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Chapter 1

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My first SI. Follow along as I adventure to destroy an evil legion led by two half-fiends. I own nothing.

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I let out a sigh as I finally finished my last piece of homework. I had a habit of going to the Library after-school to do homework then walk to my girlfriend's apartment. When I walked out of the Library, I couldn't shake the feeling in my gut that something was going to happen. I shrugged it off and started the long walk. Instead of going away, the feeling just got stronger.

Sometimes, I hate my gut. About ten minutes out of the Library, I get jumped by a group of six guys around my age that looked like they were in a gang. I pick up a piece of pipe about the same size and weight as a saber I have back home.

"Hey look at this guy, he thinks he can stand against us with a pathetic pipe," said a guy as they pulled out weapons. Two had knives, one had a gun, two had chains, and the last one had a pair of brass knuckles.

Before they were done laughing, I launched myself at the guy with the gun and hit him in the neck with my pipe. I then turned around and threw the pipe so it went spinning horizontally and hit a knife wielder in the gut. I picked up the gun and started shooting some of the guys in the kneecaps. When it ran out of ammo, I charged one of the guys with a chain and hit him in the temple with the butt of the gun. I turned to the guy with knuckles and got into a Tai Kwon Do stance and for not the first time I wished I was higher than a Yellow belt. The guy charged at me when I kicked him in the face, then a kick to the side of the head, then a kick to the groin. Just when I brought my foot back down I felt something cut into my back. I spun around and backhanded the last knife wielder so hard it felt like my hand broke. I felt around my back and pulled the knife out.

I fell to the ground and that last thought in my head before I passed out was 'Cool knife.'


Karia was waiting in her apartment for me to show up when the phone rang.

She walked to it and answered, "Hello."

"Ms. Clearwhite?" a male voice asked.


"I'm afraid that your boyfriend is in the hospital from a knife wound."

"What happened?"

"He got in a scrap with a part of the local gang but managed to take then out before he was stabbed in the back."

"What hospital is he in?"


Without saying good-bye, she hung up and ran to her car. She made it to the hospital in record time by breaking a few dozen traffic laws. She ran in, went to the desk and got my room number after scaring the man at the desk. She walked in and saw me hooked up to IVs and a doc checking my blood pressure.

The doc walked up to her and said, "I won't lie, he's in bad shape. The knife shredded part of his lung. If an ambulance wasn't driving by, he probably wouldn't have made it this far."

"Can I have some time alone with him?" she asked.



I was walking around in the strangest place I'd ever been in. It was almost like everything was light except it was a blend all colors imaginable.

"Where am I?" I muttered.

"This place has no name young human," a deep rumbling voice said behind me.

I turned around and my eyes almost fell out of my head. I immediately got down on one knee and kneeled.

"I am pleased to see you recognize me, now stand up, you're human therefore I hold little sway over you."

"Still, you are Io, The Ninefold Dragon, The Creator of Dragonkind, The..."

"Yes, yes I am Io. I have made an arrangement with the god of your planet, you will be reborn in several universes and you will make a great difference in all."

"What about Karia?"

"I will help lessen her grief. Now, I will send you to the first world." Io then breathed a multicolored blast at me.


When I woke up, I couldn't breathe. I started to panic and tried to get out of where ever I was.

"Alright, push!" a male voice said.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M DOING!?" a female voice shouted shortly before a bright light shined in my eyes.

I cried out in protest when I realized my voice was a lot lighter then it should. I wanted to smack myself; Io said that I would be reborn.

"Congratulations Emerwen, it's a boy," the male voice said to the woman holding me.

"I'll name him Kepsek, after his father," my new mother said as I looked upon her and saw that she was an elf.

'I'm an elf, sweet!' I looked at my new body and saw it wasn't that of an elf, but that of a half-dragon. 'I'm half-elf half-dragon, even sweeter!'


The years passed and I realized that being a half-dragon isn't all it's cracked up to be. I was forced to study magic and train in weapons. I found that I had an affinity for the double-bladed sword and trained with it whenever I had the time, which wasn't often. I was allowed occasional visits to my bronze dragon father which was of great relief.

I was on my way back form one such trip when I looked up and saw smoke coming from the forest the village was in. I sped up my pace to a run and for not the last time I wished I had wings.

I finally arrived to the forest and stopped as I reached the edge of the village. The village had been torched and there were several elf and Drow bodies. I walked over to one body and turned her over. It was my mother but she was still alive. I picked her up and walked out of the village.

I ran to the closest human village where I knew that there was a druid there who could heal my mother. When I reached the village I ran to the druid's house and kicked the door down. I laid my mother on the couch and started searching through the house, looking for the druid.

When I came back to the room my mother was in I saw the druid healing her.

"Where were you?" I asked him.

"Collecting herbs. Now Kep, could you tell me what happened?"

"The village was attacked by Drow. She was the only survivor I could find."

"Terrible, at least it didn't harm the child."


"She is pregnant, I'd say about a week along."

"I was gone for two weeks; I don't know when the attack happened."

"We'll ask her when she wakes up."

With that, both of us left the room to let her sleep.


My mother had woken up two days later and told us she had been raped by a Drow. The pregnancy had lasted a year, and I had a little brother after it was over. Mother and I agreed to name him Selgor.

As Selgor grew older, he became apprenticed to the very druid that healed mother. I discovered that I had the ability to cast magic as a sorcerer. I also continued to train myself to fight with the double-bladed sword.

As the years passed, Selgor and I got into a lot of trouble. No one was safe from our pranks. Both of us loved to play pranks. Odd that it took Selgor to bring out the prankster in me.

On Selgor's one hundredth birthday, our mother finally allowed us to leave and go adventure. Selgor practically killed her when he hugged her.


"Alright kiddo, let's make camp for the night," I told Selgor.

"Sure thing, I'll set up the tents while Varjo goes hunting," Selgor replied.

I had learned to trust Selgor's wolf companion when it came to hunting. He did a better job then either one of us. I went out to get some wood for a fire.

On my way back, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched.

"We're not alone," I told Selgor when I got back to the camp.

"Hang on a second," Selgor then made a few bird calls and a robin flew onto his finger. He whispered to it and it chirped back. "It's a group of four Raptorans."

Suddenly those four Raptorans landed in between us.

"You are trespassing on our land," the tallest Raptoran told me.

"Pardon our trespassing; we did not know that it was your land. We are just passing through," I replied after taking a polite step back.

"Wait here, the flock will decide if you can pass," with that, the Raptorans spread their wings and flew away.

"I guess we'll be stuck here for a while," I told Selgor.

When Varjo came back from hunting, we ate then went to sleep.


It had taken a week for the Raptorans to decide to let us pass. Shortly after we left the forest though, a young Raptoran came out.

"Can I come with you? I'm just starting my Walk of the Four Winds," he asked.

"Sure, I'm Kepsek and this is my half-brother Selgor. What's your name?"

"My name is Zair'Firavel."

"How about we just call you Zair?"

"Fine with me, where are we going?"

"The city up ahead."


About a mile outside the city, we decided to stop for a moment to catch our breaths. Selgor started to meditate while Zair stretched his wings and I kept watch. I took the time to think about how much my life had changed. I was now a hundred twenty seven year old half bronze dragon elf. I was trying to learn how to use my breath attack more then just once a day. I was having a little luck though those were just two or three sparks.

"Alright you three, hands up! This is a robbery! Your money and your lives," a voice in the bushes said.

I looked and saw six humans, three with swords out and three with bows.

I looked at Zair, "Which ones do you want?" I asked in Tuilvilanuue.

"Just leave two archers for me," he replied back.

I nodded then turned back to them suddenly and let loose my electric breath attack. A few of the bandits dodged though one archer got hit full blast. Just before the other two archers could attack, they were hit with crystals in their heads. Selgor sic Varjo on one swordsman and charged another with his scimitar. I leapt in front of the last one and pulled out my sword.

He charged at me with his longsword and I blocked with one of my sword blades. He kept on making wild swings that I kept blocking. Soon I got bored and knocked his sword away and then stabbed him in the gut.

I cleaned my sword's blades on one of the bodies as Selgor and Zair looted the bodies of the men they killed. When I was done, I looted the remaining two bodies. All together we found: 16 gold pieces, 24 silver, 29 copper, 50 arrows, 3 longbows, 4 longswords, 1 rapier, 2 shortswords, and 3 suits of leather armor. Selgor changed into leather armor then we headed off.


When we reached the city, we started looking for an inn. We split up and agreed to meet in that spot in an hour.

Zair went to the south, Selgor went to the east, and I went to the west.

As I looked at the various buildings, I noticed people staring at me. I double checked my hood to make sure it was still up. It was but when I checked to see if it was anything else, I noticed that my scaled chest was exposed. I shrugged it off and continued looking.

At the end of the hour I found myself at where we had agreed to meet. Selgor had gotten there before me and Zair hadn't shown yet.

"What do you think is taking Zair?" I asked Selgor.

"I don't know, I just hope he's alright," was his reply.

"Help!" we heard a voice cry from the direction Zair went.

We looked and saw Zair running from a group of two humans, one half-orc, and one half-elf. They all wore a suit of skin tight dragon scales of various breeds. Fortunately for me, none were from blue or bronze dragons.

I rolled my eyes and did something I'd been experimenting for the last few years. When they were about thirty feet away, I blasted the half-orc with raw magic. The half-elf cast a Lightning Bolt at me and the humans each pulled out longswords.

Selgor cast a Sunscorch spell on the half-elf while Varjo attacked one of the humans. I cast a Magic Missile spell at the last human and shot an arrow at the half-elf.

Of course now the authorities arrive.

"What's going on here?" one of them see's me with my hood still up, "You, you're under arrest. I don't see any of your fellow assassins here to save you now."

"Assassin what are you talking about?" I then toss off my hood to reveal my face.

They back up on seeing my dragon-like face, "What are you?"

"I'm half-elf half-bronze dragon. This is my half brother Selgor, and the Raptoran Zair."

"And who are you?"

"My name is Kepsek."

"Are you related to the bronze dragon Kepsektokiversvex?"

"He's my father why?"

"Come with me."

The guard led us to a cave inside an ocean cliff. I noticed a few pieces of artwork from my father's hoard. I was getting confused as the pieces I saw were his favorites. Soon the guard led us to an enormous cavern with a large pile of gold and a bronze dragon sleeping on top of it. My eyes widened as I realized that it was my father.

"What happened? His lair is nowhere near here," I asked the guard.

"His lair was attacked by an army of Driders about a month ago; they managed to steal almost his entire hoard. We found him nursing his wounds here and brought a cleric from the church of Obad-Hai to heal him. We don't know where the Driders came from."

I walked over to my father's head and rubbed the scales on the top of his head as I whispered into his ear, "Those Driders will pay, I promise you this."
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