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Simi The Monkey

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God, I love that monkey. blow on his face, it's cute! oh yeah, you just might cry and shit your pants.

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Chapter 5- Simi The Monkey


Not paying much attention, I raised an eyebrow as my phone started to vibrate, three times before a familiar ring tone rang through the bedroom. I opened it and brought it to my ears, a smile tugging at my lips, regardless of who was saying it.

"Another night with her, but I'm always wanting you," they whispered and I closed my eyes.

"Pete, you really need to stop quoting Robert Smith," I heard a light chuckle before he sighed and we stayed like that for a couple of minutes, in silence, his ragged breathing somewhat soothing me.

"I miss you," he whispered and I shook my head, rolling over, making the phone press against my cheek.

"Why?" I croaked and I heard another sigh.

"Because even if my first born child is resting in my arms right now, it still doesn't feel like I should be here," I blinked a couple times as he continued. "It doesn't feel like home, you know.../our/ home," I took in a shaky breath.

"It used to be our home, Pete," he sighed again and I heard the faintest cooing of a baby, then the shaky breath that mimicked my own.

"I forgot we aren't exactly..." he trailed off and something inside me wanted to go out and tell him that it didn't have to be like that. Instead I sucked in air as tears began to roll down my cheeks.

"What's his name?" I asked all of a sudden and heard Pete smirk through his own tears that I knew were coming down.

"Trevin," he said and I smiled to myself. "Looks more like Tessa however," I nodded into my pillow and closed my eyes as I heard a shuffling sound of the phone being put down and it picked up again.

"Do you really miss me Pete?" I asked and I heard him take an inward sigh.

"More than last time," he mentioned and I nodded, more tears flowing.

"I miss you too," I croaked and let the phone fall from my ear, closing the phone and letting it slide off the bed, it hitting the floor. Rolling over I glanced at the empty space beside me.

I was alone.



Patrick tilted his head from side to side as I sat with Heather, deciding on names. She was six months now, according to her doctor and the due date was announced to be the week of August 20th. She smiled, finding one name for the girl.

"I like Sadie," she spoke, looking up at Patrick who nodded, agreeing.

"Finally something we both like," he mentioned and I smiled, reading my own baby book for the boy's name.

I was overlooking some names when I heard my phone go off. Quickly glancing at the name, I opened it and shook my head as Heather and Patrick both looked up, uncertain.

"Hey William," they both smiled and rolled their eyes as I stood up, walking past the kitchen and onto the back porch.

"I set up that doctor's appointment like you wanted," I smiled and shook my head.

"Cool," I sighed as he coughed and shifted the phone to the other ear.

"Oh, do you want me to take you, or..." I cut him off.

"I'm gonna head there now, and...I'll see you tomorrow, at the studio with Patrick, right?" I heard him sigh and I knew he was nodding.

"Right, call me if you need anything, alright?" I smiled.

"I will,"


My female doctor came back into the room as I sat on the edge of the white paper, swinging my legs slightly, waiting. She beamed and shook her head at the clipboard before clearing her throat.

"Well, Miss Starr, we seem to have some news for you," I rolled my eyes and looked up at her.

"Am I dying, because I think that would be nice," she smirked and shook her head.

"I know that, that may sound good to you right now, but you need to watch out for you're future," I raised an eyebrow and parted my lips.

"Huh?" I mumbled and my doctor handed me a piece of paper before exiting the room. I widened my eyes.

"I'm pregnant?"


That night I clutched my phone tightly as I lied in my bed on my side, looking at my phone with glazed eyes. His name was highlighted, but I couldn't bring myself to click the talk button. My finger hovered over it for a brief second and I gasped at my own actions as I pressed it. I heard the ringing and after the fifth a groggy Pete picked up, his sleepy voice echoing in front of me.

"Lex?" he asked and I took a sharp breath before clamping a hand over my mouth and closing my phone.

Placing a hand over my stomach, I closed my eyes and took a long breath. My phone started to move slightly with the vibration and I looked at it to see Pete's name in bold, flashing through the screen at the top. I ignored it, and through my phone off the bed before rolling to my back, my hand still on my stomach.

Right then I started to cry, silent tears slipping from the corners of my eyes to my pillow leaving small grey stains near my spilled hair. Gulping, I turned my head to the side and observed the empty space next to me.

I was alone.

But this time, I was pregnant.
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