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ther is trouble at the movies.

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wow so sorry I haven't updated in a while but it's hard to think of ideas.Aslo thatnks to those who reveiwed other chapters so here is the next one.
The movie turned out to be a sappy love flick or as Archie liked to call it a chick flick. The other odd thing was that he couldn't see any of his friends.But that was probaly because it was so dark.Little did he know that his friends had left them there. Atlants reached down a pulled up a bag of popcorn. Apperantly Archie and her had to share popcorn because they didn't have enough change. THe popcorn was laced with butter thanks to Herry. "Arghh this has got to be the worst movie I have ever seen." Archie wispered so Atlanta and only her could hear. " I know I thought they said it was a horror movie." Atlanta replied slumping down in the seat some more. " I would rather be studing the watching this movie." Arlanta mumbeled bet Archie heard here and let her know by saying. " Do you think they would mind if we left?" " Comon lets get our boards out of Herrys truck. And with that the two friends dashed out of the theater so that the others wouldn't see them. When they got to Herrys truck they found it unlocked.So they crabed there boards and headed to the mall.

Theresa and the guys were waiting by the food counter. Herry was stuffing his mouth with popcorn.Odie was typing like crazy on his laptop.Neil well you can guess what Neil is doing looking in his three panel gold mirror. And Jay and Theresa were talking about there mission.To get Archie and Atlanta together." I bet when they come out of that theater they will be holding hands and Atlanta will be laying her head on Archie's shoulder." Theresa said pleased with what she had done. " I don't know what if it backfires and we end up begging them for forgiveness?" Jay asked in more of a statement then a question. " Jay why do you always have to be a downer?" Theresa asked disopoined. " I don't mean to be it's just that mabey we should leave them alone we don't want to be in a big fight when Cronos atacks." He said as of it were the most simple thing ever. This made Theresa roll her eyes. " Well Jay did you ever think that Cronos is affraid of us so he isn't going to atack?" " No" was all he said.

Atlanta pulled up at the mall enternce Archie close behind. " I won !" Atlanta exclamied."Yeah there is two reasons for that ,One is that you are super fast,and two I ate to much popcorn at the movies." ARchie said panting. Atlanta rolled her eyes and headed in the mall. The mall was full of Hearts because it was febuary 9 and Valentines day was coming soon. The mall was very tall and it had 4 floors. On the first floor were the two friends were ther was a fountain in the middle so you could see it at the very top floor whe you looked over the rail." So were are we going to first?" Archie asked. " Why not over there ?" Atlanta said pointing at Northern Getaway. So the two headed to the store on the other side of the fountain . " Everything is pink." Atlanta said in discust."Yeah and the boys stuff isn't very good either."Lets go to the garage ." Archie exclaimed.

" Humm I wounder were they are?" THeresa asked worried about her two friends. " Lets track them ."Odie said. He flipped up his PMR and looked for there signal. Everyone huddeled around him. " Looks like there at the mall." Odie said shocked."The mall?"Everyong asked."Yep thats right unless there PMR is in a pile of t-shirts. " Lets call them."Neil sugested. " Lets act like we don't know there gone." Theresa said taking the PMR from her friend. " Hey Atlanta how is the move?" Theresa asked. Atlanta picked up her PMR and repliesd " It's not the best and it's rather long." She added acting like she was still there. Odie grabed the PMR from her and said." Is Archie there?" Atlanta paused for a moment.She was worried now Archie was in the change rooms and he didn't have his PMR on." Ah Archie is in the washrooms they buttered popcorn made him sick." She lied. THe other titans excanged looks." We know you are at the mall," Odie said into the small device." Oh I need to go.Atlanta said in a rushed voice and tuned of the walkie talkie.

Everyone was at the dorm now and there was a uncomfertable silence floating between them." Anyone want some chips?" THeresa asked trying to lighten the mode.And that was how the fight began.
okay there you go ope you liked it r&r and I will try to update soon.
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