. "Stop!"

Gerard grabbed it. "Ray class next! Ha, ha, ha, ha!"

Everyone laughed. "And I'm guessing he has Mr.Pervert next!" Melody said.


Cloe was the only silent one. "So whats your dorm number?" Jazz asked.

"Room, 122." Cloe said.

"We're roomies, Me, you an Jazz!" Melody said.

"I have to room with the science nerds." Ray said.

"Am I a science nerd?" Gerard asked Ray.

"Oh, ha, ha! No! I would never ever call my best friend a science nerd!"

"Yeah you would."

"But I would be joking."


"Well, I gotta go to class buh-bye!" Jazz and Melody ran off.

"I don't wanna, but I gotta." Ray also walked off.

"You wanna walk to class with me?' Gerard asked.


They walked.

"So, whats your favorite band...artist?" Gerard asked.

"I really like The Offspring right now but I really love David Bowie and The Misfits."

"Cool! I like those bands too. Except for The Offspring. They scare me."

"I can understand that, their album art is extremely scary."


"Which class are you looking foward to?"


"Typical. Do you play any sports?"

"If piano is a sport then yeah."

"How many songs can you play?"

"Classical, modern songs. The entertainer, the pink panther, Underpressure, Song 2, I can play Korn."

"What?" Gerard laughed.

"Korn is a band that I seem to like."

Those are songs I can play on the piano and boy do I feel special

"Okay, well, this is science class."

In class the teacher was assigning partners.

"Kay, Becky and Dexter."

"Kellog and Kesly."

"Gerard and Cloe."

They took their seats.

"Todays umm...........Todays class project is...umm....oh ya. writing an assignment of what you did over the summer. 5 sentences or more."

"This is what I love about science class. The teachers rather lazy and doesn't care." Gerard said.

"Not like my other school."

"Why did you transfer here?"

"Number of fights, being misrible. It was horrible." Cloe said.

"What school did you go to?"

"Umm...I'd rather not say. Where do you hail from?"


"That's where I'll be moving after college."

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