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Chapter 2

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My first SI. Follow along as I adventure to destroy an evil legion led by two half-fiends. I own nothing.

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Zair and Selgor looked at me as I walked through town. I just kept grumbling and looked for an inn to spend the night.

"I saw an inn before I was attacked earlier," Zair said quietly then pointed at a building. I looked at the sign that said: 'Fanciful Bride'. Still slightly steamed, I led everyone into the tavern to see that there was only one table that wasn't full and it had a hooded occupant there already. I lifted up my hood and covered my chest with my cloak and walked over to the table.

"Do you mind if we sit here?" I asked.

"No," he replied before looking up slightly.

Selgor started to sit down when the man held a longsword at Selgor's neck.

"Don't move Drow."

"I'm not a Drow. I'm half-Drow half-High Elf," Selgor said looking down at the sword at his neck.

"Still, one of Drow blood will fetch a lot of money."

I then held one of my sword blades at the man's neck and said in a cold voice, "Remove your sword from my brother's neck. I don't want to have to hurt you."

I then heard a growl and looked to see a rather large tiger standing next to the man. I looked at Varjo and saw that the wolf had his hackles up and was also growling at the man. Nearby, an eagle screeched before flying down and landed on the man's shoulder. He stood up slowly, my blade going up with him. His free hand lowered his hood, revealing that he was actually an Elf, his dark blonde hair tied back in a loose ponytail.

"Boy, you have no idea what you're dealing with," the Elf said mysteriously. In a blur of movement, he knocked my sword away, reached behind him, and pulled out a set of manacles. Before we could do anything, he locked the manacles around Selgor's wrists.

"Take those off him now!" I growled, my dragon half starting to take over. I could feel my body changing slightly.

The Elf sniffed the air, a curious look coming over him. He looked me straight in the eyes, as if he was judging me. "You aren't completely Elvish," he said quietly. His voice carried around the now quiet tavern.

"Nope," I said proudly. "I'm Half-Dragon! So back off!"

"I have a way to deal with beings like you," the Elf said with a smirk. In a fluid movement, he sheathed his sword and threw off his cloak. His body bulged and grew thick striped hair. In a matter of seconds and nine foot weretiger stood before us.

"You're a lycanthrope huh?" I said with a smirk.

The weretiger just growled and nodded his head, sinking down in preparation for a fight.

"Let's see how a weretiger stands against one of dragon blood," and with that, I threw off my cloak and got into a fighting stance.

I gave a feral grin and motioned for him to attack like Morpheus in The Matrix when he was sparring with Neo. I heard some people in the bar making bets on who was going to win. Selgor and Zair joined in "forgetting" to mention that I fight dirty.

The weretiger leapt at me after a few moments with his claws extended. I smirked and caught his hands with my own. The two of us pushed against each other before I swung my leg up between his. The entire bar (that was male) clutched at their bits while groaning.

"Did I mention that I fight dirty?" I asked with a smirk as he sank to the ground, clutching his jewels.

He growled and was actually able to talk. " I," he said before bringing up his left hand and throwing some dust into my eyes. My eyes started burning, my vision blurring and going dark.

"You son of a..." I shouted but was cut off when his fist caught me in the jaw. My feet were then swept out from under me, but I rolled with the fall, thankful that I did when I heard a slam where I had been moments earlier. I got up; rubbing my eyes to try and get them clear of the dust, but my vision wasn't getting much better.

"Kepsek, look out!" Selgor yelled out to me from my left. I swung my fist towards where I had last seen the weretiger, and I managed to clip his arm. That let me hone in on where he was and I did a tight spin kick, landing right in his gut. A loud crash told me that he had been thrown quite a distance. It was about then that my sight started to return.

The weretiger got up with the help of a chair and charged at me. I jumped back and blasted a bolt of electricity at him while in mid air. He dodged and tackled me. He started to scratch at me while I tried to get my legs under him. I managed to get one leg between us and shoved him off me. When I got back up he latched his teeth onto my shoulder. I screamed out and somehow charged my own teeth with electricity and bit down on his shoulder. He started shaking as the several hundred volts flowed through his body. His fur stood up and he let go of my shoulder. I removed my mouth and shoved him away while panting. The weretiger fell to the ground and started twitching as currents of electric power danced across his skin.

I collapsed on my knees next to his body and left for a pulse. I found one and said, "Selgor, heal him as best as you can." I then collapsed into unconsciousness.


I woke up in a bed with several bandages on my shoulder where I was bitten. I wasn't worried about turning into a weretiger because my dragon blood prevented that from happening.

I walked out of my room and saw some stairs leading back to the tavern. I walked down and saw Selgor, Zair, and the weretiger I fought last night.

"How are you feeling?" Selgor asked when I sat down.

"Like I got trampled by a dragon. You bite really hard you know that?" I told the weretiger.

"At least your part dragon, otherwise you'd become a weretiger," Zair said.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"My name is Caelathvan. I am a ranger familiar with these lands, and my companions are Sirail and Kanthar," motioning to a tiger and eagle respectively, "Seeing as you have defeated me, my honor demands that I serve you until such time as I have redeemed myself. Most likely that will be by saving your life."

"No, you're not coming with us."

"Yes I am."

"I don't think your going to change his mind Kep," Selgor said with an amused smile.

"Fine, once my shoulder is better, we're going to Luskan," I declared.


After a few weeks we finally made it to Luskan. After a little trouble at the gates we headed off to find a tavern with some warm food. We found one without any trouble and soon were inside. We picked an empty table near the fire and a waitress soon came up and asked if we wanted anything.

"Could I have some meat with a mug of ale?" I asked.

"Some ham and water for me," Selgor ordered.

"Just water for me," Zair said after a moment of thinking.

"Nothing for me," Cael replied.

The waitress smiled and walked off. I looked around and saw a large group of people surrounding a table and could hear arguing. I got up and walked over to see what was going on. I gently pushed my way through the crowd and finally saw a sheet of parchment that was promising fame and wealth. I got a better look at it and realized that it was advertising for help in Targos. My eyes widened as I realized that it was the same call for help as one of my favorite computer games in my first life called Icewind Dale II.

I saw an identical flyer on the wall, walked over, ripped it off, headed back to our table, and slammed it down on the table.

"Goblins are attacking the Ten Towns to the north," I said as I sat down.

"I believe that we should go to help," Zair said calmly.

"I agree with Z," Selgor replied.

"I will follow you," Cael said.

"Looks like we're going to Targos," I said.


Later that day we booked passage on the ship the 'Wicked Wench'. The next day we sailed off to Bremen for supplies.

When we docked I was one of the first ones off. While I enjoyed sailing due to my heritage there was only so much one could take. When I jumped over the side of the ship I landed next to a burly half-orc who glared at me. He was one of the only other passengers on the Wench other than my group.

As soon as the others were off the ship, we headed into town to see if there were any weapon shops. Zair split off from us to go looking for something. We agreed to meet at the Wench in half-an-hour.

"So Cael, have you ever been here before?" I asked him.

"No," was all he said.

I rolled my eyes at the most quiet member of our party. I was about to say something when I heard a faint scream. Cael also apparently heard it as he took off to the Docks where the scream came from. I ran after him and Selgor followed. Meanwhile I was thinking in my head, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! How could I have forgotten that goblins attacked Bremen before the game starts?

At an intersecting alleyway, we ran into Zair who also heard the scream. We all ran toward the Docks. I soon could see the filthy little buggers and fried one with my electric breath. Cael had turned into his hybrid form and leapt into the middle of the fighting. I pulled out my sword and saw the half-orc from the Wench fighting several goblins with a scimitar version of my own double-bladed sword. I leapt next to him and helped him fight the little maggots known as goblins.

Even as skilled as we were the sheer number of goblins was pushing us back. The half-orc took an arrow to the side and fell down. I picked him up and placed him on my shoulders and yelled out, "Fall back! Go to the Wench!"

I ran back to the Wench behind Selgor and Cael with Zair behind me.

"I'll keep them back! Get on the ship!" he yelled. Zair then spread his arms and closed his eyes in concentration. Suddenly, a white, slightly liquid wall appeared in front of the goblins and Zair ran back onto the ship.

"What is that stuff?" the captain, Hedron Kerdos, asked.

"No time, get this ship out of here!" Zair shouted.

"Selgor! Get over here!" I shouted after gently pulling the arrow out of the half-orc.

Selgor ran over and started chanting. His hands started to glow and he laid his hand on the half-orc's wound. The wound then healed up and Selgor collapsed. I hurried over to him and noticed a large gash on his side. I ripped of part of my shirt and bandaged his wound as best as I could. After that I collapsed and fell unconscious.


I woke up in my cabin with a massive headache. I rubbed my head wondering why I passed out. I wasn't badly hurt or anything like that. I paused when I noticed I was feeling hair. I didn't have hair! I brought my hand down and saw a smooth scale-less hand. I ran over to my mirror and saw a bronze haired elf looking back at me. I yelled out and fell back on my bed.

"Kepsek what's wr...who are you! Where is my brother?!" Selgor yelled as he came in to see what was wrong.

I held up my arm and concentrated. I tried to will my arm back to what it used to be. My arm started to grow scales and claws and soon was my old arm.

"I am Kepsek Selgor. I don't know how, but somehow I am now like a lycanthrope with my half-dragon form," I told the staring Nevae.

"Prove that you're Kepsek."

"I was visiting my dragon father when drow attacked our mother's village. I arrived a week after it had happened, found everyone except her dead, carried her to the nearest village, and had the local druid heal her."

"You are Kepsek. What happened?"

"I have a theory on how I'm an elf now, but I want Cael to confirm it."

"What's your theory?"

"I think when he bit me and I sent electricity through both our bodies, it somehow changed me and made me like a were-bronze dragon. I don't know if I'm afflicted or not though."

"Sounds good, even though I'm no lycanthrope expert. I think you should talk to Cael and see what he thinks."

"How are you by the way?"

"I'll be fine. Thanks for bandaging me up."

I smiled and started to get dressed in my normal clothes as Selgor left.
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