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To Wish or not to Wish?

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In trade for her soul, the 'Devil' grants Rogue 7 wishes. It's a dream come true when she can just 'wish' her powers away or gain anything else. But it's a nightmare when all her wishes end up wors...

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"Where did she go? What happened ta her!"

"You said you wanted her gone. So now she's gone," Devon simply answered.

"Well then bring her bac-" Rogue was cut short when Kitty suddenly phased up through the ground in front of her. "Wha-Kitty? Where did you disappear ta?"

"Just dropped my 50 cents behind the bleachers and went to get it," she replied. She then noticed Devon. "Like hi! Are you new here?"

"Yup! Rogue here was just about to show me around," Devon said, putting an arm around Rogue's shoulder. "So are we gonna start?"

Rogue growled and shoved him away roughly.

"Rogue!" Kitty exclaimed bending down to help Devon back on his feet. "Sorry, she's kind of like that after she got...uh...seriously ill."

"Yeah, I can see that," Devon muttered, brushing the dust off his coat. "Guess she doesn't want to be cheered up." 'Neither does she know that I have a cure for her mutation. Or that I know that Mystique adopted her, posed as her friend Risty and Nightcrawler's her brother and she's jealous of Jean-' Devon was telling Rogue telepathically when she shouted.

"Alright stop!"

Kitty gave her a puzzled and worried look. "Rogue, like are you okay?"

"Ah'll show him around!" she said between gritted teeth, digging her fingers into Devon's arm as she dragged him away.

"Nice meeting you Kit-Ow! Not so hard."


"Our old computer lab? This is your office?" Rogue asked, more annoyed than impressed. "And Ah have expected it ta be in hell."

"It is there too. But I don't think you'll be able to survive the heat," Devon said, switching on the lights. He went over to a dusty covered book case and took out a thick book. "Okay so here are the terms." He blew the dust off it then handed it to Rogue.

"Ah don't have time ta read a ten thousand page book!" she said irritably. "Just tell meh briefly what game you're playin'!"

"I'm going to give you seven wishes," he said, going over to a computer in the corner of the room and switched it on. "Is that brief enough for you?"

"Why not three?"

He clicked on the mouse. "I'm not the genie of the lamp."

"And why exactly are you goin' ta give meh seven wishes?" Rogue asked, still unsure of his intentions. "What did Ah do ta deserve this?"

"Because I have the power to.....And because you wished for it."

"Ah didn't wish for any wishes!"

"No, but you did wish that you could get close to somebody."

Rogue blinked in amazement. "How did you-" She then realized the obvious. He must be another mutant posing as the devil. "Never mind. What do you want in return? A sexual favor?"

"Nope. Just your soul," he answered, clicking the print icon.

"Excuse meh? Mah soul?" Rogue asked incredulously.

"Yeah, you won't need it, I mean when all your dreams have come true, all your goals achieved, what would you need a soul for?" he asked, pulling out a sheet from the printer.

"Ta live!"

"Listen, getting what you want is better than leading your life as nothing and suddenly dying, right? And if you're still waiting for some miracle cure for you're mutation then you'll have to wait till eternity," he said and started writing on it. "Sooner or later you'll absorb more people and believe me, they'll try to get out again because you take part of their souls."

"You're makin' mah life sound more miserable than it really is."

"Ok, here's the form. All you have to do is sign on the dotted line." He handed her the sheet and a pen.

"Hmmm..." Rogue went over whole form. "Right! So you kill meh when all mah wishes are fulfilled? Not gonna happen!" She furiously threw the sheet and pen and stomped towards the exit.

Devon snapped his fingers. "Maybe this could change your mind........."

"Aww...isn't that cute?" Kitty's voice gushed through the speakers.

Rogue stopped then slowly turned around. She let out a gasp when her eyes fell on the monitor. A scene from lunch-time earlier, of Scott and 'her' not Jean but 'her'! It was 'her' Scott was giving the pendant.

"Is this-Is this real?" Rogue whispered, mesmerized by the moving picture.

"If you want it to be," he replied. "You sign right now and you could have this and anything thing else you want.....or....." he snapped his fingers and the monitor went blank, "you can just walk away and never look back.....and always keep dreaming of this moment to happen.....So what's it going to be?"

Rogue slowly walked over to where the sheet and pen were and picked them up. She brought down the tip of the pen but stopped, seemingly having second thoughts.

"Go on.....sign," Devon encouraged, putting his hand on her shoulder. "This is better, you know it."

Rogue took a deep breath then slowly signed her name.

"Alright!" Devon took the sheet and folded it. "So what's your first wish?"

Rogue gave him a confused look. "Ah can start wishin'...right now?"

"Sure you can. Unless you want to wait till after the History class......"

"Well....." Rogue bit her lip, trying to think up of something. "Ah want ta be-Uh...Scott and Ah-you know. Together."

"And what about being rich and famous?"

Rogue shrugged. "Well ta."

"So you want to be married to Scott and rich too?"

"Married?" Rogue exclaimed. "Nah! A couple but married-Ah don't think-"

"You have seven wishes. Go for it!" Devon said then suddenly clicked. "Oh! Almost forgot!" he fumbled into his pockets and took out a digital planner. "Keep this with you," he said handing it to her. "If your wish doesn't turn out well, just press, triple six and you'll be back."

"And why would it not turn out well?" Rogue asked suspiciously.

"You know human nature, never content with anything," he answered. "Plus you'll need a schedule to keep when you're rich and all. Okay just say 'I wish' before whatever you want."

"Umm...Okay," Rogue took a deep breath. "Ah wish...." she trialed off, thinking.
'Married or just a couple?' she asked herself. 'Married!' she decided after a moment. "Ah was married ta Scott and Ah was rich, filthy rich and we weren't mutants," she concluded.

"Done! And enjoy!" Devon snapped his fingers and Rogue suddenly got blinded by a bright light.
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