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Eternity, Part One

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Ok this is a Riza/ Roy romance story...and they end up getting married...and there will be a few twists in there...(sorry but my summary sucks...but the storys good... Chapter EIGHT is up!! YAY

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Chapter Eight "Eternity, Part One"

Rated: R

Warning: Heated Moments, Cursing, Violence, and maybe a couple Lemons.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The people who work and make Fullmetal Alchemist own it.

Roy paced up and down the alter, looking anxious. People had begun arriving, and the Military was already lined up where they were supposed to be. "Sir, you should probably calm down." Edward said, looking strapping in his full military uniform. "You're right I should, but I can't..." Roy answered, wanting to snap his fingers...but he couldn't because he had his gloves on.
"Everything's okay. The girls are in back, safe and unharmed, getting ready." Havoc said, patting Roy's back. "Good, that's great..." Roy said, stopping his pacing. The Church was completely decked out with Red and Blue roses, they were on the walls, and on the sides of pews. The alter was decked out with satin white sashes, and the red and blue flowers were neatly arranged up there as well. Someone was playing wedding music on the organ in the back. Everyone was whispering quietly in their seats, and the Military personnel were all shifting from foot to foot with anticipation.

Riza blew the hair out of her face and Eve finished curling her hair and securing her rose shaped diamond clip connected to the veil that went out a few feet further than her train. "Okay...I think we're al set to go, Riza." Amaya said, handing Riza her bouquet as she stood up. "Thank you all, so much..." Riza said, smoothing out her gown. It was a one-piece dress made completely of satin, except for the short, off the shoulder sleeves, which were made of lace. The bodice was corset like with white lace adorning it. The lace had tiny white diamonds ebbed into it, so it sparkled. The lace stopped right before the dress flared out into its very puffy bell shape, with a two-foot train.
On her feet were white satin heels, and around her neck was the engraved locket that Roy had given her for Christmas. Some of the curls of her hair had been thrown over her shoulders, and on her left hand, her engagement ring sparkled. She wore no make-up at all, and yet her cheeks were still rosy. She took her bouquet of red roses and smiled.

Now, the other girls, (Schiezka, Ross, Eve, Amaya, and Elicia) were wearing Navy Blue gowns, with halter top straps tied behind their necks to hold the dress on. The gowns went straight down to their feet where their matching shoes barely peeped out. On the bodice was light spray of diamonds sparkled. Their hair was done up with some curls falling lightly around their faces. They all carried a small bouquet of Blue Roses, while Elicia carried a small basket filled with multi-colored petals.

"We've got five minutes." Ross said, checking her watch. Riza looked around, and whistled. Black Hayate came running out, a small pillowed tied around his neck with two wedding bands tied neatly onto the pillow. "Go tell them we're ready..." Riza said, letting out a deep breath. Eve swept away, closing the door with a snap behind her as she left quickly.

Roy looked up quickly as Eve peeped out to the organ player something. She quickly looked up at them and gave the signal. "Good luck, see you in a bit." Edward said quickly as he, Alphonse, Havoc, and Bloch went quietly down a side aisle as the organ player began a new wedding tune for the bridesmaids to come out to. Falman, Fuery, Armstrong, and Breda discarded their jobs as Ushers and went to stand in formation with the other officers and Soldiers.
Eve and Alphonse walked down the aisle first, going to the pace of the music, then Bloch and Ross, who were both blushing. Then Havoc and Schiezka came out, blushing even harder than Bloch and Ross were. Then Elicia and Black Hayate came down the aisle, and everyone went Aww, and a couple hundred pictures were snapped. Elicia just smiled, and spread out the multi colored Rose petals like she had been told evenly. Black Hayate had his tongue lolling out and he looked happier than anyone.

Then at last Amaya and Edward came out, neither one of them blushing. Edward took his place next to Roy, and in front of Bloch, Al, and Havoc. And Amaya went in front of the other girls, and the music stopped as the curtains in the back swung shut and everyone stood up, looking apprehensive. Roy didn't look one bit nervous now. He looked tall, demanding, sexy, and handsome in his complete uniform as Fuhrer. He had his hair slicked back, and his hat on, like the other men. All the female officers were wearing their 'special occasion' skirts, and the men had their hair slicked back with their hats on. And they were all saluting. (Think of Episode 25, but not too much cause it's sad)

The music started up again, but this time to the Bride's song as the curtains swung forward, and everyone looked awestruck as their eyes settled on Riza. She had a small smile gracing her lips, and she began her walk down the aisle, alone. Her red rose bouquet was held at waist level, and her train and veil followed her perfectly down the long aisle. She kept her eyes focused ahead, on Roy, who had an arrogant smirk on his face once he saw her.

He looked so handsome and striking in his full uniform with his hat. She reached the steps, and as the rehearsal had went, he reached down and helped her up as Amaya took her bouquet and the bridesmaids lifted her veil and train and arranged it quickly as she stood next to Roy. Roy didn't miss the look her in eye, and she didn't miss the look in his eye either. (NO PUN INTENDED, even if he only has one eye...poor baby!)

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in order to witness this holy matrimony." The priest began. Then he went off and onto what marriage meant, and what love and honor meant in that marriage. Riza wasn't really listening; she was lost in her own thoughts as he ranted on and on. Finally, at last, it was time for them to exchange their own vows. And Roy was the first one.

"Please join hands." The preacher said kindly. Roy put his hands forward, palm up, and Riza put hers over the top of his, and he began to say his own written vows. "I first met you 25 years ago. I was a 1st Lieutenant at the time, and you and a few others had been stationed under me. I didn't notice that anyone had walked in the room; I was busy priding myself on getting promoted. Then I heard this...well there's really no way to describe it, because saying your voice is beautiful isn't doing it justice." Roy began.

Riza rolled her eyes and everyone chuckled. "But I heard a hello issue from that beautiful mouth of yours...and I didn't realize it then, but I had fallen for you. I had fallen so deep I couldn't get out. I was just too damn stubborn and stupid to realize it. But time came and went, and we were both promoted. I to Lieutenant Colonel, and you to 1st lieutenant. I discovered two very unique boys at that point, and that's when both of our lives went for a bumpy ride. A couple years later I was promoted once more, but you were not. Then we began to discover odd things about the government. You and another person had made a promise to me.

"You had both promised to work under me, stay loyal and push me to the top. That year...that other person died...and I actually wanted to commit a sin...A Human Transmutation. But you were there, and you reminded me of what I had to do here. Of what I could do to stop it all. Life went on. As the year progressed, the government started to go haywire. We learned the shocking truth...that our Government was being run by frauds. I had to go under cover, and you were the only one I took with me, I trusted you with my life. And we succeeded at our mission. Now here we are today, before the entire Military, our family and friends...both of our dreams have come true...and we're in love. That's all I'll ever need, my darling Riza, is you." Roy finished, and Riza a took a deep steadying breath.

Some women were crying, and both Eve and Amaya looked ready to cry. Riza smiled, and held her head a bit higher. "I had always thought of you as a lazy, paperwork hating, woman chasing Colonel. But there was always that something about you that kept me from asking for a transfer. Soon I had made a promise to protect you and stand by you no matter what. Then...I realized that I had fallen in love with you. But it was wrong, it was very inappropriate. The rules were firm and solid, and I couldn't allow my feelings to get in the way of my work and duties to the Military or the state. So I kept them inside. Those feelings finally began to come out when we had to go on a mission to destroy the fraud that was running our government." Riza took a short breath and plunged on.

"At one point, I was captured, and they took me away, but they didn't get far. I rushed back as soon as possible, and shot anyone that was in my way. I just knew something had happened. The mansion was on fire, and I was out of breath...but I saw you, laying there, bleeding to death. And something inside of me snapped. I collapsed beside you, crying, calling out your, name, and shaking you, telling you to get up, say something, and do anything. Well, I had gotten there in the nick of time. I saved you as best I could. You were hospitalized, and had been promoted to Brigadier General (Backwards I know, but oh well). I felt horrible. It was all my fault you had been hurt, and you had lost your eye. So I felt it my obligation to take care of you and nurse you back to health.

"You asked me what was wrong one day, and I told you. It was my fault you were hospitalized, the plan was perfect, but I had failed you. You chuckled, and shook your head, stroking my hair, a sign of affection...You told me the world wasn't perfect...but that it was trying, and that was what made it so damn beautiful. You made me feel better. A couple months later, you began courting me...and here we are now. I've never been more proud or more happy in my life. Nor more in love, and I have only you to thank for it. So it is with great pride that I take your last name today." Riza finished.

"The rings, if you please." The priest said, wiping his eyes. Most everyone was teary eyed by now. This was a pure love, a real, true love. A powerful love, one that could never be broken, no matter what. Black Hayate stepped forward and Roy bent down, picking up one of the golden wedding bands and slipped it on next to Riza's Engagement Ring, and she did the same to his left hand.

"Do you, Roy Jonathan Mustang, take one Riza Victoria Hawkeye to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, in happiness and in sorrow, as long as you both shall live?" The Priest asked. "I do." Roy said, smiling at Riza. "Do you, Riza Victoria Hawkeye take one Roy Jonathan Mustang to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, in happiness and in sorrow as long as you both shall live?" the Priest asked her the same question. Riza smiled and nodded her head, "I do." She said.

"By the powers vested in me, and by the powers of god and the holy spirit, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." The priest said, raising his hands and making a cross symbol with them. Riza leaned forward, and Roy leaned down, their lips touch in a brief sweet kiss as everyone cheered. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, for the very first time, Mr. And Mrs. Roy Mustang!" The priest said happily. The organ music started up again, and Riza took her bouquet back from Amaya, and gathered her train and veil with her left arm, and took Roy's hand as they walked down the aisle, waving and looking extremely happy.

Riza set down the daisies on the stone and kissed Roy. "I did it, Maes...I found myself a good wife, so shove that up your ghost butt." Roy said with a chuckled. Riza rolled her eyes with a laugh and swatted at him. "Thank you, Maes Hughes, for everything..." they both said together, walking back to the car to get to the reception. They didn't look back, but if they had, they would have seen a transparent Gracia and Maes, waving and smiling, congratulating them.
The walls were plastered with white silk banners and red and blue roses. There were at least 70 tables filled with the 250 guests that had RSVPed for the reception, and off to one side of the large Bride and Grooms' table was a medium sized table stacked with small plates and forks, and in the middle was the five layer cake, topped with a small Bride and Groom. It had white frosting, and the small delicately done blue roses and border blue frosting were done beautifully. One the other side of the Bride/Groom table was the large rectangular table that held piles of presents. They were all shapes and sizes and wrapped in blue or white.
On all the guests' tables in the middle of them were after dinner mints, and bubbles for each person seated, and menus as well. There was Champagne, and sparkling water for the older people and for the small children there was apple juice, or apple soda. Up at the bride and groom's table, Amaya, Edward, and everyone that had participated in the wedding were already seated, and there were only two people missing.

"They're going to yell, I'd cover your ears." Edward said quickly as the doors at the far end of the hall were opened by two butler type men and the bride and groom themselves entered. Everyone yelled out a huge "CONGRATULATIONS!" as Roy and Riza came through, both of them looking very happy.

"Hey Mustang, give her a big kiss!" Ed yelled, jumping up. "Sit down shorty..." Amaya said, tugging on Ed's braid. Roy took off his hat to reveal his slicked back hair, and Riza let her veil and train fall beside her as they went towards their table, stopping and talking to a few people along the away, all smiles. Soft piano music played in the background, and everyone spoke quietly, giving the room a slight buzz as waiters and waitresses came out to take everyone's dinner orders.

Roy pulled out a seat for Riza, and she took his hand lightly as she sat down, arranging her veil and dress accordingly. She set her bouquet in front of her plate and he set his hat in front of his. "What's it like to be married?" Eve asked quietly as Riza looked over at them. "That's a stupid question, she's only been married for 30 minutes." Amaya said, rolling her eyes. Riza laughed, giving her order to a waitress. She turned back to Eve, taking a sip of Champagne.

"It's the best feeling you'll ever have. It's like floating on cloud, knowing you'll never fall, because you know someone's there to catch you and hold you close for the rest of your life." Riza explained, her cheeks flushed and her eyes alight with happiness. Eve gave her a big grin and drank down her champagne. "Last time I checked you were only 16, little miss." Havoc said. "Last time I checked, this was a non smoking area." Amaya defended her best friend, swiping Havoc's cig and putting it out in his fizzing water. "You suck Mitsu." He muttered.

Riza rolled her eyes and shook her head, turning to her HUSBAND (Fan girl sigh) and putting a hand on his shoulder to catch his attention. He turned away from Edward, who snickered evilly, and turned to Mitsu. "Yes Mrs. Mustang?" he said proudly, smirking. "I wanted to tell you something, but it seems that you were busy, sir. Maybe I should come back later, Fuhrer Mustang." Riza said playfully. She moved to turn away, but he caught her hands in his and she giggled.

"I'm going to have to order you to kiss me now, Lieutenant Mustang." Roy played along, leaning in and kissing her lightly, pushing some of her curls back. "OK! Save some of that Sexiness for the honeymoon Sirs." Alphonse piped up; cutting the steak that had brought to him. "Shut up before I demote you, Elric." Riza joked, pulling away form her husband and looking at her meal. "You would never do such a thing, because then Eve would kill you." Edward said, eating his turkey. "I'd like to see her get near my wife packs a gun..." Roy said, laughing. "Damn straight." Amaya said, eating her vegetables.

"Everyone made a really big freaking line when we got here, signing the wedding album, and taking pictures of the place and us. Oh, and the Coordinator said the photographer would be here after everyone left for the professional pics." Amaya said 30 minutes later as everyone was finishing up eating. "Yay, pictures!" Eve squealed, sipping more Champagne. "She's on crack, don't listen to her." Al joked, patting Eve on the back as she glared at him.
"So, where are you two going on your honeymoon?" Schiezka asked, pushing her glasses up. "Deisrembool." Roy said, sipping his champagne, and already having cleared his plate. "Oh! That's the romantic hotspot! They've got everything there for a wonderful honeymoon!" Ross said, her eyes like stars. "That's why we're going." Roy and Riza said together. Everyone laughed.

The waiters came out and began to sweep away the dirty dishes and refill everyone's glasses accordingly. "Could I have everyone's attention please?" A voice came from the small stage that had been set up for the D.J. "Yay Dancing! Come on Alphonse." Eve said, jumping up and clasping onto Al. "Now that dinner has been finished, the dancing will continue throughout the evening." The D.J. said politely, start off the real music.

"Great, the part we sit for awhile till the first dance comes." Roy said. "And all the creepy relatives come up and talk to you, good luck Mustang." Edward said, an evil look on his face as he and Amaya went to join Eve and the others. "I'll demote him, I swear it." Roy said, his hands balled up in fists. "Roy..." Riza said softly, touching his hands. "Riza...don't..." he whined, looking at her.

"I love you, you silly man." Riza said, her eyes sincere and devoted as she looked at him. "Oh! Look at you two, you look so in love!" Roy's mother said, coming up to the table. "Hello, mother." Roy said, looking over at his parents. "Hello Jenny..." Riza said, smiling, or attempting to. You could tell Riza and her mother in-law did not get along. "Oh please, Riza Victoria, call me mother. We're family now, after all." Roy's mother said formally, patting the table as she said it. Roy coughed and sipped his champagne quickly.

"I had a mother...and she died, Jenny. Nobody could ever take her place. So if you don't mind, I see a rather handsome looking 2nd Lieutenant looking lonely over there. I would like to talk to him about his love life." Riza said, standing up and floating over towards Havoc, who was looking dejected on the side of the dance floor. "Well I never! Roy, how could you marry such a woman!" his mother said, looking scandalized. "For that exact reason, mother. You don't like her. That and she's perfect for me. She always has been. I just wish we both could have realized it earlier." Roy said, smiling and following after his wife.

"Jean...who turned you down?" Riza asked lightly as she came and stood beside Havoc, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Oh just about every single woman in here." Havoc said, a sad smile on his face. "I see you didn't ask Schiezka, and she's supposed to be your date." Riza said, the corners of her mouth twitching. "You should go talk to her bud." Roy said, coming up behind Havoc. Jean jumped and turned around quickly. "Jeez, you two really know how to freak out a guy." He said, straitening his uniform collar.

"Go ask her Jean. She seems to hold a special interest for you." Riza said, pushing him towards her lonely bridesmaid. "She'll say no like everyone else, chief." Jena said, looking unconcerned. "Ask anyways, she might surprise you bud." Roy said. "And quit calling me bud." Jean spiffed, walking towards Schiezka. Riza giggled, "That's what he gets for not asking the only person he likes." She said, turning to her husband. "Now what are we supposed to do till the first dance?" Roy said, leaning against one of the decorated pillars. "We could dance with other people, Mr. Mustang." Riza said, raising an eyebrow.

"We could, but you're the only person I want to dance with, Mrs. Mustang." Roy said with a smirk, resting his gloved hands at her hips. "I thought as much. Some things never change." Riza said, kissing him on the lips. "You just wait...Later on tonight, when I have you right where I want you, I'm going to make you wish you hadn't have been disrespectful to your Fuhrer, Lieutenant Mustang." Roy whispered in her ear, causing her to shiver. "I'll gladly take my punishment, sir." She whispered back, causing him to grin boldly, tightening his grip on her as the song ended and Amaya, Eve and the others came towards them.

"Well, well. Look at you two, whispering dirty things in one another's ear, waiting for the first dance." Edward said, laughing. "Edward!" Amaya said, slapping his hand. "Yes, mother." Edward said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. "If you ask me, they look so beautiful together... like a romance novel. Two lovers, wrapped up in their own love..." Eve said with a sigh. "I need to take your romance novels away Eve..." Riza said, hugging the younger girl. "I love you, ma'ma." Eve said, hugging Riza tightly.

"Look Roy, we have a daughter!" Riza said, Looking at her husband. "Oh! Look Maya, I have a mommy and a daddy!" Eve played along, unlatching herself from Riza and latching herself onto Roy, whose eye was as big as a dinner plate. (THAT WAS SO WEIRD! He only has one eye to make as big as a dinner plate...but the eye patch is sexy, enough of my rambling...) "When did we have a baby?" he asked, looking shocked. "Oh, you idiot. We're joking." Riza said, patting her husband.

"Daddy, I want a pony!" Eve squealed, causing everyone to laugh. "I've always wanted a daughter..." Roy and Riza said together. "Fine, then you've unofficially adopted Eve." Amaya said. "Yay, I have a mommy and a daddy..." Eve said, and then she jumped off them both as 'her' favorite song came on. Then again, anything she liked was her song, or her favorite. "Take care of my daughter." Roy laughed at Alphonse as the poor guy was dragged back onto the dance floor.

"She's the sweetest girl you'll ever meet." Ross said with a smile. "Yes she is. And she's very beautiful and intelligent." Amaya said, smiling at Eve as she danced with her Alphonse. "What happened to her real parents?" Riza asked, straightening her dress and veil. "Her mother died after she gave birth to her, and her father died in the Ishbalan war..." Amaya said, looking at the ground. Everyone tensed up for a second before letting out a breath and plunging on. "Are you really related to her?" Havoc asked. "No...I just found her when she was 14, and we've been traveling together ever since. We became Alchemists together." Amaya said with a sad smile.

"Okay...well on to happier subjects. She seems to love Alphonse deeply." Schiezka said. "Oh please, they're inseparable." Edward said with a laugh. "They're sweet together." Riza said, holding Roy's hand. "She grew up so fast..." Roy cried. "Oh honestly..." Riza said, swatting his shoulder and making everyone laugh.

"Alphonse...I love you..." Eve whispered as she laid her head on his shoulder and he held her close as they swayed with everyone else to the music. "I love you, my darling." He whispered back, stroking her long blonde curls. "Al...can I ask you something?" Eve said, raising her head up and looking at him. "What is it?" he asked, turning with her. "Can we save ourselves...until our wedding night?" Eve asked, her startling green eyes big and shiny. "Save ourselves...Oh." Al said, looking puzzled for a minute before smiling down at her, his eyes soft and endearing.

"I was afraid to ask before now, but..." Eve began before he placed a finger on her rose red lips. "Whatever you want. It's a good idea. That way, we won't have to worry about babies born outside of wed-lock." Alphonse said, kissing her lips gently. She smiled and pushed some of his bangs back. "You're so handsome..." she whispered, looking into his eyes. "And you're so beautiful. I want to be with you forever." He said, caressing her cheek. "We'll be together forever, I promise." Eve said with a smile and a wink.

"Oh yay, they're about to do the first dance." Amaya said clapping her hands as the song ended. "Thank god..." Riza said, smiling. "You two are so perfect together..." Eve said, looking at Roy and Riza adoringly. Roy coughed and Riza blushed. "You are all too kind..." Riza said, her eyes sparkling. "Riza, you and Roy deserve this more than anyone deserves anything." Havoc said seriously. "Dude...I'm getting emotional..." Ed said, rubbing his eyes. "Love is overwhelming me!" Eve said flustered and crying. "Oh god, guys don't start crying..." Riza said, picking her dress up and putting it back down.

"And now Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my greatest pleasure to announce that AFTER this next song, the bride and groom will share their first dance. At that time, we will need everyone to clear the dance floor so they can share this special moment alone, thank you." The D.J. said politely as a fast party song came on.

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