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Hail To The Kings

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A Pokemon fanfic. The proper summary is the first "chapter"

Category: Pokemon - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Fantasy - Published: 2016-12-27 - Updated: 2016-12-27 - 240 words

I do not own pokemon. It is own by its respective owners.

They say there was once great beasts. They say they use to span across all of the continents. There were great cities and building were Man and these beasts lived along side each other. Something happened though.

Man grew corrupt and these mythical animals began to disappear. Society fell apart and wars broke out everywhere; killing off the remaing creatures.
The world became toxic and ugly.

After five hundred years, Man drove himself to the brink of extinction until one day the creator appeared. Arceus. He came down from the heavens to bring us peace.
He ripped our souls from our bodies and in place he put the spirits of these beasts inside us instead to root out the evil in our hearts.

He healed our sick world turning it into a Eden. Then he left, never to be seen again. It has been three and a half thousand years since then.
At least, that is how the story goes. No one is sure if it is true or not.

Thank you for reading chapter one. Sorry it is kinda short but, I am not sure if it is any good or not. If you like it let me know and I will continue. If not tell me why so I
can improve. I have a lot of great things planned for this story if you like it.
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