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01 - The biomechanoid's drone

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(1-10) How it all began, the first of the queens and the war that exterminated their masters; she was the seed of the future.

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The Biomechanoid's drone

41059 B.C.

Location : Somewhere at the edge of the Milky Way

Dark clouds hovered above the blackened lands; ever and endless, the face of the star never appeared at the day's hemisphere. The strange landscape was not natural, yet it was....shaped like stolled lave but in symetry. The soft metallic grounds once had functioned for communication, the literal floor of the community.

In the distance, the remnants of a few oddly shaped buildings were on white fire, but other than that, nothing distrubed the sight of the horizon.

Standing on the plain, from end to end, to end to end in all four corners of the wind, there were carcasses. Burned in fire, plasma, electricity, neneon or crushed under fallen objects.

Sometimes, a limb was raised, sometimes, a moan emitted. Shivers ran through bodies before they died and shut down. For day's, the fes survivors lived on, having nothing but living on. The knowledge of their defeat had to be carried on and analysed.

But it was not the ship of their own side that finally descended.

Perfectly without a noise, the giant vessle lowered itself through the atmosphere without a shake or bump, until it hovered just above the battlefield. As the pilot found the landing scenery proper enough, the ship's magnetic fields slowly weakened and the 'feet' extended from underneath the starcraft. Ignoring the crushing of bodies underneath, the ship was set down to dorm mode.

For the following weeks, remnants that were usable would be gathered and data collected. Every bit of detail would be used to create pattern of their enemy.
Even though it was their own species, they took their task as if they were harvesting knowledge about an unknown species. The biomechanoids took nothing lightly. The war was just aswell in cyberspace as in the real world....or rather, there was no difference.

This was one of the rare battles they had won. Their opponents had been destroyed; this particular army at least. But there were many armies more, and they knew they would lose. Defeat, however, is no option for them. For them, honor, love, virtue and respect meant nothing. They simply existed, though simple is nothing close to them.

They wanted to win, because there was nothing in their life aside of advancing and continuing life. For that to happen, their opponents needed to be destroyed. Giving up, no such thing would happen. It would be ending their own lives, which was against all they were.

It was at that battlescene, when one of the researchers got an idea.

After many day's at the planet, day's which were barely recognisable because of the everlasting darkness, one of them, nameless in words but known in thoughts by the others, had strayed very far after having picked up a life signal.

He found an enemy biomechanoid, stil alive.

He stood there, in the dark world looking at a member of his species die. There was only a vague point of hatred against the dying one, but such meant nothing to either of them. There was no use in killing the wounded one because he was already dying. Any action against him would be such a waste of energy. Besides, he knew that it would be sooner than nature said.

He hadn't seen the last survivors earlier, because only now he had moved. And this he had done, to straighten himself for the final deadblow.

His drone arived, a longheaded creature with a spiked mouth and 9 very thing fingers on it's long hand. Normally, they could walk upwards; the drone should in fact have been using it's wings and fly, but the wings were ripped off. Dragging itself forward on arms and one leg, sometimes stretching it's tail as support, it came forward.

Stopping at the feet of it's master, the drone collapsed, and remained there. Now, it moved it's tail upwards; the two thin spikes at the end snapping apart.

The conquerer watched at the drone's tail shot forward and penetrated the chest of his master. While the biomechanoid died and his brain activity faded, so died his drone, for these drones were connected to their master's brainwaves...unable to live any other way.

The species of biomechanoids don't have inspiration. Everything is acheeved by knowledge and reason. Perhaps something was malfunctioning in this particular, for seeing this scene gave him an idea.

His side had not enough warriors. They had not the machinery requierd to reproduce. However, they could make drones. That they needed, drones. An army of drones, that could listen to one master, that could not be reprogrammed....genetical programming, instead of brain programming. Yes, so they could not be reprogrammed. One master, one will to acheeve...destroy.

He turned around with his idea, and headed straight back to his ship. While telepathically contacting the others, they too started to work with the idea, which soon became a plan, and then a mission, and then : warfare. Too be precise : biological warfare.

This story I am writing as a basis for my future fanfictions. I would like the fans to know that the biomechanoids, their type of civilization and their purpose of the xenomorph indeed are canon, however not commonly used because H.G. Giger stopped Fox from taking away his entire world.
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