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AU OotP. When Harry enters his fifth year, he finds that not only is there a new Defense teacher, but also a new subject taught by an American. Soon Harry starts to suspect that Professor Mitchell,...

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Disclaimer: The characters of Charmed don't belong to me. The same goes to Harry Potter.

Spoilers: Charmed: Post Forever Charmed.

Harry Potter: AU Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Author's note: I had always thought it would be interesting if Harry would meet either Wyatt or Chris when they were teenagers, and not little kids. So this is my version of that.

Summary: AU OotP. When Harry enters his fifth year, he finds that not only is there a new Defense teacher, but also a new subject taught by an American. Soon Harry starts to suspect that Professor Mitchell, and Chris, the American transfer student might not be who they're pretending to be. Will Harry be able to trust Prof. Mitchell and Chris, in time; or not? Charmed/HP


Charmed of the Phoenix


"Here you go," Katrina said to her cats as she put their meal on the table. To anybody else, Katrina looked like a woman who was a cat lover- as she had many cats in her house. But the cats Katrina cared for were no ordinary cats- they were familiars. Katrina had also been a familiar herself, but as a reward for her good work Katrina was turned into a human. Now she took care of other familiars before they went of to look after their charges.

As Katrina continued to feed her pets, the fireplace in front of her suddenly turned green and a woman stepped out of it.

"Hello, Arabella," Katrina greeted her English friend as Arabella brushed the soot of her clothes. A few years after Katrina became human, she had met Arabella Figg through a mutual friend. Arabella also took care of familiars, although some of her cats were also regular cats. "What brings you to San Francisco?"

"I'd like to say that I was here just to visit you," Arabella said when she was done getting as much soot of as she could. "But I can't. I'm here on business."

"Ah," Katrina said. "Would you like any tea?" She asked as she made her way to her kitchen and got the teapot out.

"Oh, sure," Arabella said sitting down on the couch. She petted one of the cats that had climbed onto her lap.

"How are things in England?" Katrina asked as she made the tea.

"Not good," Arabella replied, and then whispered. "He's back."

Katrina's eyes went up in surprise. "Oh?"

Arabella nodded. "Yes. He came back towards the end of May. It was during the third task." Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had been selected to host to the Triwizard Tournament. Hogwarts, along with Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and Durmstrang Institute for Magical Study were the three magical schools that participated in the tournament. The Triwizard Tournament had begun in the late thirteenth century and had stopped sometime in the fourteenth century. Its goal was to provide friendly competition between the three largest magical schools in Europe. "He had one of his Death Eaters kill one of the contestants- from Hogwarts- because he wasn't supposed to be there. And he also tried to kill poor Harry, and nearly succeeded."

"And this happened at Hogwarts?" Katrina asked as she sat down across from her friend with her cup of tea.

"Oh, no," Arabella said, surprised. "One of his people pretended to be Mad-Eye and then made the trophy into a portkey and when Harry and the other Hogwarts student touched the trophy at the same time, it took them to another location." She took a sip of her tea. "Dumbledore recalled the Order of the Phoenix about an hour or so after he heard the news. I'm here to see if you know anybody who we can recruit."

Katrina was silent for a minute as she drank her tea and thought. She had in mind of three witches, who had been her last charges, and knew, once they were filled in on the situation, that they would want to help the Order, especially if it helped to save innocents. She smiled. "I think I know some people who would be willing to help."


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