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Elettra Stark, a Mutant, an eleven year old girl sent to Hogwarts from the Xavier Mansion. Her father, the one and only Tony Stark. Like Harry Potter, she has her own story. Daphne Greengrass, her ...

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I was training all night I didn't sleep a wink. That was until 5:am, which was when I was supposed to get up and train with Scott. I passed out. Just decided to sleep there, I was stressed. Today I have to say whether I want to go to Hogwarts, and I have to choose who goes with me. That's hard for me!! I don't know who to choose!! I mean there is Gambit. He's my best friend, he doesn't go to the institute. He is a thief, and I admit I am a thief too. Not that big of a deal, right? Gambit, Remy is his real name, Gambit and I are part of the Thieves Guild. The point is Remy is my best friend! Scott doesn't like him so he probably won't be going with me....
I just don't know who to choose.....Ugh!!! "Elettra, you have to decide. Albus will be here any minute." Chucks voice echoed through my mind. "I hate it when you do that Chuck!" I shouted at thin air. A small chuckle came from behind me. "Wow, you are like Shades, aren't you?" A thick Cajun accent rang out. "Gambit, to what do I owe the pleasure?" "I can see you aren't very happy. I assume I am going with you to this weird school. Yes, no?" He asked me. "I don't know Remy. It's a tuff decision. And you know my brother doesn't like you." I said walking over to him. Gambit pulled me into a small hug, which surprised me, he's never done that. "Parthenia! Come on that weird professor guy is here." Jean shouted running into the danger room. "Chuck? But, he's always here." I said. "Just go to the main room." Jean growled.
"Let's go before she kills me," I mumbled running into the living room. "Heard that!" "You were meant to!!" I screamed back at Jean. Jean is like an older sister annoying and bossy. "Hello miss Stark. Have you made your decision?" Albus asked. I took a deep breath and looked around. "Gambit!" I slightly shouted and pointed to the 13 year old next to me. "What?!" Scott shouted. "Well, this should be fun." Remy said smirking. "Are you sure Miss Stark?" Albus asked me. I nodded sharply, "Are your bags packed?" Chuck asked us. "Well mine are. I don't know about--" Gambit quickly cut me off. "Mine are too, professor." Gambit said motioning to his bags that I did not notice. "We will see you at the end of the school year. Good-bye Elettra." Chuck said and rolled out.
"I'm gonna miss you," Storm mumbled and gave me a big bear hug. "I'll see you next year Parthenia." Jean said and pulled me into a hug. Scott was next since everyone else was already training, he stared at me. "You know when Chuck said he was going to adopt a kid, I laughed. When Storm and him went through the doors of the mansion, I saw you I couldn't believe we had a little girl in the house. You are pretty much my sister. You're father abandoned you and you never met him. I am really going to miss you, Army." Scott, my precious big brother, whispered and pulled me in to another hug. Kurt grabbed my bags and said a quick good-bye. "Let's go Ms. Stark, Mr. LeBeau." Albus said and we were sucked through what felt like a tight tube. We ended up in this beautiful place. "Welcome to Diagon Alley." Albus said softly.
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