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03 - Strike one, strike all

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Warfare as it was has been left behind, and the new weapon moves onwards through the enemy forces, while they came after and took the lands....

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Strike one, strike all

Now, the silence is shattered.

41054 B.C

Location : Somewhere at the edge of the Milky Way

The plump ships moved soundlessly through the atmosphere and with such speed the clouds did not even have a chance to wirl aside; there simply were holes in their formation where the fleet had passed.

There were only 50 ships, against a city full of their enemy. In their society, where all were equal and there were no ranks, everyone owned at least a small ship and everyone was capable to go to war. 50 ships against a hostile 5000, plus another 20000 footready soldiers.

It seemed such madness that the inhabitants of the city could only conclude there was a severe glitch in the minds of the enemies now above the city. So much more dangerous that assumption made the fleet. The energy-shields were raised above the city in preparation for any energy bombs, while a fleet of small fighters was released into the air to force the attacking ships to a location where it was safe to crash them.

It would be easy. So easy, that in the mind of a few doubts were raised. How large was the chance of a glitch in their hive awareness?

Suddenly, the 50 ships made a totally unexpected dive down to the buildings. They remained just above the energy shields and opened their cargo-bay's before the flight of fighters could reached them. From the black openings, thousands of oval shaped objects dropped down. They were apparantly organic and held no ignition system, for they dropped without any harm through the energy-shield. Quikly the ships manouvred through the biomechanical buildings, all in pale cream or dirty brown color. Utterly soundless stil it seemed like a few weird objects over an even weirder landscape, until the fighters were able to drive the 50 ships away from the city.

The towers charged up at that moment, the clawlike construction of the generator shivered. With amazing speed 50 white small orbs were fired from the towers, straight onto the ships. Their energy shields blocked it, but a second and a third wave came, overloading the shield.

It were their own generators that destroyed the ships. Two teams were set out straight after that, one to investigate the wrecked ships and gather all information, while the second team was to head into the city and investigate the dropped objects.

Meanwhile in the city, the hardworking biomechanoids were disturbed by the eggs located everywhere. They were in the machines, on the machines, in the path of the transporters, some had even rolled down the elevators and landed in the deeper regions. Curiously, they aproached them. They were alive, and the scans showed an organism inside.

Within mere seconds the eggs opened and spiderlike creatures emerged. They were faster than the biomechanoids, much faster. As they leapt to their prey drops of acidic blood emerged through their skin, tiny drops meltings straights through the helmet over the heads of the host species.

It took not long for the entire citizenship to be unconcious and ready to die. The orincubix emmited a energetical sequency, reading the hosts mind for any usefull information. This information then was settled within the virus released just after the embryo was planted, and was transported to the bone merrow where it attached an extra nucleoïde to the host's DNA. From there on, the host was reshaped to nurture the embryo without dying too soon, and was made stronger to survive.

When the investigation team arived, they were suprised to find most of the citizens to be awoken already; the orincubix dead aside of them. They gathered evidence and brought 7 citizens with them to the research stations.

With all their advanced technology, they soon found the extra nucleoïde. Their mood darkened : the process was inreversable. They could remove the embryo they had found in the chests of the impregnated ones, but another one would grow soon as the nucleoïd pattern of their species was looped; the DNA was replaced completely within several weeks and with that, the emitance of the extra nucleoïde would be restarted again.

The 7 citizens were locked up and kept under constant surveillance. All they could do, was wait. The embryo's grew out, and the biomechanoids had enough knowledge to know whatever would emerge from their fellow citizens, would be a weapon against them.

How severe that weapon would be, was yet to be seen.

A day on their planet passed. The citizens had gone back to work, and worked better than ever before. Yet against dusk, some of them, the healtiest, started experiencing pains in their chest. By nightfall, all of them experienced this pain, until the strongest convulsed and dropped to the ground. A shock went through the shared awareness as the few around the unlucky first stared un disbelief at the tiny pale wurm emerging. It slittered away immediatly.

Now they thought they knew what their enemy had planned : total inihalation by infected them all with these things. They did not know half of the truth.

The ship moved towards the silent city, seeing the 50 burning ships still uncleaned. The last communication they had received with this city reported a plague by which the citizens died by being impregnated with small snake like things. The birthing itself was what killed them.

Now the ship and it's travelers were to collect these eggs and bring along the birthlings. Slowly descending, the craft finally remained hovering just above the city. Twelve smaller vessle detached, strange constructions somewhat resembling the shape of a chromosome, with 2 ball-like extensions on the outer side of each 'arm'. In the middle of the cross was where the biomechanoids sat, sterring with his entire biology.

They found deserted streets. Corpses of their fellow mechanoids were scattered everywhere, their chests burst open by presure from within. They twelve pilots scanned the area, but found no sign of life. One vessle lowered and an arm-like extension gathered up an empty egg before following the other elleven.

As the engines of the city were down, the generators stilled, there were no more energy fields stirring the atmosphere, the gasses of the element-factories no longed rose to the sky. A pale star softly penentrated the grey clouds, painting the silent scape with yellowblue lightray's. Sometimes, the whirling of the clouds would make one of these light ray's cross the city, shedding it's light over the strange sight, and sometimes, over a black armor moving silently and unheard after the twelve vehicles.

Their scanners did not pick up the persuers, for the wild drones were utterly the same as their environment : the biomechanical city. Their communication low and primitive as that of an animal, the complicated frequencies by which the biomechanoids communicated filtered it out as the rush of the surrounding.

The control center was an outpost at the edge of city city between the two towers closest to eachother. It was the only place where the soft glow stil came from the biomechanical structure, indicating some activity or at least functioning machinery. Rising upwards the twelve came to the level of the research center, from where the last communication had been emmited.

The dock was just below. With their own code they opened the bay and entered, after which they left their transport. Twelve shapes walked up as if one being. Stil their scanner had picked up none of the small creatures, but there was a lifeform, one of their own, just above them.

While proceeding up the lift shaft, one of them filtered the signal and came to the conlusion there were seven. The exact location was the research center itself, the ilosation cabins. Yet then one of the signal faded, and died. Uniformed, the twelve grew alert to their surroundings, more than they had been before.

The shaft released them into the laboratory, from where they headed to the isolation cabins without a stop. Stil on their way, two more life signal depleted. The twelve started the system and tried to acces the datafiles, but it was as if something knew what they were doing, for at that moment, the circuits failed.

The power was lost, and slowly the building started dying. The twelve knew they were in severe trouble now. Without power, nothing could open the cargo bay or even release their vessles. Stil they remained calm, and continued downloading information as long as there was energy. Two of them whom had nothing to do, continued to the windows which gave view into the isolation chambers.

They saw three of their own species, attached to the walls and cealing by the ussual tubes and pipes, their chests burst open. The other four were stil alive and dorment.

One of the four started to convulse, before his chest too released a pale shrieking creature. As the isolation chamber was totally sealed, safe for the little window for eyesight which was protected by a very powerful, transparant mather, there was no open way for it to get out. They had their sample, all they had to do was enter.

One of them entered the database, and accesed a gripping arm, while the other proceeded to the remaining 3 in isolation to aquire a hatchling aswell, when time was ready. While walking down, he passed one of the already dead biomechanoids in isolation, and his weak eyes cought movement.

Blinking, he tried to pull up the ripples of skin covering his eyes. Something in there moved, something that was nearly as large as the host itself. Suddenly the black shape leapt forward at the window, but bounced off again. As it was now directly under the window, he could no longer see it. Only asume, that this was the fullgrown version of whatever had come out.

A snarling, deep hiss came from behind him. Turning around, he saw another black shape like the one inside the isolation chamber. It stood right between him and a window in the distance, where the ray of sunlight danced with amazing speed over the lands.

The biomechanoid strained his eyes, as he could not in any other way detect the shape. He wondered wether this was an illusion, caused by some strange sequency.

One of the light ray's moved straight over the research center, and the star cast it's light through the transparant roof. The star stood not directly above, causing the light to fall fully on the black shape and leaving the biomechanoid unlit. For a mere moment he could see the monster in the vague golden light so clearly, that he saw his own reflection within it's smooth skull. Stil, he doubted what he saw.

Then the thing uttered a fierce shriek, shattering the intense silence all around, before jumping onto the biomechanoid and penentrating him with it's tail.

The city was deserted now; the silence of dead would have seemed defeaning for the moment before they gathered. No more life remained but the black dead, that so effectifly obeyed it's own nature. Them the army of thousands set into a march to the nearest place for them to bring the remaining eggs, following the unerasable instinct on which their entire existence was build.

They could not be stopped with ultra frequencies blocking their master's command, for they had no master calling them. Their way of speaking, their way of being was so simple and solid, the thousands of bits out of which the awareness of the biomechanoids existed were no match to them.

They could not be stopped by the drones and their master, for there were not enough, there was no army. They could nto be stopped by the heat of fire, not by the sting of gass. Only the cold could stop them, but no one knew that, and there were no machines anywhere on the planet producing cold.

The clouds finally broke open with violence and were driven away by the strong winds in the upper atmosphere, and nothing replaced them. For the first time in ages, the star released her light on the desolated, lifeless land. But it seemed no longer a silent desert, for now a gigantic army of black monsters moved across it, their black exoskeletons shining in the eerie yellow light.

They shrieked and cried, experiencing something near to joy and excitement about the following victory. Take the lands, take new hosts for the children, obey the Mother, build the Hive. So was their song.

One city down, one planet down. They came and saw their victory, before descending over the cities and releasing the frost over the streets and lands. Soon, the remaining drones would be terminated by individual groups going out and destroy those.

The numbers were being counted. About 400000 thousand eggs had been dropped, about the same number had ravaged the planet. All of them had to be dead before the planet would be taken and put under the reign of their new masters.

The smal faction of biomechanoids would gain much power with this strategical planet, giving them a new position in the war which their opponents could never have imagined.

Soon, more planets would be taken, soon, more black dead would spread.

From their ships, they closely monited the proceding at the surface, and they were satisfied with the monsters they had created.
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