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Wedding Plans

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Ok this is a Riza/ Roy romance story...and they end up getting married...and there will be a few twists in there...(sorry but my summary sucks...but the storys good) Oh, plez review!!!! There ar...

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Chapter Seven "Wedding Plans"

Rated: R

Warning: Heated Moments, Cursing, Violence, and maybe a couple Lemons.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The people who work and make Fullmetal Alchemist own it.

"No, I want to put the blue flowers on this wall over here." Riza said, dragging Havoc behind her. "Okay, boss lady. But what about the red ones? Do you want a pattern or something?" the wedding decorator asked as Havoc put up a sample on the wall for Riza to look at.
"Well, we could do blue, red, blue, or vice versa." Riza said, tapping her chin as she looked around the reception hall were she was going to have her wedding reception take place. "I think the first choice is good, shall we go with that?" the decorator asked, writing it down. "Yes, we'll go with that." Riza said simply. "Now, since this dance hall is so huge, we'll have the dance floor to one side, and the dinning to the other, and we'll have the bar on the far end of the dance floor, since it's going to be the biggest part." The decorator said.

"Right, right. Now, have my invitations come in yet?" Riza asked, turning to the decorator as Havoc began putting up the samples. "Yes, I've sent them to your house, so you can start sending them out from there. Now, the menus have been finalized, and the waiters for the dinner have been hired, and the Caterer is prepared for anything." The decorator said, ticking some things off. "Good. Are they still making adjustments on the dresses and tuxedo's?" Riza asked, picking up her purse and Eve came rushing over with her jacket.

"Yes, they'll be ready next week, and we'll have the flowers in the day before the wedding for here and the church, and we'll have the decorating staff put everything up for you just the way you described." The decorator said politely, writing some stuff down. "Great, I'll see you in next week then?" Riza said, walking towards the door. "Yes, thank you for your time, Miss Hawkeye!" the decorator called, writing more stuff down.

Roy looked up from the last bit of his paper work as the spring rain poured outside. It was March 29th and they were 2 weeks away from the wedding. "Everything's right on time. The dresses and tuxes will be ready next week, the invitations are waiting at the house to send out, and the flowers and everything will be put up the day before the wedding. Oh, and the Caterer is ready for anything." Riza said, setting her purse down on her desk, and removing her jacket. "I trust Havoc didn't break any speeding laws getting You, Sedgwick, and Mitsu there then?" Roy asked, setting down his pen.
"No. But he did curse the entire time." Riza said bluntly, adjusting her engagement ring absent-mindedly. "Okay then. Everyone here is almost done with their work." Roy said, picking up his pen and signing something. The phone rang and Riza picked it up quickly, only to hang it up with a frazzled yell and quickly putting on her coat and grabbing her purse again. "What is it?" Amaya asked quickly.

"My crazy Aunt Lydia and her crazy husband Jake are here Two weeks early! They're at the train station now, I have no place to put their crazy asses!" Riza said, slapping her forehead smartly, rushing to the door, and digging her keys out of her purse. "Ma'ma, they can stay with me, and I'll come with you." Amaya said, quickly, glancing at the Fuhrer. He gave a short nod before going back to his paperwork, and the two women flew out the door.

"She's getting a little overwhelmed, don't you think, sir?" Edward asked, finishing his paperwork quickly. "She'll be fine, she's just loosing her calm a little. None of you have ever seen her like this." Roy said, finishing his paper work as well. "I hope she doesn't become one of those crazy brides..." Breda said, flicking his pen back and forth. "Ha! Like that would happen to the Lieutenant." Eve said protectively. "You one has said anything about the Best Man and Maid of Honor yet..." Edward said with speculation.

"We haven't discussed that just yet." Roy said, picking up everyone's finished paperwork. "It's two weeks away!" Havoc said, looking shocked. "Oh shut up." Alphonse said, clocking him in the back of the head. "Ow! That hurt Elric." Havoc muttered, rubbing the back of his head.

"Oh god...what a day..." Riza muttered, sinking against the wall as the hot water beat down on her from the showerhead. And they still had to think of a Best Man and a Maid Of Honor. She groaned and began to soap her hair and scrub it, repeating the process for the conditioner. Then she took her bath scrubby and scrubbed at her body with Ocean Breeze scented body wash and then rinsed off, (AFTER SHAVING!) and turned off the shower, getting out and wrapping a towel securely around her body.
"I owe Mitsu one for taking in my Aunt and Uncle..." Riza muttered to herself as she dried her hair with a separate towel before combing it out, and putting it up in a messy bun. She opened the bathroom door and smiled as she heard Roy's faint voice come from Elicia's room. He was reading her a bedtime story about Cinderella. She looked down at her ring, which she had replaced as soon as she had stepped out of the shower, and her eyes glazed over.

They were going to have kids of their own someday. She smiled even bigger and went over to the dresser. Little Roy's and little Riza's. Only they'd have different names, and they'd be their own unique persona. She dried her body off and put on a light nightgown, and threw the towel in the dirty laundry basket, eyeing it with distaste. "Great, I have laundry to do on a Saturday tomorrow. And my feet hurt from dancing the salsa with my fiancé..." she spoke to no one in particular.

"Do you always talk to yourself when I'm out of the room darlin'?" Roy's voice issued from the doorway. She took her hair out of its messy bunch and ran her fingers through it. "No, and damnit, now my hair is being stubborn...It looks like crap." She said. "Sit down..." He said lightly, coming over to her after shutting the door and leading her to the bed. She sat down with a sigh, and looked at him.

"I can't keep doing this...I feel like giving up..." she said, looking down at her hands. Roy made a tutting noise, and took her hands in his. "You're stressed out. You have a lot to plan for. And we just sent out 500 wedding invitations. Not to mention that the entire Military is going to be there. Its' a good thing that damn church is huge, and it's going to be even more of a good thing if only half of those people RSVP for the reception." Roy said. "You're right...but we still have the Best Man and Maid of Honor thing...and then we have the glasses and dishware to order for the dinner...and the cake! Oh god...I forgot to ask about the cake..." Riza said, putting her head in her hands.

"Calm down, where'd my Riza go?" Roy said with a small laugh, beginning to rub her back. "You're more tense than I thought you were..." he said, kissing her neck lightly. "It's just hard...I just need to chill...Maybe it would help if I made a list like that damn decorator." Riza said, leaning into his touch. "That would be a good idea. And I already have a best man." Roy said lightly, rubbing her lower back, working out all the tense nerves and knots.

"Oh? Who?" Riza asked, turning her head some to look at him. "Edward. Originally, a long time ago, I had planned on Maes...he was my best friend. But he would want it to be Ed." Roy answered her. Riza turned around and looked at him. "I think that's a wonderful idea. Because I want Amaya to be my Maid of Honor." She said, a smile on her face. Roy began to laugh, "What's so funny?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. "They're two short people Riza...will anyone be able to see them?" he laughed, and she tackled him.

"You jack ass, they're not that short!" she said, slapping him lightly. "Yes, but we'll have to get a stool for Ed anyways, just to piss him off." Roy said, still laughing. "You are mean. You're a mean man." Riza said, tickling him and making him laugh more. He began to tickle her back and she giggled her face going red as he rolled over on top of her. "You're a mean man and I knew it. I've always known it." Riza said and they stopped tickling each other.

They looked into each other's eyes for the longest time, just looking, not moving at all. "Make love to me..." Riza whispered, and he leaned down kissing her passionately. She wrapped her arms around him, and he brought her up to a sitting position with him. "I love you...Riza..." he muttered, breaking their kiss. She looked at him adoringly. "I love you, Roy Mustang." She whispered softly, putting a hand to his cheek. He put his hand over that one and snuggled into her hand, kissing it.

"Okay, so the cake will be delivered to the reception hall during the wedding while everything is being set up over there?" Riza said lightly over the phone as everyone did their work. "Yes, that sounds perfect. So far we have 150 replies saying they're coming to the reception, and 250 say they're just coming to the wedding. So that won't be a problem for the Caterer, right?" Riza continued, writing something down.
There was a knock on the door, and several people burst in at once, flying up to the desk and mobbing Roy. Riza stood up quickly. "Yes, yes, that's right, I wanted Blue before red." She said calmly into the phone, her hand flying to her gun before Roy put up a hand and she nodded, sitting back down as they continued to mob him. Armstrong and Ross came flying, looking out of breath and Edward waved them away quickly.

"Okay, sounds wonderful. I'll bring everyone over tomorrow, and we can try on the gowns and tuxes to see if they fit perfectly. Thank you so very much for your time." Riza said, hanging up the phone and got up, going over to the filing cabinet. Then she stopped dead in her tracks. "Oh! Oh damnit!" She cursed, walking quickly back to her desk and everything went silent as she punched numbers into he phone and let it ring.

"Cancel the Tuxes. I just realized, stupid of me really, I've been in the military for 25 years... Yes well, it's a military wedding. The officers will be wearing their 'uniforms'. Yes, we still need bridesmaid's gowns. That's right just the tuxes. Refund? Hell keep it for yourself, you're doing a great job. Thank you. Thank you so much." Riza said into the phone. Then she hung it up and slapped her forehead.

"Sedgwick, and Mitsu, go down Unsolved Cases and grab me the Hedrick file I called for two hours ago. Then on your way back, grab the files from Johnson that are waiting for the Fuhrer." She said, turning to the two girls. "Yes, Ma'ma." They both answered, standing and saluting before leaving quickly. "Havoc, go downtown to the Bridal Shower place and pick up the...uh the...damnit...ah yes, the wedding Album, and the two baskets full of Bubbles. Then drop them off at the Reception hall, Delilah, my Coordinator/Decorator will be there, she'll know what to do with them." Riza said, turning to Havoc quickly.

"Yes ma'ma." Havoc said, saluting her and walking out, puffing his cigarette as he grabbed his keys. Riza let out a breath, in reality, she was trying to avoid meeting Roy's family. She knew it was them as soon they came in. She was just too nervous to meet them right now...How to get out of the room? "I have to go down to Investigations to check on something, Edward make sure everyone gets their work done, and uh...keep the Fuhrer in line..." Riza said quickly, grabbing a clipboard and pen and exiting quickly.

"She's nervous about meeting us isn't she?" Roy's mother asked her son. "She's been under a lot of stress lately Mother. She's not quite herself. Fuery, will you show my family to their hotel? You all don't mind do you? I have some work to finish up here." Roy said quickly. They all nodded with smiles on their faces and left with Fuery, chattering to him about how much they had missed being in Central.

Riza came back in a couple hours later, not quite meeting everyone's eye as she sat down and began on her work. It was silent for a long while. There was just the scratching of pens and the birds chirping outside the open windows where the sunlight streamed in. Then Roy looked up from his work. "Hawkeye..." he said quietly. "Yes, sir?" Riza replied carefully, taking care not to look from her work. "Could I talk to you outside for a minute?" he asked stepping down from his desk. She nodded her head and stood up, walking out after him.
"I don't blame her for not wanting to meet his family. They creeped me out sorta..." Falman said, tipping back in his chair. "She's just under stress, and she was bound to be nervous about meeting her future In-Laws." Amaya said, twiddling her thumbs. "I would be nervous too." Eve piped up, looking bored as she traced transmutation circles on a piece of paper, having finished her work an hour ago.

"She really needs to get laid then..." Havoc muttered. Amaya hit him in the back of the head. "You jack ass." Eve said, slapping him. "Damnit, I never say anything right..." he muttered. "Don't say anything against the Lieutenant; they'll kick your ass." Edward said, referring to Eve and Amaya. "Don't we know it!" Everyone said aloud.

"I just...I'm really nervous." Riza said, looking down at the ground. "And I understand that. Just...make sure you're ready by the time the rehearsal dinner comes around." Roy said, grasping her shoulders. "I will then." Riza answered. "There's something wrong...isn't there?" Roy asked. Riza sighed, and looked out the window down the hall. "No...And I'm not lying. I just...I didn't think I'd ever take on anything harder than shooting someone to protect you..." Riza said. He kissed her lips softly.

"You're doing perfectly. And it's your fault. You won't accept my help." He said cockily. "Oh shut up! I don't need your help." Riza said, shaking him off with a short laugh. "We're five days away from the wedding, and you're saying you don't need me now? Shouldn't you have said that five months ago?" Roy asked in a joking voice. "You're such an asshole, you know that?" Riza said, crossing her arms.

"I'm not going to start an argument with you young lady." Roy said, about to go back in the office. "You're no fun." Riza said, breezing past him into the office. "OH? So you want an argument?" He said, slamming the door as he came in. "No, I never said I wanted one, you jerk, and you started it!" Riza yelled, sitting down at her desk. "I didn't start anything, Miss I want to do everything myself." Roy retorted hotly. "You insinuated it!" Riza said, glaring up at him.

"Who wants to bet on the wedding being called off?" Havoc said, puffing his cigarette. "Shut up, you chain smoking asswipe." Amaya said, swiping his cigarette and crushing it out. "Hey, I wanted to bet five dollars!" Ed said, looking mad. "Ha-ha, no." Amaya said, slapping him upside the head. "You're mean..." Fuery said, wiping his glasses. "And you belong to the geek squad." Eve said shortly.

"Eh, was this a bad time to drop by?" A female voice came from the doorway. Riza and Roy whipped around from their "argument" and the others stopped talking and looked over at her. "Lisa?" Riza said her face lighting up instantly. "I do believe I got an invitation to one Miss Riza Hawkeye's wedding, am I correct dear sister?" the dirty blonde haired woman asked with a smile. "Well duh, Lisa, like I wouldn't invite my own sister." Riza said, rushing to hug her sister.

"Okay, let's try this again shall we?" Riza said, adjusting her "Bouquet" of fake flowers. "When are we gonna eat?" Ed complained, rubbing his stomach. "This is rehearsal, who said we were gonna screw it up tomorrow?" Havoc muttered, standing behind Edward. "Oh put a sock in it." Eve said, picking Elicia up and walking down the aisle, with her, Amaya, Riza, Lisa, Ross, and Schiezka. "And I still don't see why your little nephew isn't in the wedding Roy!" his mother said reprovingly.
"I told you mother, we decided on Black Hayate to be the ring bearer with Elicia as the flower girl!" Roy said, clearly annoyed. "A dog? In place of your nephew!" his sister said angrily from her place in the pews. Then the music came on, and there was no place for arguing.

"That was done perfectly. I'm sure you'll all do perfect tomorrow." The Priest said grandly. "Thank you, sir." Riza said lightly with a smile, picking up her jacket. "Roy, I've been meaning to ask you son, why are you wearing that damn eye patch?" Roy's father asked as they exited the church. Riza stopped in her tracks and turned around a grim smile on her face. "That would be my fault, sir...I was slacking off on my duties." She said politely.

"Riza...what did I tell you about that?" Roy said, kissing her cheek and hugging her tightly. "If I remember correctly, sir...The world's not perfect, but it's there for us, doing the best it can. And that's what makes it so damn beautiful." Riza quoted him. "Exactly...I'll see you tomorrow, Lieutenant Hawkeye." Roy said playfully. Riza kissed him one last time as he went off with the boys, and the girls stayed behind with her.

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