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Payback's a Bitch

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Marrow and Hellen attack Jason's army and Marrow takes Jason on herself. Can she avenge her beloved mate or will she share his fate?

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-Jason looked up at the giant wolf. It was the size of a truck, even bigger than the last one he had fought. The white beast glared at him, baring its fangs with insane rage. Jason had never seen a demon so intensely focused on him before. Perhaps it was because of the other wolf beast he had killed a few days before.

-The woman that sat on its back was another matter. She had a gleeful grin on her face that in many ways unnerved Jason even more. The large woman looked like an Amazon on steroids. Despite her masculine, rippling muscles she was still very attractive. The small bull like horns protruding from her head gave her an exotic quality and her spiky brown hair looked wilder than the beast she sat on.

-"You're a big bitch aint-cha," Jason said to the woman.

-"Well he sure is an arrogant little shit," Hellen said with a smirk, "I'll take care of the riffraff, you can have the trouble maker."

-Marrow charged right into the humans at full speed and Hellen jumped off her back to deal with them. Hellen used her halberd and her claws to slaughter the humans as they desperately fought for their lives. She plunged her blade into one man's stomach and tossed him into the air, ducked to avoid a sword swipe from behind and spun around to cut her attacker in half across his midsection.

-Hellen punched another human in the face so hard that his head came apart. One of the humans managed to land a blow on her, cutting her arm. Hellen didn't even flinch as she decapitated the man. The wound he delivered healed before his head had even hit the ground.

-Marrow wasted no time on the humans. She charged straight for Jason so fast that he was almost taken aback. He regained his senses at the last moment and swung at the large wolf but she ducked under the attack and head butted him square in the chest.

-Jason flew back and into a rock, dropping his sword in the process. A split second later Marrow's open jaws were bearing down on him. Jason grabbed Marrow's upper and lower jaw and held her at bay. It took every ounce of his strength to hold her but still her open mouth inched ever closer. Even her dagger like teeth seemed to reach out in their eagerness to taste his blood. The wolf's hot breath wafted over Jason's face and he felt a wave of panic as he looked down the throaty chasm before him that threatened to swallow him whole.

-Jason realized that if he couldn't push the wolf back, he would have to pull. I twisted out of the Marrow's way and she shot past him. Her momentum carried her forward and she bit a chunk right out of the stone that Jason had been pinned against. She turned to take another bite but she was met with Jason's fist.

-Jason punched Marrow in the face and knocked her upper right K-9 out of her mouth. The big wolf's head swung away from the impact but turned back to try again. Jason ducked and rolled away as Marrow lunged at him and he reclaimed his weapon.

-When he turned to face Marrow she was already on top of him again. She was too close for him to strike her so Jason was forced to dodge her again but this time one of her paws caught his side. Her claws tore through Jason's armor and for the first time since arriving in this hellish world, Jason's blood was drawn.

-He looked at the gashes in his side and saw the blood trickling down to the ground. No demon had ever given him this much trouble before. His confidence was severely shaken but he wasn't giving up. He swung his sword sideways at the wolf as she charged at him with her mouth open again.

-Instead of being sliced in half, Marrow caught the blade in her mouth. Her missing fang grew back before Jason's eyes as she held his sword in her teeth. She bit down on the bone blade until the weapon shattered. She then snapped at Jason again but he managed to spin out of her way.

-Jason tossed away what was left of his ruined weapon and looked for a replacement. He spotted a discarded spear, with a severed hand still attached to it. He dove for the weapon just as Marrow lunged for him again.

-Jason grabbed the spear, rolled, stood and turned around all in one motion. Marrow was already coming for him again, rage and bloodlust in her eyes. He threw the spear and caught her in her left shoulder, just missing her neck.

-Marrow yelped in pain and tumbled to the ground. She tried to force herself back to her feet but the spear had pierced too deeply. She collapsed back down as Jason walked over to her. She was exhausted from the effort and badly injured but still her rage burned in her heart. She snarled fiercely at the impudent human who now stood over her in triumph.

-"My master will avenge me," Marrow said with malice in her voice, "I die happy in the knowledge of the suffering you will endure for this defiance."

-Jason blinked in surprise; he hadn't realized the beast could talk. "Your master is next on my list," Jason said as he reached behind his back and pulled out an ax. He raised it high with his right hand to cut off the wolf's table sized head. Just before he brought it down a fist came out of nowhere and buried itself into Jason's left cheek.

-He tumbled wildly across the ground and finally came to a rest several feet away. He picked himself up and spat a tooth and a mouthful of blood into his palm. Twice now he had been struck, and on the same day. When he looked up to see what had hit him, he saw the large woman tending to the wounded wolf.

-Jason had never witnessed demon's caring for each other before. They paid no attention to their fallen comrades; most of them didn't even value their own lives. But there was no denying the concern on the woman's face as she inspected the wolf's injury.

-She took a fist sized object out of a pouch from her waist and placed it on the wolf's chest. The second the black bulge touched the beast's chest it lashed out tendrils that burrowed into the animal's flesh. The thing started to beat like a heart and the wolf breathed a sigh of relief.

-Jason watched in amazement as the woman finished tending to her pet and then stood to face him. She had been smiling before, but now the look in here eyes reminded Jason of the wolf's expression. Pure hatred and bloodlust, an unwavering desire to kill him was all he saw in her eyes now. She may have looked human but there was no denying that the woman was a demon, and perhaps every bit an animal as the wolf lying on the ground.

-"You filthy bastard!" Hellen spat, "I'll kill you!" She attacked Jason with her halberd, the long weapon keeping Jason too far away to use his ax. He was forced to remain on the defensive, blocking or dodging Hellen's attacks. She drove him back more and more and any human that tried to aid their hero was quickly cut down.

-Hellen struck down at Jason but he narrowly avoided the attack by diving to the side. Hellen's halberd slammed into the ground where Jason had been standing and shattered the black rock into gravel under her might. Jason rolled on the ground, stood up and brought his ax up just in time to block another of Hellen's swiping blows.

-Hellen swung at Jason again but this time he was expecting it. He managed to hook Hellen's weapon with his ax and yanked the overextended pole right out of her hands. The muscular woman stumbled forward and before she could regain her balance Jason chucked his ax at her.

-The blade sank deep into Hellen's right shoulder and the woman gritted her teeth in pain though she did not cry out. She slowly dropped down to her knees and reached up to try and remove the ax. The blade had cut through her collar bone and into her shoulder blade. Even after removing it the wound did not heal and all Hellen could do was look up at her enemy.

-Jason picked up Hellen's halberd and slowly walked over to her. He was about half way to her when the wolf lunged at him. Jason turned to see the gaping mouth and dagger like teeth bearing down on him. The only thing Jason saw in the wolf's eyes was blind rage.

-Jason swung Hellen's halberd and struck Marrow in the side with the shaft. She cried out in pain as she was batted to the ground. The big beast tried to rise again but her body just couldn't take it. Her legs gave out and she collapsed, blood flowing from the spear still lodged in her shoulder and the black heart was working hard just to keep her alive.

-"I'll deal with you in a moment," Jason said coldly to the injured wolf. He turned back to finish off Hellen and the second he did he caught her fist on the bottom of his jaw. Jason's head snapped back and he was lifted right off of his feet. He landed flat on his back but quickly rolled to his feet. He looked up expecting to defend himself but saw Hellen down on one knee, too weak to stand.

-Hellen held her hand over the deep wound in her shoulder. Blood continued to ooze from the gash despite the pressure she was putting on it. Hellen was strong but as badly injured as she was it took all her strength just to stay conscious. All she could do was glare defiantly at her soon to be executioner.

-Jason stood over Hellen with his sword held tightly. He rubbed his sore mouth with his free hand as he looked down at the woman. "I'd hate to kill a beautiful woman," he said, "join me and I'll spare your life."

-"Kiss my ass you prick!" Hellen said through clenched teeth, "my life is not yours to give or to take. I live only to serve my master." She looked Jason in the eye and awaited the death stroke.

-"Shame," Jason said as he raised his sword high above his head to put the demon out of her misery. He would have enjoyed having her on his side, but once he defeated the dark lord and freed the world there would be plenty of women for him to pass the time with. Jason started to swing down to finish Hellen off when another sword flew through the air, and straight into Jason's chest.

-Jason looked down with disbelief at the black blade that was sticking in his chest. It had struck him dead center but there was no pain which put Jason in an almost dream like daze as he went into shock. He dropped weakly to his knees and his eyes focused on the long wooden handle of the weapon.

-His eyes moved along it as if it were a compass pointing back to the hand that had held it moments before. Jason followed its direction and set eyes on a dark figure standing alone. The man was dressed in black armor and his cape flapped lightly in the wind. Jason had never seen him before but knew who he was. He had finally met the dark lord of the demons.
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