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Honest Eyes

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Chapter 7- Honest Eyes


It was Pete's birthday.

And then I realized that he wasn't home.

Cue tears.

I was getting really sick of waking up alone in this house that was supposedly ours. I mean, I had William, but we weren't necessarily going out-let alone, ahem, 'hooking up'. He was just my brother in all this since everyone else had their own things to deal with.

I mean, Heather was well on her way to becoming a mommy. AND she was getting married in September. It was all too hard for people to drop things and tend to me. Plus, I had not told anybody besides Patrick and William, and I hope they didn't tell anyone...


"Alright, so it's time to meet the band you all came to see," I smiled into the microphone as the sweat clad crowd along with the rather packed mosh pit screamed. "Introducing, for their first show of their first headlining tour... THE BACKSTABBERS!" The crowd went completely crazy.

Aiden took my spot on stage and I laughed as Stan did a cartwheel to his drum set. Taking a good spot on the side of the stage, I sang along, moving around and every once and a while would talk to fans on the side of the stage.

"Lexi? This is awesome, never expected to meet you here," I smiled at the 16 year old fan and grabbed her sharpie before taking the ticket she had.

"It's always good to see a fan of all the bands we have signed," The girl bit her lip and I knew what she was going to ask.

"How are you and Pete?" she asked and I smirked to myself, still thinking of what to sign.

"Patrick has a plan; it's not really helping, but..." A confused look appeared on her face and I laughed. "Oh, never mind...we're fine, for now," She smiled brightly and I tilted my head to one side.

"What's you're name?" she bit her lip before shuffling her feet.
"Lexi," she mumbled and I smiled brightly.

"Another Lexus...kick ass," I scribbled down something and handed to her. Off in the distance I saw Patrick shaking his head while Lexi smiled at him, noticing as well.

"I think Patrick calls, I must go, but...have fun, and don't be afraid to say hi to Stan, he's so funny," she nodded once and I ruffled her hair before sneaking over to Patrick who sighed.

"I have a surprise for you," I rolled my eyes.

"Is it a depressing surprise?" I asked and Patrick shrugged, guiding me to one of the back rooms where I swear I almost fainted.

"Lexi, it's nice to see you again,"

Die bitch, die.

I tried my best to smile at Tessa and slowly made my way over to where she sat close to Pete, holding her baby in a bundle. Pete smiled nervously and leaned up to give me a kiss, but I turned my cheek, knowing it was so wrong to do in front of Tessa. He looked hurt, but I shook my head and sat in front of them, hands on my knees. Tessa smiled and turned the baby towards me and I raised an eyebrow slightly.

Funny, neither of them have green eyes.

Tessa noticed and turned him back while Pete frowned, shifting to sink into the corner of the couch. Patrick came over as well and shifted his eyes before clearing his throat.

"Tessa, um, I'll take you home," Tessa grew a rather disgusted face and glared up until Pete placed a hand over her own, nodding. She smiled and kissed his cheek before standing and placing the baby back into the car seat. Once they left I shifted to sit on the couch and didn't protest when Pete pulled me close.

"I know we aren't dating, but...still," he mumbled and I turned my head to face him.

"What?" I asked and crossed my arms over my stomach, praying he wouldn't notice. Pete shook his head and kissed my temple instead before bringing me closer and rubbing my back in a comforting way.

"I haven't heard from you since last month...what's troubling you?" he asked and I bit my lip.

"A lot of things, actually..." I was nearing two months now, and I still had not managed to start showing. Pete sighed and shifted again only to stand up.

"Tessa's gonna be so pissed, but let's go home, ok?" I shook my head and a frown appeared on his features. "What?" he asked and I bit my lip, those damned tears resurfacing.

"I don't want to wake up alone," My voice faltered into a whisper and I looked away until Pete took my hands, pulling me up.

"You don't have to this time," I bit my lip before nodding.

"Ok," I croaked. I was setting myself up for disaster.


I woke up turned my head and shook my head, he had let me down. Rising out of bed, I showered and changed before going downstairs and cooking myself breakfast. Grabbing the note off the fridge, I gulped as I read it and forced tears back.

I'm so sorry...

Bull shit.

I sighed and let it fall to the ground before I ascended upstairs where I made a rational decision. If I was going to be alone, I was going to be alone in the comfort of my own home.

That's right, my home.

I was going home...
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