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02 - The first

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They needed a weapon to win, and they made a weapon to win. Something alive, something smart, something that didn't need their supervision all the time and that took care of it's own reproduction....

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The First

When the last difference between biology and technology was erased...

41059 B.C

Location : Somewhere at the edge of the Milky Way

Only in extreme situations do the biomechanoids experience some chemical reaction other than fear or dream, as far as dream aplies.

Now, they experienced both relief and anxiety. Before them, caged and chained in the strange structures of their world was the answer to their problem; the unstopable plague that would bring victory to their side in this war.

The lone building rose like a tumor out of the earth in a half, high circle. Lowere walls were closing the other side almost entirely, leaving stil a wide gap open above. But the entrance was narrow, and the smaller walls hightened abit at the doorless gateway. The thin rocks around which the place was build peeked up above the sickly creamish contruction. The bleak water expanded to nearly all horizons, reflecting the grey sky perfectly, and also the building.

Had any alien come to that place, he would not have believed it if someone had told him that from that place the greatest terrors of the galaxy would be born. Yet then the silence was broken, as a terrible scream emerged from the building.

It was not the sound of some of the machines working there, this shriek was alive, filled with the vibration of a destructive nature.

The sound faded away, only to rise once again a few seconds later.

Inside, the biomechanoids watched with their eyes closed, seeing by the knowledge they received from their bond with the cyberspace that was their hive-mind. They beheld their creation : the first xenomorph queen, the Oldest Mother, Internecivus Raptus Regina Prime.

Pride may not be the right word, but perhaps they were proud when 'seeing' upon her. She was as they intended her to be : without emotion, like an animal in mind but smart nonetheless, and with one and only one goal to acheeve : reproduction.

The system they had invented for this was the most perfect tool of weapon they had ever created. She was a queen and would lay eggs. These eggs would bring forth no offspring, but carriers. These carriers would find a host, and infect the victim with the embryo they carried. It was utter perfection.

The eggs could easily be planted on a hostile ship or simply dropped above a city unseen. Once the carriers had done their job, the weapons would emerge and kill the host in the process. Then they would try to find other hosts for the remaining eggs, and kill any obstacle in their way. The larger their number would be, the more destructive they would become.

All they had to do, was drop the eggs and watch their enemy perish. After that, they would go down the drones. Any remaining carrier would be dead already by that time; they were designed only to last a span of 18 ctebs. The eggs could last until the elements got to them, but they did not open unless the target was in it's aura's range; therefore, they could easily be shot from a distance.

The queen, an impresive monster with four destructive arms and large clawed legs, and a whiplike tail reflected purple, blue and green in the hard light, her appearance giving a scent of mystery in the darkness, but colors meant nothing to the biomechanoids. They never stopped once in ther activities to admire the beauty of the monster they had created.

She screamed again, throwing her huge corona backwards as the thick air welled up around her, nearly forcing her body to take in the elements and start growing an eggsack. For the following time, her creators watched closely through their everpresent mind eyes.

The eggs started to form, they noticed with satisfaction, until the tubelike end of the eggsack extended and laid the first egg. It was removed immediatly to another laboraty, as was the second and the third and those after.

The other chamber contained an enemy biomechanoid, and two lifeforms from another planet. Three eggs were placed inside. None of the hosts were awake, except a vague glimpse of awareness in the biomechanoid, but even he did not see it comming. The carriers emerged from the eggs, and found their way to the faces of their victims.

The impregnation took longer than they had wanted, as did the growing of the drones. The biomechanoids simply noted what had to be changed about the biochemistry of the future creations.

The drones born from the hosts also took very long to chesburst. For this another note was made.

Suddenly, there was another high pitched scream. At the very same moment she tensed her troat as agony shot through her body, her creators received the data of what had gone wrong.

Her metabolism collided as the eggsack's absorbation of the nurtering light was not synchronised with the speed the embryo's were being created in her body. The 13th egg came out disorted, and the 14th was only a smoking mass. Quikly the biomechanoids shut down the lightsource and drained the hall of the rich air. All heat was withdrawn and cold forced onto her, stopping the production of the eggs.

The mistake, they found out, was unfixable. Altering the genetic pattern of this specimen would cause severe regeneration disorders, and they had no use for a queen that could not last through time. They did not care however, because they would make others until their weapons were perfected.

The three drones were investigated quikly. They functioned perfectly, too perfect in fact. Not only had they taken traits of their hosts, they had imrpoved these traits. Quikly they were disposed of as the chamber filled with frost.

The thoughest one, born from the hostile biomechanoid, lasted longest, screaming out again and again in pain. The nature to survive was so strong he knew nothing to his existence but to survive.

He died, eventually, and was recycled when the blood had lost it's acidic effect.

The queen was to be transported to a lower level, where she would be kept as a back-up in case other specimens would fail.

When they placed her in a cryogenic dorm, they found out another error in her design : her brain activity never truely stopped.

They left her and continued on advancing the design, not dissapointed nor content. Their highly evolved minds only burned for the objective before them : victory and advancement. They knew they had the weapon now. They knew they had the perfect tactic. They knew, by all reason and logic, they would win.

They did not even suspect there would soon be another will to compete with the two sides.

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