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Just "Allergies"

by Orange__Sapphire 1 review

Twilight Sparkle comes down with a terrible illness but pushes it aside, landing her in a dramatic hospital visit.

Category: My Little Pony - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama,Fantasy - Published: 2016-12-28 - 231 words

Twilight Sparkle was awake now. She turned over onto her side, shivering, although she had at least 5 layers of blankets due to the harsh weather of Equestria at the moment. She hazily looked over at the clock and read it. 6:30am. But, why was it so fuzzy? She got up from her bed and she wobbled to the kitchen. "Spike?" She yelled as her voice cracked at intervals of time."ugh- don't ya know it's only six o'clock?" proclaimed Spike. "Whatever" Twilight responded. She didn't feel up to arguing, and Spoke noticed this almost immediately that she wasn't feeling well. "I'm up" Spike said, " What's the matter Twi?" Spike asked. " Just allergies." She responded following a sneezing and coughing fit. "Ya sure? I mean-" "SPIKE! IM FINE!!!" she hollered. She went about her day normally. Except thing she was a bit dizzy, no actually the world was spinning and she collapsed. "Twilight?" Rainbow Dash bellowed. She rushed her to the Ponyville General. Twilight awoke to a beeping monitor."Princess! You're awake!" Nurse Redheart yelled. "You apparently have come down with a VERY SEVERE case of the feather flu. It could be fatal to normal pegasi, but you, you are an alicorn, meaning your, well, take these antibiotics and you should recover soon. But we must keep you in the hospital until you recover for observation."

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