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Diagon Alley/The Platform/The Train Ride

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Elettra Stark, a Mutant, an eleven year old girl sent to Hogwarts from the Xavier Mansion. Her father, the one and only Tony Stark. Like Harry Potter, she has her own story. Daphne Greengrass, her ...

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Gambit and I looked around amazed. Everything was different and amazing!!!! We watched people of all different shapes and sizes in strange clothing walk around. This is amazing!! I turned back to where Dumbledore was and he was gone. In his place was a giant man. "'Ello. I'm Rubeus Hagrid, you two must be Elettra Stark and Remy LeBeau. This here is 'Arry Potter." Hagrid said motioning to the boy next to him. "H-h-hello." Harry stuttered. We waved at him, "So, where are we going first?" Gambit asks. "Well, we need to go to Gringotts. To get you're money." Hagrid said loudly. We walked in to this huge building. "Amazing!" Gambit and I said in unison. We walked up to a podium, "'Ello, we are here to take some money out of Mr. Harry Potter's Vault and Ms. Elettra Stark's Vault." Hagrid said. "And does Mr. Potter and Ms. Stark have there keys?" The goblin, I think, asked him.
"Got them here somewhere. Here!" Hagrid shouted gleefully. He got very close to the podium and whispered something, and then took out what looked like a letter. Everything went so fast soon we were in front of a vault, "Elettra, this is your vault." Hagrid says, Gambit and I grabbed what we needed and walked back to them. Everything went so fast after that, we got our books, our robes, everything except wands. Hagrid went to go do something, and the three of us went to get our wands. I walked in and was hit by a smell of dust and rain. "Hello?" Harry barley shouts. "Hello?!" Gambit shouts a little louder. "Good morning." A voice calls, "Hi. You must be Mr. Ollivander, I'm--" "Ms. Elettra Stark, Mr. Harry Potter, and Mr. Remy LeBeau. I know who you are." Ollivander says. We all try some wands out and I see a silver box on a wall full of wands. I run over to it and grab it, as soon as I touched the wand, gold sparks filled the air. "Strange...very strange." Mr. Ollivander says looking at me, "What's strange?" Remy asks for me. "That wand has a double core and double wood. 15 in. Phoenix feather and Thestral hair. Silver Lime wood and Rowan wood. Very, very rare." He says to me and I notice Gambit and Harry have their wands.
We all nodded, "How much?" I ask, "The wand always chooses the wizard. But, in this case, the wizard chose the wand. It's free." He says, I mumble a 'thank you.' And we turned to leave. Ollivander stops me on my way out, "Know this Ms. Stark, you're destiny is as great as Mr. Potters." Ollivander tells me and walks back into his store. "'Ello, did you get all your wands?" We nod, "Oh, um...Hagrid? Can Remy and I go to the pet shop?" I ask, He nodded, "We'll meet at the Leaky Cauldron." Hagrid says and they walk away. We go up to the store and walk inside. I walk away from Gambit since he was looking at some owls, I walked all the way in the back and saw an amazing puppy. "Careful. He doesn't like people. But, I'll tell you what if he let's you pet him, he's free." A man says. "You got yourself a deal." I say, I take a few steps back and he lets the pup out of the kennel, the dog came straight to me. I pet him and the owner looks amazed, I grab a leash and some food, and go to the counter, "It's free." He says, "Okay..." I say and walk back over to Gambit, who got himself a black cat. "Thief. His name is thief." I tell Gambit. "This is Jinx." Gambit says motioning to the cat. By this time the guy who worked here was looking at us weird and we are gone.
We get to the Leaky Cauldron and see Hagrid immediately, we all eat and sit in silence, which was different for me since every meal at my home was loud, obnoxious and messy. We get in food fights, I turn into my wolf form and Scott and I eat like pigs.....well I eat like a wolf. Time seemed to pass rather quickly, Gambit and I stayed at the Leaky Cauldron until September 1st. It was calm and I hated calm. But, when I woke up on September 1st, I could not contain my excitement. I quickly pack everything and wake Gambit up, "Why?!" He shouts at me. "It's September 1st!" I scream at Gambit, he jumps up and packs. We run down stairs and have breakfast, then head to King's Cross Station. We walk around until we see Harry with a bunch of red heads, "Hey Harry." I say excitedly, "Hey Elettra. Hey Remy!" He says and waves us over. "It's their first year too." Harry explained, "Well, as I was saying, all you have to do is walk straight into the barrier between platform nine and ten. Don't stop and don't be scared you'll crash. Best to do it at a run." The lady says, "Ladies first." Harry and Remy say in unison, I run towards the barrier. I slide to a stop and see a beautiful scarlet train, Remy came in after me, "Amazing. Isn't it?" Remy asks me. I nod and we run to get our stuff on the train, we jumped up and sat in a compartment. Harry came in a little bit later, and then one of the red head boys came in. "Can I sit here? Everywhere else is full...." He asks.
We nod and he walks in, "I'm Ron. Ron Weasley, by the way." Ron introduces, "Elettra. Elettra Stark and this is Remy LeBeau." I introduce, "Harry, Harry Potter." Harry introduces right after me. Ron gasps, which leaves me deeply confused. "What?" I ask him, "Do you have the scars?" Ron asks, Harry shows him his lightning scar, while I point to the one around my eye. "Wicked." He says. We talked back and forth, and I was trying to figure out why Ron knew who I was. I shake the thought off, (I shake it off), and then a woman pushing a cart, "Anything off the cart, dears?" She asks. Gambit, Harry, and I jump up to the cart and buy a lot of sweets, I love sugar!!! "Hungry, are you?" Ron asks, "Starved." We answer, Ron takes out a very dry looking sandwich and instantly I feel bad. "Here, have a pumpkin pasty." Gambit says and hands one over. Harry picks some kind of candy up, "What are these? They're not real frogs, are they?" Harry asks, "No, but, check what the card is. I'm missing Agrippa." Ron says to us, we gave him a confused look, "Agrippa? What?" Gambit questions, I zone out because I had already read his mind, because of my telepathy.
"Eat something, your worrying me." Gambit tells me, throwing a bunch of candy at me, "I'm nervous! Aren't you?" I ask him as I start eating a bunch of sugar, "Since when is Elettra Stark scared?" He asks, "I never said I was scared, I said I was nervous. I don't get scared." I say to him, "Why are you nervous?" Remy asks, "I've never been out of America, besides China, but I don't talk about that. I'm just a little nervous about it." I explain and he wraps me into a big bear hug, I pull away from him and smile, Remy was my best friend and after reading about Hogwarts together, I knew we were going to be separated. The door slid open and in stepped a kid around my age, black hair and slightly chubby, "Have you seen a toad?" He asks us and we shake our heads, "Oh no! Gran is going to kill me! I can't believe I lost him!" He cried out sadly, "Calm down, I'll help you find him." Gambit says which surprised me, Gambit was actually most likely to steal the toad, which probably means this is a wild goose chase, nevermind I figured out the logic, Gambit got up and left us eating in silence, "I don't know why he's so bothered, if I brought a toad I'd lose it as quick as possible. Unlike Scabbers here." Ron said and held up an ugly sleeping rat. "Well unlike the both of you, this is Thief." I say and held up my beautiful puppy, "I thought you couldn't bring dogs." Harry said and I chuckled, "Well, screw the rules." I respond and Ron's eyes grew wide for a split second as he gave me a sarcastic smile, "I tried to turn Scabbers yellow once, but the spell didn't work. I'll show you." Ron said and pulled out an old wand with the core sticking out. As he raised the wand the door rolled open, a girl stepped in, looking somewhat stuck up, her hair bushy and large, she was already in her robes, "Can we help you?" I ask her and give her a crack of a smile, "Have any of you seen a toad? A boy named Neville's lost one." She said and looked over to Ron, "Oh, you're doing magic, are you? Well let's see then." I was liking this girl less and less, but I didn't know her that well so I wouldn't be to quick on the jump. Ron cleared his throat and raised his wand over the sleeping rat, "Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow. Turn this stupid, fat, rat yellow." He flicked the wand a few times and nothing happened, "Are you sure that's a real spell? It's not very good is it?" The girl said with a disgusted look on her face.
The girl blabbered on and I stopped listening, "I'm Hermione Granger, by the way. Who are you?" The girl, Hermione Granger, asked us rudely, "I'm Harry, Harry Potter." And the girl gasped, "Are you really? I've read all about you." She stated and went on to talk about him, "And what about the two of you?" She asked and brought me back to reality, "Ronald Weasley." Ron introduced and as he did food flew out of his mouth, "Pleasure." Granger said stiffly and turned to me, "And you are?" I smirked and winked at her, "Elettra Stark, it's a pleasure to meet you." I say and Hermione looks taken aback, "Harry Potter and Elettra Stark, this is incredible. Anywho, you three should change, we're almost there." I grabbed my bag and said goodbye to the boys and went to the changing rooms, I buttoned up my shirt and adjusted my robe a few times, only to find it would still be uncomfortable, I rolled my eyes at my reflection in the mirror and slid the door open, as soon as I stepped out, I slammed into someone and hit the floor. "Watch where you're going!" A girl barked and I looked up at her, "You ran into me first! You watch where you're going!" I shout back and jump off of the floor, I got a better look at her, she had blonde hair and forest green eyes, she looked around my age, "Whatever." She snapped and pushed past me, I rolled my eyes and continued walking until I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned invisible in fear and then used my telekinesis to slam who ever it was into a wall, I spun around and saw the blonde from before stuck against a wall and she let out a shriek. My eyes widened and I let her down before shoving her into a washroom, "You will not tell a soul what you just saw, got it?" I growl and she nodded, "I'm Daphne, Daphne Greengrass, please don't hurt me." Daphne looked afraid and I backed away, "I won't, I promise. I'm Stark, Elettra Stark. I assume you've heard of me, everyone else has." Daphne gave me a light smile and stuck out her hand, "It's nice to meet you Elettra." Then she paused, "Can we leave?" I nodded and we opened the door before running out past the line of people waiting. Daphne grabbed my hand and tossed me into a compartment and closed the door, "So what other powers do you have? No one really knows who you are, except you know, the whole thing that happened when you were a baby." She said like I was supposed to know, "What happened when I was a baby?" I ask her and Daphne gasps, "You don't know?" Daphne asks and I shake my head. "Well, your mother was running from the Dark Lord, Voldemort, and no one really knew why. She was friends with Harry Potter's father and mother, she was also friends with Narcissa Malfoy and Lucius Malfoy, your mother was in Gryffindor, so when she was friends with Slytherins it was quite surprising. A few days before Harry defeated Voldemort, your mother was visited by the Dark lord himself. No one to this day knows what the meeting had to do with, not even the death eaters, the ones who served him. Your mother attempted to kill him and yet she was unsuccessful, you were left alone. There's still something missing to your story, there's a slight touch of mystery. The scar around your eye is a story no one knows. Your story is famous because the dark lord took pity on you and didn't kill you."
I raised an eyebrow at the story and Daphne shrugged, "Who was my mother?" I demand and she shrugs again, "No one will say. My parents knew your mother and everytime I ask they grow pale. I asked the Malfoys as well and they told me to leave it alone. I'm sorry." Daphne whispers and I shake my head and run my hands through my brown hair, "Why are you sorry? I finally got to know the little past I have. This is great!" I shout and jump up causing Daphne's eyes to widen and scoot away from me, "You're kind of scary, I like you." Daphne muses and suddenly gives me a hug which makes me stiff up, "Get. Off. Of. Me. Now!" I growl and she hugs me tighter, "Nope!"
Soon enough Daphne and I were best friends, she was a first year too, she knew what house she wanted to get into and what she wanted to be when she was older, she was very determined to get where she wanted to go. She reminded me of me. Daphne told me all about the Wizard World and I told her all about muggles and mutants, I told her about my family and the mansion, she laughed at the stories I told and then we arrived at Hogwarts, I picked up Thief and we ran off the train, I saw Hagrid waving us over and he shouted, "Firs' years! Firs' years over here!" Daphne and I shared an excited look and took off towards the boats.
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