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How scared are you?

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You ducked behind a large rock as laser fire crossed over head. You desperately threw your arms over your head, trying to protect yourself. It wasn’t that you were scared half to death, it was that you really, really didn’t want to get squashed by a giant robot foot. Half of the time you were low against the ground, you wished that you had some sort of cannon built into you so you weren’t as squishy as they thought you were.

“Smokescreen!” you screeched. “You better hope I don’t get stepped on!” Even though he was at least ten times your size, you could at least give him a verbal thrashing. The sound of lasers and cries of agony ceased, you finally took your arms off of your head. Stealing a glance over the rock, all you saw were Decepticon bodies littering the ground. Smokescreen was stepping over the lifeless husks, grinning widely.

“[Y/N], did you see that?” he exclaimed. Your hands clenched the rock angrily, pressing your teeth together.

“Oh no. I was trying not to be all over the rocks. But sure. Good job on almost letting me get squished.” If you could have steam coming out of your ears, it would be pouring out.

“Hey, I did my best,” he said with a shrug. “You’re not dead, now are you?” You shot him a look that could melt straight through his chassis.

“I may as well be,” you growled. “Optimus did a better job of protecting humans than your shiny metal tail pipe.” Climbing out of cover, you quickly made your way to his side. “I sure hope you at least of some sort of intelligence in that processor of yours.”

“I would take that as insulting, but I get that a lot from Arcee,” he replied. Reaching down with his servo, he picked you up by the back of your shirt, lifting you up to his shoulder. You sat down on his shoulder plate, clinging it desperately. You’ve been on your dad’s shoulders all the time when you were young, but this was completely different. A giant alien robot was much different than your human father.

“Are you sure Optimus is in that cavern?” you asked, hating the quiver in your voice. “I mean, you seem not hear orders when their issued to you. Maybe you misheard the coordinates.”

“One: that’s rude, even for you. Second: I know that Optimus is in trouble and I managed to catch the coordinates while they were told to Ratchet. So, yeah. I’m sure.”
“If you’re wrong, Smokescreen, I’m going to turn you inside out then hang you in front of my fence.” You folded your arms across your chest, with a huff. You meant your threat and you had to tell it to him. You felt your heart stop as the familiar shape of a Vehicon appeared in your peripheral vision. You sucked in a nervous breath, your right hand reaching over to tap Smokescreen’s helm. He looked at you with a slightly confused look and you pointed at the squad of Vehicons roaming the mine. He followed you finger and reached up with his servo and picked you up. Setting you down behind a rock beyond the sight of the ‘Cons, Smokescreen’s hands switched out for his cannons.

No matter how much you craned you neck to see, you couldn’t spot Smokescreen or the others over any of the rocks. You had your head over the rock slightly to see, but the rest of your body was positioned out of sight. A cry of agony reached you like a bullet, and your finger nails dug into the rock itself. “Oh geez. That better not be Smokescreen making that noise.” You slid down off of your cover, trying to steady your breaths. It was unusual for you to get so worried over some alien robot you haven’t known for that long. It was unusual for you to get so worked up about much in the first place.

Covering your ears like a frightened two-year-old, you tried to drown out the cries of agony from the bots behind you. Your stomach churned and you felt something rise in your throat from terror that seemed to tear you up. You scrunched your eyes closed, tucking you head between your knees and tried to listen to the racing beat of your heart.
You nearly jumped out of your skin when you felt something tap your back lightly. Reeling forward, you quickly spun around with your body posed to run. It only took a few seconds from you to realized that it was Smokescreen’s smiling face that had appeared over the rocks before your look of terror melted into a look of fury and embarrassment. Your face flushed red and you got to your feet, brushing your pants off, avoiding his eyes.

“You okay, [Y/N]?” he asked, mildly amused. He was trying to hide his smile, but his shoulders bounced slightly in silent laughter.

“Don’t scare me like that,” you snapped, glaring at him with a look that could kill. Climbing up the rock you were using for cover, you stood on the top and he reached down to lift you up to his shoulder plate. Setting you on your perch, he proceeded forward through the mine. The entire floor was covered in dead Vehicons, their light blue blood spilling from their wounds.

He noticed your look and gave you a wide grin. “Didn’t think I had it in me, did you?”

“Not exactly,” you said, uncomfortably. “I’ve never seen so many dead robots in my life. Especially with you.” You clung desperately to the separation in his plates as he charged forward. “You guys are some brutal aliens. And I mean brutal.” After an uncomfortable pause, you reached over and tapped his helm. “Alright, get moving, metal boy. We don’t have all day.” He chuckled quietly as he made his way through the mine. You felt something rise up in your throat as you heard screams up ahead, your stomach feeling queasy.
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