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Danny Phantom


The Earths Savior

Author's note-

previously on Danny Phantom The Earths Savior

Kyle - Now that your all here I have come here to inform Mr. Phantom that the President would like to Award you with A The Earth's Savior Medal. He would also want to give you A Plaque.

Danny - You don't have it?

Kyle - Well no.

Sam - Well that's just great.

Kyle - So I guess you'll have to come To Washington D.C to get it!

Everyone - What!

now on to Chapter 4

Kyle - The President wants to see you right away He said

Danny - Me why me? (glancing at Kyle with confused eyes)

Kyle - Because Danny your Family, your Friend and this special girl of your's Saved the Planet as I said before at just Fourteen .And that is A Extraordinary Accomplishment If you ask me.

Danny - Well then I guess were going to D.C ?

Maddie - YA I guess Jack?

Jack - Ya why not!

Kyle - Oh and of course Mr. Mayor and uh?

Sam - Sam.

Kyle - Sam could accompany you as well.

Danny - Well I would be honored but you seem to have come at A( A blue wisp escapes his mouth) Duty calls, I'm Going Ghost! (Danny then lets the chilling blue substance covert him into his Alter Ego) Be back soon to pack.

Sam - I'm coming with you.

Danny- you sure?

Sam - Danny I'm coming you can't change my mind.

Danny- If you're sure.

Sam - I am.

Danny - Okay lets go. ( he picks her up bridle style and takes off )

( while patrolling)

Sam - Who do you think it is ?

Danny - I don't know let's keep going. ( Danny fly's a few yards ahead of Sam) (A blast is shot and hits Danny into Sam)

Danny&Sam - (looks at each other) Are you alright!

Lunch Lady - I hope not dearies because it's not on today's menu! ( All the meat in Amity Park appeared around the Lunch Lady and She transformed into the meat monster) Now Eat your meat!

Sam - we don't need meat! that's fat!

Lunch Lady - Then perish! (she blasts a ton of meat at Sam)

Danny - Sam! ( fly's and grabs Sam just in the nick of time)

Danny - Now Lunch Lady we've been through this before even Meat lovers wont eat what you cook! ( Danny fires a ecto ray at the lunch lady)

Lunch Lady - How dare you child my meat is the source of growth eat it !

Danny - Not even if you paid me ! ( blasts her with a ecto ray and the lunch lady screams) ( half an hour later)

Danny - ( gets blasted into a building then gowns in pain) Man Lunch lady what do you bench?

Lunch Lady - See this is why you need meat your skin and bones!( Grabs Danny and tosses him to the Nasty burger building making a hole, she then attempts to grab Sam but before she could do anything to her she gets frozen solid)

Danny - How do you like my Phantom freeze? ( sucks the Lunch lady in the thermos) you okay?

Sam - Yes thanks to you. ( kisses his cheek) Lets get back to your house.

(Fenton Works)

9:30 P.M

Maddie - I'm worried its been half an hour.

Jazz - Mom relax he's been doing this months he's fine. ( Danny & Sam enter the house) See Danny? what happened to your clothes?

Danny - HA HA Jazz very funny.

Maddie - who was it ?

Danny - Lunch Lady the first ghost I had ever fought after gaining Ghost powers.

Maddie - Guess she's tuff since it took you three hours.

Sam - Actually Mrs. Fenton we were paroling for two hours but only fought Lunch Lady for A half an hour.

Danny - Did they leave?

Maddie - About an hour ago.

Danny - Should we start on the files?

Maddie - No, you should take Sam home. Because you both need to pack we leave at eight o clock Sharp.

Danny - Alright. ( picks Sam up and fly's her home)

( on the porch)

Sam - Thanks for saving me if she would of got her greasy hand on me I don't know what I would have happened .

Danny - Me neither.(kisses her passionately) see you tomorrow.

Sam - Alright. ( heads inside to pack)

(next day)

8:00 A.M

Jack - Alright everyone in the R.V. ( everyone piles in, Sam next to Danny,Tucker, then Jazz)

Maddie - Everyone ready? lets get going.

Jazz - Yes Mom.

Sam - She seems more excited about this then you babe.

Danny - That's because she is. Im so nervous my shoes are scaping on the pavement.

Sam - ( looks down) Danny!

Danny - Sorry I'm nervous!

Maddie - Don't be sweetie you'll be fine.

(At the Airport)

Tucker - Have you figured out what your going to say in your speech?

Danny - NO! Tucker!

Tucker - God geez Danny just asking?

Lady on intercom - Flight 142 to Washington D.C is now boarding.

Maddie - Lets go kids.

Danny - Sam? how did your Mom take me being the Ghost boy?

Sam - Not to good she's furious she already didn't like you. But I don't care what she thinks.Your more important. (while entering the door to the plane)

Danny - Thanks Sam. Uh Dad? Why didn't the metal detectors go off ? I know we brought Ghost hunting equipment.

Jack - The Airport disarmed it when they knew we were coming.

Danny - Oh. Alright then.

(Authors note, Danny next to Sam, Jazz by herself Tucker, by himself , Maddie next to Jack)

( 3 Hours into the flight)

( Jazz was reading A physiology book, Maddie was tinkering on A Fenton thermos Jack was eating Fudge , Sam was drawing,Tucker was on his Phone talking to the Martin A Man who took over being Mayor for the week and Danny was finally getting some well deserved rest due to all the Ghost Hunting he's done even though he hasn't seen one in months)

Maddie - Sam?

Sam - Yes Mrs. Fenton?

Maddie - Why didn't Danny tell us before the Planet incident?

Sam - Well uh? (while Sam glances at Danny's sleeping form) Danny was afraid that you wouldn't accept him for who he is. Either hate him and kill him, or try to change him back to normal or maybe think Danny was being controlled by Danny Phantom.

Maddie - Really? is that what he thought?

Sam - Yes he thought you wouldn't want him anymore.

Maddie - That's not true I love Danny.

Sam - I know you do we all do.(Sam says tiredly)

Maddie - Thank you for telling me Sam try to get some sleep we'll all need it.

Sam - Alright Goodnight.

Maddie - Goodnight Sam. ( she drifted to a peaceful sleep)

Airport In D.C

Danny - Wonder where were staying?

Jazz - Probably A Hotel by the White house.

Danny - Ya your probably right. ( A man held up A sign that said Fenton family)

Jack - That's probably the Limo Driver.

Niles -You must be the Fenton Family.

Danny - Yes.We are, and who may you be.

Niles - Oh yes terribly sorry I'm Niles I am President Bakers Shofar, and I will be escorting you to the White House. Are you attending the State dinner this Friday night?

Danny - Yes I'm also accepting an Award as well.

Niles - Splendid. Shall we go?

Maddie - Yes lets go kids. ( Danny,Sam,Jazz follow her Tucker and Jack follow suit)

(outside the Oval office)

Niles - I will just be A moment. ( walks in the office) Mr. President? Danny Phantom is here with his Family and friends.

President Baker - Terrific! send them in.

Niles - As you wish sir.( walks out) He'll see you all now.

Danny - Thanks. ( they all walk in)

President Baker- Danny Fenton! or should I say Phantom!

Danny - Hello Mr. President It's A honor to meet you.

President Baker - No Young man it's A honor to meet you. Saving the World at your age,Well that's just Amazing.

Danny - Thank you Mr. President.

President Baker - Now your probably wondering why I asked you here from your small town in Minnesota? Well I was really impressed by the way you saved the Planet so I decided to award you with the Earth's Savior Award.

Sam - Really? That's Amazing! isn't it Babe?

Danny - Ya Sammy it is.

Pres Baker - Well the Award Ceremony will be During the State Dinner.

Maddie - Well Thank you Mr.President. Where will we be staying?

Pres. Baker - Here!

Everyone - What!

Pres. Baker - Ya You will all stay here.

Tucker - Wow That's Awesome.

Sam - That's very considerate isn't it Danny?

Danny - Yes it is That's very kind of you.

Nile's - You seemed uneasy to come to the Capital are you alright?

Danny - Well even though i'm The Earth's Savior I was Amity Parks protector long before any of this ever happened. It probably would of never happened if it wasn't for Vlad Masters.

Nile's - The richest man on the Planet who turned out to be the Wisconsin Ghost?

Danny - Yes he's also my Arch Enemy.But he's in Space and hopefully will never return.

Pres Baker- Well your all probably really exhausted let Nile's show you to your rooms. ( they all head to their rooms , Maddie and Jack together everyone else got their own)

(in Danny's room)

Danny - ( pacing and talking to himself ) Come on Fenton you Looked Evil in the face and defeated it time and again you can do this! ( someone knocks on his Door)come in.

Sam - Hey hows the speech coming along?

Danny - Not to good see.( Danny points to the trash bin full of papers)

Sam - Oh don't worry Danny you'll get it just wait.

Danny - Thanks I hope so.

Sam - Don't worry ( kisses him) it will all work out. ( heads back to her room to leave Danny to his thoughts)

Danny - I hope your right Sam I hope your right.

( Through the Night Danny was tossing and turning in his bed he was having A nightmare)

(In the Dream)

Danny and Dan were in A hardcore battle and Dan was winning.

As the battle grew longer and more violent. Dan had Danny by his Arms and was electrocuting him full force I'm back he said! And more powerful than ever no matter what you say or do you can't change your future you will be me! no matter what! an even though your secret is out it will never save you from the Future. Picking up A wounded and beaten Danny you will be me he said with A evil smirk.


(Danny shot out of bed gasping and sweating)

Danny - ( panting) Just A dream. Just A Dream. ( starts to doze of into peaceful sleep)

( The Next Morning at Breakfast)

Maddie - Good Morning everyone where's Danny?

Sam - Probably still asleep he was writing his speech all night.

Danny - (walking up to the table) Did I hear my name?

Sam - Your up I thought you would be asleep for at least another two hours at the most.

Danny - I went to bed at four but ended up having a nightmare at six and just woke up from it at seven. Then sleep didn't seem like A option.

Sam - What was your nightmare about?

Danny - Actually I don't really feel like talking about it if that's alright.

Sam - Well OK Danny you can tell me when your ready.

Danny - Thanks Sam.

( The State Dinner)

(As they enter the Dinner Hall ) ( Paparazzi gathered around the Fenton's ,Sam and Tucker)

A paparazzi man - Danny!how does it feel to be the most Popular and Important Teenager in the world?

Another Man - Danny How were you able to keep your secret for so long? (eventually there were so many questions it was hard to understand them so Danny grabbed Sam's hand who grabbed Tucker's who grabbed the rest of the Fenton's and flew to the back of the stage)

Danny - (Panting) Need (gasp) To (gasp) Get (gasp) use ( gasp )to( gasp ) that.

Everyone - Yup.

Danny - (panting)

Sam - Danny?you okay?

Danny - Of course I just used to much energy that's all.

Sam - OK then. (kisses his check)

(they all head down the stairs and toward the crowd)

( 8 hours later)

(president Baker walks up the stage)

President Baker - May I have your attention!

( everyone quiets down and looks at the President)

Now as you know we have A very Important guest here this evening. He has Saved Amity Park Illinois countless times without anyone even knowing he has. And Just after Saving the Planet from the Disateroid he reveals Himself as A simple Child. And he is here tonight to be Awarded The Earth's Savior Award. Please welcome Daniel Jackson Fenton/Phantom. ( President heads to the back of the stage)

( everyone cheers and claps)

Danny - Thank you Mr. President Hello America and Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to Visit A State as Big and wondrous as this. I had never expected any of this to Happen. I was A simple Normal human as yourselves. Family , School, Friends, bullies, crushes, Homework, But that all changed the Day of the accident, In my Parent's Lab. Since then I struggled with School, life, Bullies. I did not have the pressures as A normal American boy I had Ghost powers. Since I acquired these abilities I vowed to protect My town from the oncoming Ghost attacks when they started which was Days after my accident. Many people called my Alter Ego multiple things. Spook,Ghost brat, Whelp,, Fentina,Fentonio, Runt ,Dipstick,Babypop,Halfa, Ghost child, Minion,Punk,Wanna be, Young whippersnapper, Prey,Loser, from kids and Spectra. I hate being called that the most .Big boy,by a shape shifter. Son, also called by my father. And by the Former Mayor of Amity Park. And the worst Invisobill. (shakes his head and chuckles slightly) As you probably guessed the Fentina and anything else that sounds like my name were the bullies in school. Even though most of the people I protected didn't like me as much. I didn't care as long as those people were safe I was happy even if its less sleep each night.

(during Danny's speech something overshadows the President) ( and invisibly went behind Danny, wrapping his arms around his mouth and arms then visibly appears)

Everyone - ( gasps)

Maddie& Sam - Danny!

Jack - What's going on here!?

( Dan phases out of the President grabbing Danny before he can escape)

Danny - Dan?! how did you get of the thermos? ( goes ghost)

Dan - (chuckles evilly while trying to contain Danny's fighting) Mom Dad what A pleasant surprise.

Maddie - What are you talking about spook!

Dan - I am Danny! my future self. (Danny struggling harder)

Danny -( kicks Dan to the podium) Get out of here Dan! I will never be you ever! your only like this because your version of Our family, Friends and Lancer died in the Nasty Burger explosion. What does making my version of it come true do for you ! It's my life now! not your's I will live it the way I want! Future's change Dan and It changed the moment I met you. ( inhales)

Dan - I don't think so Danny. You wouldn't want anything to happen to your Girlfriend Do you? ( Holding Sam up)

Danny - Sam! Dan! let her go!

Dan - Danny? Really? you and Sam.She should of died with the rest of your family along time ago.

Danny - that's in another universe in your head let her go! ( Danny Shoots A Ecto Ray at Dan's chest causing Dan to drop Sam who ran to Danny)

Are you alright Sam?

Sam - Ya.

( Dan charges a Ecto ray and shoots at Danny)

In the middle of D.C

( Dani was flying through the town)

Dani - Wow I can't believe I'm in Washington D.C!

( An explosion erupted from the White House)

What's going on over their? ( Dani flew towards the smoking White house)

Danny -(weakly crawled from the corner he was thrown into and groaned)

Dan - Get back here! ( Grabs Danny by the arms)

As the battle grew longer and more violent. Dan had Danny by his Arms and was electrocuting him full force I'm back he said! and more powerful than ever no matter what you say or do you can't change your future you will be me! no matter what! an even though your secret is out it will never save you from the Future (picking up A wounded and beaten Danny you will be me.( evil smirk)


Dan - It's all set in stone Danny it's only A matter of time. ( starts shocking Danny again)

Dani - Hey Fire head let my cousin go! ( hitting Dan with A ecto ray knocking him to the ground along with Danny who passed out the minute he hit the ground)

Dan - Cousin? what is the meaning of this!

Sam & Tucker - Danielle?

( the battle continued with Dani blasting Dan with everything she had Ecto rays, ice rays Energy blasts from her feet) ( as that was going on Danny woke up surrounded by his family Sam, Tucker and the President)

Danny - Mr. President are you alright?

President Baker - Yes but what happened?

Danny - You were over shadowed by Dan.

President Baker - Who's he?

Danny - A man I'm determined to never become.

Sam - Danny Dani's out their fighting Dan.

Danny - What no! stay here all of you I know what he wants. ( fly's off)

Jazz - What does that creep want?

Sam -Us Dead and Danny to be so lost and full of Anger and pain that he'll turn into him.

Jazz - Doesn't that mean your Dating Dan?

Sam - No! Danny isn't and never will be Dan ever I love Danny not him! got it!

Jazz - Got it jeez.

Maddie - Just you and Tucker?

Sam - What? no Me Tucker,Jazz you Mr,Fenton and Oddly Mr.Lancer he wants everyone who died in that other reality dead.

Dan - ( grabed Danielle and threw her towards the crowd) I don't know who you are but you obviously mean something to my younger counterpart.

Danny - Leave her alone Dan leave them all alone it's me you want!

Dan - How noble of you. Maybe I no I don't think so.( shoot's Danielle into Danny)

Danny - Dani are you okay?

Dani - Ya. I think i'm( Dan grabs Danny)Danny!

Dan - You think you can change your Future just by changing your ways! I don't think so. ( grabs Danny's leg and cracks it like A twig)

Danny - (Scream's in Pain)

Dan - You see Danny I know all your weak points but the worst is at your heart. ( turns around and aims A red Ecto ray at his Family Sam, Tucker, and Dani)

Danny - No NO Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! ( A ghostly wail formed knocking Dan to the Wall) Ti Tim Times up Dan! ( sucks him into the Thermos closes it than passes out)

Sam - Danny ! ( everyone runs to Danny's side)

Tucker - We need to get him out of here. ( Tucker and Sam Pick him up)

Jack - I got him kids.( They Pass him to Jack) Come on.

Everyone - (Follows)

Dani - Is he alright?

Sam - He'll be fine Dani.

Maddie & Jazz - Who's this? ( gesturing to Danielle)

Sam - Danny's Clone.

Jazz & Maddie - Clone?

Sam - Can we talk about this later?

Maddie - Oh sure Sam.

President B - Take him to A guest room.

(In the Guest Room 3 hours later)

Danny - ( woke up and looks at everyone surrounding him and weakly says)

What? what happened ?

President B - You saved me.All of us from Dan.That's why you deserve this. (holding up the Plaque)

Danny - ( gives him A weak smile try's to move but burst into excruciating pain)


Sam - Don't move Babe Dan cracked your leg like A twig remember?

Danny - Oh ya .

Maddie - We'll let you rest Dear and the President's personal medics will be here to cast your leg.

Danny - Thanks Mom.

Maddie - No problem Danny I'm so proud of you. (leaves the room with everyone except Sam)

Sam - She's right you know were all proud of you.

Danny - Thanks Sam.

Sam - I love you Danny no matter how hectic our lives get and since the Speech was live it's going to be chaos come Monday morning.

Danny - Ya it is. Not counting your Doomed Character? (chuckles)

Sam - Danny!

Danny - ( chuckling)Ow i'm kidding.

Sam - Are you alright?

Danny - Ya but I think I have A few broken ribs.

Sam - Really? let me see.(picks up Danny's shirt and softly touches his ribs)

Danny - Owww! ( Maddie and Jack come in)

Maddie - What's wrong?

Sam - Danny has a few broken ribs.

Maddie - Oh my Danny are you alright?

Danny - Ya Mom it just hurts when I move.

Maddie - If your sure?

Danny - Ya Mom.

Maddie - Alright Oh Danny who was that girl who looks just like you?

Danny - Oh that's Danielle she's A clone of mine Vlad created she worked for him at first but she soon found out I was telling her the truth about him using her.

Jack - Does she have A home?

Danny - No she's A traveler.

Jack - No Fenton is to live on the street born or created!

Danny - What are you trying to Say?

Maddie - Danny we want her to live with us forever.

Danny - Really?

Maddie - We want to.. ( Jack cuts her off)

Jack - Adopt her Danny boy!

Sam&Danny - What really?! that's great!

Danny - I hope she wants to stay with us.

Maddie - She does we asked her while you were still passed out we'll adopt her when we return to Amity Park.

( the Doctor enters)

Doctor - Hello is this the Earth's Saviors room?

Maddie - Yes it is come on Jack Sam let the Doctor check Danny.

Sam - Uh? can I stay with Danny Mrs. Fenton maybe I can help the Doctor. I have been treating Danny when he got hurt in battles before any of this ever happened.

Maddie - Sure Sam. ( she leaves)

( 1 hour later)

Doctor - ( exits the door)

Maddie - Is he alright?

Doctor - He'll be fine to leave to Amity in the Morning, We bandaged his ribs, and leg, but he will need to be on crutches for at least three weeks. His leg is fractured and has Three broken ribs. And A slight concussion. He should of been on the crutches for three Months but due to his Ghost powers of speed healing its three weeks. ( turns to leave)

Maddie - (worriedly)Thanks Doctor.

Doctor - No problem.

Jack - I'll go buy Danny some crutches.

Maddie - Alright honey. ( Jack leaves) I'll pack for the trip home.

Jazz - Hey Mom how's Danny?

Maddie - Hey sweetie he'll be fine Just A few broken bones and fractured leg and A slight concussion.

Jazz - Oh my.... thanks for telling me Mom.

Maddie - Your welcome sweetie.

(Next afternoon Amity Airport)

Jack - I'll go get the R.V.

Maddie - Sure Honey.

Danny - I'm going to the Restroom.

Tucker - Ya me to. ( they head to the restroom and come back 3 minutes later)

Jack - Lets get going Kids! ( everyone piles into the R,V Tucker and Sam help Danny in)

(25 minutes later they pull up to Fenton Works with Paparazzi surrounding the House) ( they all exit while Jazz helps her brother out of the R.v who stumbles A bit)

Maddie - Make room people Injured Savior coming through.

( Danny,Dani,Jazz,Sam,Tucker and Jack follow behind Maddie to the front of the house)

Danny - I'm going to Answer A few of their questions.

Sam -I'll stay with you.

Dani - Me to.

( Maddie,Jack,Jazz and Tucker head inside)

Danny - Alright, I'll Answer A few Questions. ( leaning on one of his Crutches)

Sharron - Danny the incident At D.C that ghost mentioned him being your Future self what do you have on that subject?

Danny - In another time period before Clockwork the Ghost of time changed my future of my Family and friends dying in An explosion at the Nasty burger I grew up to be A evil Ghost who Murdered my Family. So when I fought him in this Dimension I vowed and promised my family Sam and Tucker I would never turn into him. I still plan on keeping that promise.

Sharron - Did he do that to your Leg ? ( gesturing to his bandaged cast on his leg)

Danny - Yes.

Lance- Danny! who is that girl behind you?

Danny - Dani come out. ( she comes out from behind Danny)

This is Danielle or Dani for short she's my clone. Cloned by Vlad Masters, former Mayor of Amity Park.

( murmuring)

(Danielle heads into the house while Maddie and Jack sneak to the R.V to go to the Court house)

Sam - Like I said Chaos.

Danny - ( Chuckles) What do you expect your dating the Earth's Savior.

Sam - Ya I did and I wouldn't change this ride for the world. I love you my Ghost boy.

Danny - I love you my Gothic Princess.

( They engage in A passionate kiss not caring that the people around them were staring and recording the moment)

Authors note

don't worry I will add more stories soon.

be sure to read my Danny Phantom next Generations

one for crossovers and one A simple DP.

Also read My Danny Phantom, ADJL,Winxclub,Twilight,Victorious, crossovers their more than meets the eye.

thanks for reading

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