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Elettra Stark, a Mutant, an eleven year old girl sent to Hogwarts from the Xavier Mansion. Her father, the one and only Tony Stark. Like Harry Potter, she has her own story. Daphne Greengrass, her ...

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I ran through the institute trying to get away from Kurt, which wasn't easy since he could teleport. I slid to a stop in the hallway, "Finally lost him." I said to myself, "No you didn't Fräulein," Kurt said from beside me, I screamed and flew away. "Whoa girly. Where you going you going in a hurry?" Scott Summers asked, making me land on the ground. "Scott I'm training, which you should be doing too! See you later bro!" I exclaimed flying off again. "Elettra! Come on dinner time!!" Scott shouted from the roof. "Fine! I'll be in, in a minute." Scott nodded and waved, I flew towards the dining room, after running a few laps around the school. "You do know you are the last one here, right?" Jean Grey asked me.
I did the mature thing, I stuck my tongue out at her. I sat down and ate. Boring right? Wrong. An owl flew through the window. "What the hell!" Bobby Drake shouted trying to hit the owl. "Dude! Don't hurt the owl. It's not it's fault it's here!" I shouted for some reason. Chuck, Professor X, walked through the door with a man with a beard. "Settle down! Settle down!" Chuck shouted. "Elettra can we talk to you? Scott, please come with us." Chuck told us and walked out. I shared a look with my brother, and then I walked out. "Elettra, this is Albus Dumbledore. He's from Hogwarts, a wizardry school." I started laughing and so did Scott, "Show them something, they won't believe you, unless you show them proof." Chuck sighed as he told 'Albus' about us. He took out a stick and levitated a vase.
"You have my attention..." I said, "You are a witch, there is a wizard world. I'll be here at the end of this month to see what your final answer is." Dumbledore said. "Um, don't I get a say in this? I mean she is practically my sister!" Scott shouted, I was shocked. In all eleven years Scott has never uttered the word sister. Chuck looked completely surprised, "Yeah, I said sister! Elettra is my sister, her family abandoned her, so yeah! She is my Sister!" Scott growled. "I have until the end of August, I'll see what my answer is then." I said. Scott nodded took a deep breath, "Okay, but, on one condition! Some one from here comes with you to the weird school. Alright? Okay." Scott said. "I still have until the end of this month. I'll see you then, Dumbledore." I said running up to my room.
(Sorry, this is just a very short prologue.)
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