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Cause and Effect

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Jason and Jeffery face off, but what happens to the quiet ones if they die in their world?

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-Jeffery slowly walked over to the boy kneeling before him and put one hand on his sword's handle while the blade remained in the boy's chest. Jeffery pulled the blade out of its living sheath and Jason groaned with discomfort. His hands clasped at the gapping wound as Jeffery stared down at him with unsympathetic eyes.

-"First you kill Oakram," Jeffery said angrily, "and now you try to kill Marrow and Hellen!" Jeffery growled through clenched teeth as he tightened his grip on his sword. He looked over to his beautiful Marrow, now lying in a pathetic heap with a spear sticking out of her shoulder.

-Jeffery looked down at his general, Hellen and saw that she was no better off. He didn't understand why their wounds would not heal but it didn't matter. He clenched his left fist and backhanded Jason across his face, sending the boy flying away.

-"See to them," Jeffery said over his shoulder as he walked after Jason. Two winged figures stepped forward, tending to each of the wounded demons while their master dealt with the enemy. Jason looked up and recognized them as the two women he had seen flying over his camp. They were the very ones that had pointed him towards the dark castle's location, and led him to disaster.

-The dark skinned one with the bat like wings tended to the woman that Jason had been ready to dispatch while the angel mended the wolf. Neither of them so much as glanced in Jason's direction. The dark one took out another of the dark, beating objects that the wolf had been given and placed it on Hellen's chest. As its tendrils bored into her flesh they seemed to ease her suffering.

-Jason's attention went back to his own discomfort as he looked down at the massive gash in his chest. His shock was wearing off and the pain began to set in. All Jason could think about was how much he wanted to live. He didn't want to die; he didn't want his life to end. Fear and panic seeped into his mind until surviving was his only thought.

-Jeffery watched as the man in front of him hunched over and clutching at his chest. Jeffery saw the wound that he himself had inflicted slowly heal on its own. Jeffery narrowed his eyes at the human who was still curled up like a whimpering baby. The boy didn't even realize he was no longer injured.

-" are like me," Jeffery said, confirming his suspicion.

-Jason looked down at his chest and realized he was still alive. He had wanted to live and his wish had been granted. He rose to his feet and stood before the dark lord of the demons. The man didn't seem impressed by Jason's miraculous recovery. In fact he seemed rather disappointed.

-"So you're the demon king huh?" Jason asked, regaining his composure.

-"Uh-huh," Jeffery replied with a grin, "and who might you be?"

-"Your worst nightmare!"

-Jeffery scowled at the impudent boy before him, un-amused by the statement. "You have no idea what my nightmares are like." He said coldly.

-Jason lunged forward, pulling out a knife from behind his back and slashing at his enemy's throat. Jason moved as fast as he could but his hand came to a sudden stop. The shock was evident on Jason's face as he saw the dark lord's fingers wrapped around Jason's fist. As fast as Jason had moved, the dark lord's reaction had been even faster.

-"A dirty, underhanded sneak attack?" Jeffery asked with a condescending smile, "there's hope for you yet."

-Jason's indignation rose with his anger and he tried to push Jeffery back in a test of strength but he was no match for the dark lord. Jason gave it everything he had but he couldn't even budge his opponent. As his body strained with the effort, he looked up to see that Jeffery wasn't even trying.

-Jeffery gave a smirk as he tightened his grip on Jason's right hand, crushing the bones inside and making Jason cry out in pain. He then jerked Jason forward and drove his forehead into the bridge of the boy's nose. With Jason stunned Jeffery maintained his grip on the human champion's hand and swung him around, throwing the boy into and through a large bolder.

-"You're a god damned monster!" Jason said as he tried to get to his feet. His body was throbbing with pain but still he managed to rise. He spat out a mouth full of blood and stood on shaky knees as Jeffery slowly walked toward him with a look of disappointment on his face.

-"I am many things," Jeffery said as he raised his fist toward the sky, "but in this place, I am god."

-He spread his fingers wide and a bolt of lightning descended from the sky and struck Jason. The human's body was enveloped by the brilliant light of violent electricity. Jason let out a horrific scream of agony as every cell in his body was wracked with pain. And then there was silence.

-"Crash cart!" Dr. Lyson yelled. Several nurses rushed into the room and one of them pushed in a defibulator. They checked the machine that monitored his heart and saw the erratic cardiac signs. Dr. Lyson looked down at the sleeping boy as his body twitched and shivered violently. He had no idea what could have brought on this episode but he had to do something fast.

-One of the orderlies tore open the boy's shirt while another got the electric paddles ready. She rubbed the conductive liquid on the metal paddles, rubbed them together and waited while the machine powered up. Dr. Lyson supervised as he tried to make sense of the sudden erratic cardiac signs.

-"Clear!" one orderly shouted as the other placed the paddles on the boy's chest. The young man's body arched as electricity surged across his heart in an attempt to reset its rhythm. The device depleted its charge and the doctors waited and watched the monitor to see whether or not the boy's heart was back to normal.

-They all let out sighs of relief as the steady beep of the heart monitor resumed a normal pattern. The orderlies removed the equipment and the doctor stayed behind to monitor the boy. After a few minutes the doctor got up to leave but before he did he looked over the boy's chart.

-"You sure gave us a scare there...Jason."
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