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Hidden Village of the Void

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The Amato War spawned more than one legacy.... Cannon characters will eventually be introduced

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Legacy of the Amato War

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Ch1: Hidden Village of the Void

Antzai looked over his people with worry from the temporary wood and cloth shanty that had been hastily thrown up. These were his people, his responsibility because none of them belonged to a specific village or even a particular country, none of them had anyone else to protect them.

Instead they had fled with their families or been forced to flee from their homes in an attempt to escape the raging and destructive war that had engulfed their nations. They had fled hopelessness to join him, he represented hope, and peace. The responsibility they placed on him weighed him down at times but he would not betray their trust instead he took pride in their faith, it made him stronger.

The Kages' had joined the rulers of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Lightning country in madness by waging a long and senseless war for dominance. Aside from not achieving anything meaningful it had only served to lead to the meaningless deaths of hundreds of Nin and their families.

Dubbed the Amato war, casualties were starting to spread to non-combatants as it dragged on, fuelling hatreds and vendettas among combatants. Antzai knew that the war for dominance among the nations and hidden villages was one that could never be won or lost, only prolonged by those without the courage to break from the cycle of violence. Temporary alliances and frequent backstabbing saw to that.

Standing before him now were the courageous refugees who had struggled against that very cycle. It was sad though, these Nin would not be praised for saving the lives of those precious to them, and they would not be recognized for breaking out of the cycle of madness which was clear to everyone except for those who had the power to stop it, instead they would be cast out as trash. 'No' he thought bitterly, they would be cast out as worse than trash for abandoning their comrades, those who had yet to realize that they were still caught in the same cycle of dealing death.

Yet looking around at the number of women and children in the camp, playing or working around the tents with contentment if not happiness, he could not help but think that their reputation was a small price to pay for their lives and future happiness. Most of these children had suffered through a wartime footing all of their lives, they hadn't experienced anything other than the fear of losing one or both parents or a sibling at a moments notice and the growing hatred for those that constantly pressed on their lives and that of their families. If he didn't do something to permanently safeguard his people soon then he would only be prolonging the moment when they would eventually be drawn back into the war that they had fled. By ensuring their safety he could permanently break the thread joining them to the conflict outside of their encampment.

Now at least they had the chance of growing up in a semi - normal environment without the effect of war constantly surrounding them. Even if they were always on the move, they were never the less always surrounded by family and others that would die to protect them. But increasingly he was confronted by the need for a permanent base of operations.

The children that inhabited the camp were the future of their community and teachings after all, he might die but as long as there were children alive then his cause would live on. Luckily not all of those who were attracted to his banner and teachings were women and children, Gennin or even Chuunin and that made protecting them and their peaceful existence just that little bit easier. The more people who gathered requiring protection the more thinly spread his resources became.

Even though they had joined him with hope, the risk wasn't any less real in this moving encampment than what they had fled from, just decreased by taking no active part in the conflict and avoiding the notice of the main villages. It was ironic that although all of these courageous Nin and their families had joined his neutral band in the hope that they could raise their family apart from the war that had claimed too many of their friend's or families lives, it was the Amato war however that paradoxically kept them safe.

Nin from all countries and hidden villages had gathered here and been cast out as missing from their village and as such provided a real danger to the security of their former homes. Normally a missing Nin was instantly tracked down and killed before he could divulge any of his former homes secrets and the only thing that was keeping hunters from descending in vast numbers upon their moving enclave was the need to keep their own hidden villages safe from attack.

The threat provided by the neutrality of their group of passive missing Nin was far outweighed by the threat of attack by one or more villages simultaneously. Whatever nicety there had been in this war had long since given ground to political necessity and often bloody victories which were later rewarded by seemingly endless attacks by former allies in a moment of weakness.

Yet as the numbers of missing Nin and their families who gathered around him increased, the villages and their countries would increasingly see them as a threat. If his enclave became too much of a perceived threat to the various hidden villages then he could we'll see the war becoming less intense as the villages increased their garrison in order to safeguard against an attack by the gathering of missing Nin.

Such an action would leave the way for a greater number of resources to be spent on attacking him and his fellow missing Nin, the Hunter Nins and ANBU were on a different class to Gennin and Chuunin and he would have trouble protecting those that looked to him for protection, even worse if the villages temporarily combined their forces.

A real possibility since the hidden villages would not want their secrets to escape their control because of a few missing Nin and the longer they left the missing Nin untouched the greater the risk of them losing their secrets to others became, he had already seen evidence of merging techniques among his Nin as they prepared for what seemed an inevitable confrontation with the hidden villages. It was a practice he was desperate to keep secret, if the villages knew or even suspected that their secrets were being compromised they would have no choice but to act now and eliminate the security risk - even if it meant exposing themselves to a counterattack by another village.

He hadn't always been against this long war of dominance or responsible for protecting a congregation of people that were seeking an alternative to constant strife and bloodshed. As a wondering Sannin he didn't have strong ties with his own village - the Village of the hidden stone and he enjoyed the freedom that such a loose association granted him.

That had changed when despite his lose association he like many in this war had been passionately enraged when his village had been attacked, his nation invaded. It wasn't long before he found out though that it was only in retaliation to an attack made by his village, which in turn had been in retaliation to...

Antzai sighed, 'what a mess'. The war had been going on for a long time before he had noticed it and it didn't take long for him to get sick of the meaninglessness and viciousness of it. He was sure that some of the countries had been drawn into it unwillingly but like a stone rolling downhill it wouldn't stop until it hit the bottom, its momentum spent - regardless of initial intentions. Even if that meant the dead out numbered the living.

These days his priority was to keep the people who depended on him safe and plan for their future. When he had first left his village against the wishes of his Tsuchikage he was sick of the bloodshed and death. It had been made very clear that as soon as the war was over he would be hunted down, killed and his body burned by his own village because of what was seen as his traitorous actions. His actions were seen as all the more traitorous given his skill and position of authority in the village.

All the knowledge he had acquired of Earths secrets would be destroyed and any trace of the jutsu that he had developed himself would be incorporated into the teaching of the village, stolen without his permission. To Antzai it just confirmed how low his former friends had fallen. Already his name had been struck from the villages register; it would be as if he had never existed.

The threat didn't really bother him though, a Nin as skilled as he was had nothing to fear unless the whole village were mobilized against him. There were too many places to hide and unless he was caught by surprise no single Hunter Nin had any hope of defeating him. He had left because he no longer had any interest in killing the young men of other villages sent against him, the realization that he had become a butcher rather than a ninja was not a pleasant one.

After leaving the hidden stone village, Antzai saw himself sitting out the remainder of war as the wonderer he had been before the war. He would recover his travel lust and work on a couple of idea's which the war had prevented him from working on.

His intentions all changed when he saw a pair of Wind Chuunin defending a refugee train against two teams of Lightening Gennin. The Chuunin had the experience and a greater wealth of deadly techniques at their disposal but they were out numbered by three to one and hampered by the need to protect women, children and the other non-combatants in the train.

It was a moment that changed everything, he didn't even question where the train was heading or what the conflict was about all that mattered was that if he failed to come to the aid of the Chuunin he would have had another massacre on his shoulders and forever on his conscience but if he protected the refugee train and the Chuunin by destroying the Gennin he would be accepting responsibility for their welfare. He hated responsibility, it always seemed to impede his personal freedoms and last time the Tsuchikage had preached about responsibility he had been sucked into an untenable war.

It was a decision that he was forced to make instantly and it was a decision that struck to the very heart of why he opposed the war. It had engulfed more than just the Nin and warriors who fought it and had moved to engulf their families, their children and people who knew nothing of Ninjutsu. If he was to abandon the two Chuunin and the refugee train he would be no better than the Gennin who were intent on destroying it. Or the Kage that ordered its destruction.

"Those of the Lighting flee this place or be destroyed," his voice had boomed across the battlefield giving hope to the defenders that reinforcements were about to arrive, though those of the sand would never have guessed that they would be aided by one of the stone.

The Cloud Gennin were battle hardened and confident in their numerical superiority though and didn't so much as pause in their attack. Half died before they realized their mistake with the rest being caught in a deadly array of traps that he had laid to eliminate the fleeing Nin. One of the things that made him so fearsome was his approach to combat, he had never lost even to opponents with more techniques available to them.

Once he was committed to combat there would be no pause, no hesitancy or boasting, if his opponent wasn't ready then they were either quickly killed or defeated. Not many Nin could keep up with his pace as he seamlessly merged Taijutsu, Genjutsu with Ninjutsu in a deadly combination. Too many felt confident in their superiority, pausing to boost their imminent victory, that pause was more than enough for him to regain the initiative and defeat them. It was a philosophy he had developed in his wandering and it was a style of combat he had shaped to deadly effect during the fighting of the Amato war. It was also a style he had been careful to conceal from his allies and enemies alike during his part in the war.

On rescuing the refugees he learned from the exhausted Chunins that he wasn't the only one fleeing the war and risking the consequences of abandoning their former homes as their looked for safer places to live, a place the war hadn't yet touched and hopefully wouldn't. By rescuing the few refugee's he had started snow balling the predicament he know found himself in, with his fame spreading and the number of people seeking refuge growing.

"Antzai," he smiled upon hearing those two standing behind him, he couldn't have come so far without their support. He may have been a match for multiple Gennin but when it came time to protect the people who gathered around him from more experienced ninja the two Chuunin he had rescued had proved their worth.

A few victories over Nin who thought such a group provided easy pickings had created confidence in his followers that he could provide them with an alternative to this war. It had also raised a beacon to those fleeing the war, Nin and non-Nin alike. If only they knew the fine balance between success and annihilation he was treading along with the other Nin that had joined him, inspired by him. Luckily none had abandoned the cause or failed to hope for a better future, the alternative was to go back to the madness that threatened to engulf them.

"Atkihiro, Futmiaki, do you remember that day. Who knew defeating a small group of Cloud Gennin would have led to this. Now more than ever we need the security that only a village can provide. We have grown too large to continue as we have been," Antzai sighed and turned to face the two Chuunins that had helped him build up an enclave of safety amidst the destructive forces of war, a void of peace amongst an overwhelming conflagration of war.

Building a village between the territory traditionally claimed by the Sand and Fire country had the potential to solve many of their problems but could create the disaster they had been narrowly avoiding in their constant movement for the past fifteen months by providing a stationary target for attack. Only these two bulwarks had been with him long enough to recognize the fragility of the path they traveled on, many of the newer recruits had not seen the fragile beginning or been here long enough to recognize his constant desperation. Still the skills he had freely imparted had made them a people not to be attacked lightly and with their strength growing daily time favored them.

"Sir, the people are tired and the Nin's have been training together for months. You may be right that a village only provides a stationary target but seeing so many Nin from so many villages fighting together to protect their families from a war many of them never wanted to fight fills me with hope. I believe we are ready for the next step, we cannot continue to run from this war and nothing says we have to become involved simply because we establish a village."

Futmiaki nodded, "it obviously fills the refugees with hope as well or they wouldn't be clamoring so hard for the establishment of our own village. With your teaching we haven't had a serious threat in weeks." Some Nin created knew and creative Jutsu's upon reaching his level of skill, he had created a new approach to combat. Jutsu's or more powerful Chakra didn't always win the fight as he and his Nin had constantly proved over the months, it was the way you adapted and dealt with challenges.

"That's what worries me more than anything else, the war is obviously losing momentum, meaning that more and more resources will be freed up to destroy the secrets that many are sharing freely in this enclave. Your right though, it is time to establish our own village but something more must be done to secure our future. I have been researching this matter but there is time for that later, for now tell the people that we will be moving no more. From this point on we will be known as the Hidden village of the Void and our headbands will bear no markings signifying our beginnings and signaling our future as whatever we wish make it."


"Antzai please don't do this, we can still succeed and grow. We are off to an excellent start, our Void Nin are progressing well with the new training grounds and the walls are almost built." Atkihiro pleaded with the new Kage, such a Kinjustsu carried dangerous inherent risks. The carefully crafted seals that surrounded them spoke of these risks louder than any appeal, on completing the fifth seal Antzai indicated that he was ready to start.

"Atkihiro, Futmiaki, do you really believe that all this is unnecessary. Already we are running out of supplies with no way to replenish them. With the villages and their governments once again at an uneasy peace we have become targets. Why do you think we have received no missions? People are afraid of dealing with a group of traitors and we have not the strength to stand up to any concerted attack. Already the strength of our patrols is being tested and with no new recruits we cannot afford to use our children until they are fully trained. Until we are recognized as an independent village that remains strong enough to fight off incursions, the possibility of imminent annihilation is always close to both us and those dealing with us."

"But taking a step this drastic," questioned Futmiaki. "The risks are too real, the possibility of failure to great. You are responsible for the safety of everyone in this village, can you really take such a gamble?""

"How is it any different from any conflict during the war, we were all dangerously out numbered but we survived. I have no doubt that we will survive this and flourish as a result. Remember peace through strength has out of necessity become our motto."

Atkihiro, and Futmiaki bowed to Antzai's wisdom. They had both come too far and fought too hard to fail now and secretly wondered how long it would be before other Nin developed similar Kinjustsu and exploited it. Besides they were not going to argue that much against a man who had saved so many lives and established a functioning village at the height of the Amato war.

It was already clear that they were at a severe disadvantage, even more so because they were viewed with distaste and contempt - a village founded by those worse than trash. No, such a step would indeed ensure the survival of the hidden Village of the Void into the future by demonstrating their strength. It would not change the contempt in which they were held but people were more likely to deal with them knowing that there would be no risk of retaliation.

"Such a technique must always be shared between the three most senior Void Nin of this village. Ultimately there can only be one Kage however this power is too great to be hoarded by one man no matter how well intentioned. You two will provide a check for me and when one of us inevitably falls to old age or battle wounds another Nin must be found to replace him. If this works, then this Jutsu will become integral to how our village is run but it is imperative that it be hidden and protected from misuse. Although I have no doubt that others may discover similar techniques in the future they must not discover it with the help of the Void. Our safety in a hostile world will depend on this, our strength must not be undermined nor our superiority questioned." The importance of this strategy to the future safety and wellbeing of the village could not be understated despite his friend's objections.

Once Antzai was sure that they understood the implications of what he had said clearly he made one final check on the seals. This was the most dangerous part of his plan, once the Kinjustsu had been successfully executed then it would incrementally become easier with each successive execution. It was his hope that many generations into the future such an action would hold little risk while stile maintaining its value.

"Alright!!" Antzai shouted confidently Bird, inverted Dragon, half Rat, Serpent - Shah Namah, Ahi, Druj. Once in an appropriate stance he executed four seals to shape his chakra and called the names of Shar Namah and his two lieutenants in an attempt to summon them. In all of his research, those where the only three demons he had successfully discovered how to summon since the requirements for summoning demons varied radically depending on who was doing the summoning and what was being summoned. Antzai swallowed audibly in anticipation as summoning a demon or three was one thing, containing was a very different story and tricking was even harder. He just hoped that he was successful in all three, anything less would course a loss of life that could equal or outdo that of the Amato war.

"It's been too long since anyone was foolish enough to summon one of our kind into this plane mortal. We caused too much destruction and death last time but it seems that our actions were forgotten, what a pity." Antzai just winced as the sound of their mocking laugher reverberated through his skull. Atkihiro, and Futmiaki were clutching their heads reminding him that they had a lot more training to do if they were to reach his level of skill.

The three monstrous bonfires in human shape turned their heads to the five rings of warding surrounding their position. "Mmmmm.... I see you're trying to contain us with such puny seals, pitiful." The demon spat a gob of flame watching it sizzle out as the inner seal activated. "Still I suppose I should find out why you summoned me before I let myself out to enjoy some pillage and destruction. I'm looking forward to all that killing and I daresay my Lieutenants would relish some sport." Antzai idly wondered how he could see the sickly smirk in the flames of the demons face before he straightened his shoulders to command the demons he had summoned.

"Shah Namah, why else would I have summoned you but to utilize your power for my own purposes. Deal with me!! I have summoned you, so how long before another of my station discovers the means to summon more of your kind?" He sighed with relief as the demons face swung back towards him away from the seals. "I have summoned you out of all the demons of hell, and for your freedom to wreak havoc on this land all that I require is that you lend me your power and that of your lieutenants for one year. Even if they discover how to summon your kind there is no guarantee that you would be summoned rather than another, this is your opportunity at freedom within this realm." He almost laughed as the ferocity of the beings flaming eyes seemed to increase at the prospect of unfettered reign over the mortal plane.

"As you said mortal," the distaste at dealing with such an inferior being was evident in the sharp painful jabs that accompanied his words, dealing with demons was always painful. "You have discovered how to summon me why should I give you access to our power for even one year, I live forever I could just wait until a more advantageous proposal came my way."

With pain filled gazes both Atkihiro and Futmiaki drew their kunai, "why betray us now. We believed in you and you betray us in the moment we achieve our dreams. We will deal with the demons after we have removed you from our sights, betrayer." Their confusion and sense of betrayal was unfeigned as they attacked him. The demons evil aura acted by further confusing their emotions leading them to take more extreme actions than they would normally take, he hadn't told them of this part of the plan since they had to act genuine if he had any hope of tricking such a powerful demon. His wards could only restrain the demons physical attacks, it was because of such a dangerous flaw that summoning demons was so dangerous, they were after all master manipulators.

Antzai quickly disabled and rendered his two companions unconscious as they tried to attack him, their pain filled and sloppy attacks were meaningless with someone of his experience and focus. 'Damn I hope that struggle hasn't damaged any of the wards, I should have foreseen such a possibility.' Antzai thought worriedly, a damaged ward could spell disaster now or in the future.

"What is stopping me from breaking your wards like kindling and killing you first mortal, I assure you we would find taking you down would be no more difficult for us than you found dealing with your weakling companions. Still you intrigue me, what would warrant setting me free after only one year betraying your companions and the people of this world in the process to countless centuries of pain and anguish." The demon seemed unfazed by the situation he found itself in making Antzai wonder if the seals would be enough to hold it and its lieutenants even if he succeeded in his plans. Still, if he lost confidence now the demons would be quick to exploit his uncertainty.

"These people have shown me nothing but contempt, they treat me like trash - using me and then discarding me. My own family has threatened to track me down, kill me and burn my body leaving nothing, not even my legacy remaining in this world. One year is all I need to wreak my revenge give it to me and then you can dismantle what's left of this ruined country." He found it easy to revel in the normally suppressed dark of his personality, the demons aura made it easy. He just hoped that he was able to suppress the darkness of his soul as easily after he had the demons trapped.

"Bah, whatever. What's a year to someone who lives forever? You pitifully weak mortals are nothing to me. Besides the effort needed to break that ward..." Shah Namah once again gave the five encircling wards a cursory study.

"Lets do it!!!" roared the demon scorching his eyebrows and singeing his vest as the bonfires compressed slamming into him and the two Chuunins as Shah Namah's luitents took his lead by granting their power.

"Whaaaaatttttt!!!!!" the voice of Shah Namah yelled in anger as the third seal activated "you tricked me. When I get out mortal nothing will appease my anger or my hunger." The stone headquarters shook, furnishings fell from the walls and dust sprinkled from the ceiling as the demon lords Chakra lashed out in a final attempt to break the ward which bound him.

"If I have my way none of you will be getting out for a long time," grinned Antzai in triumph as the third ring broke into three sections sealing the demons into his companions and himself. "Once I have mastered you demon nothing will threaten this village again and your power will be mine."

Shah Namah reply was inaudible as the seal clamped down leaving no more than a warded seal on the Kages belly. If this were successful then the village would certainly survive for generations to come with none approaching their power.


Futmiaki watched the Void Nin's training as they alternated between free for all's and teamplay utilizing water, earth, fire, and lightning techniques, Antzai's gamble had long since paid dividends. The hidden village of the void had produced some very strong Nin and looked set to continue doing so. While at first the villages had been horrified by their leaders actions, his two loyal Chuunin reassured them and as time passed without the demon's escaping and wreaking havoc, the villages of the void began to accept his actions. Indeed after seeing the first and his two trusted comrade's harness the powers of the demon's and use it in the village's defense the villages actually started to bless him for his sacrifice. He and Atkihiro made sure they knew of their constant struggle against corruption.

Antzai was old albeit powerful when he founded the village and even with the power of Shah Namah no one could live forever. He bestowed the demon onto one of his students before he found himself too weak to resist the beast's corruption. He didn't last long after that, Atkihiro was the next to die of old age, leaving him the last of the original demon bearers. Futmiaki grinned as he molded some of the demons chakra, a feeling of addictive power flooding through his body.

Only now as he neared the end of his life was he beginning to unlock the true potential of such power and understood the great will his sensei and comrade at arms must have had to give up such power. It was only now that he understood his teacher's great wisdom in creating three containers to prevent a corruption from occurring. With the bearers being chosen on the basis of their strength of will and spiritual strength it was unlikely that two out of the three would be corrupted simultaneously.

'No' he thought looking down at the training, allowing his gaze drift over at the village Antzai had spent years overseeing 'I have a few years in me yet.' It was times like these that he missed his old teacher's advice. For the first time in their relatively short history the village of the void was being invited to participate in the Chuunin exams. A sign that although still suffering from the stigmatism of its founding, the village was slowly starting to become an excepted part of Nin society.

"Antzai would have been proud," Bashto said from over Futmiaki's shoulder. "This was what he dreamed of, it is a terrible loss that he is not here to see it."

Futmiaki just nodded in tired resignation, "it is. But there are still some things that are worrying and significant to the security of our village. We are not completely safe yet, Antzai's legacy is as much a strength as it is a weakness."

"Kage, you worry too much. Your mastery over Ari is stronger than it ever has been and my mastery over Druj is stronger than Atkihiro's before me. When it comes time to pass along your burden that person will have the potential to obtain even greater mastery over Ari, granting even more security to the village."

Futmiaki bit back a vicious retort 'no one could ever have greater potential', 'no, he is right' he thought, the demon was starting to influence his emotions more and more lately as his will weakened and his spiritual strength started to fade, he may have to start looking for an heir sooner rather than later, before the demon had the chance to corrupt him completely.

"What of Daytu, he has had years to master Shah Namah, is he no closer?" it was worrying. Daytu was the strongest of Antzai's students and he had yet to reach the mastery over the demon that he himself had reached in a few months.

"It is difficult, he feels himself getting closer everyday but Shah Namah was the strongest of the three. It is inevitable that he would be the most difficult to conquer, it shows how strong the first really was." Bashto thought of Daytu with sadness, it must be hard to be constantly compared to the First, having your achievements constantly measured against his. Daytu's achievements were impressive in their own right but they were constantly overlooked, smothered out by Antzai's shadow.

"This invitation is timely is it not," Futmiaki said throwing the scroll on the table behind him. "It seems the perfect opportunity to find out the truth over several rumors that have been circulating." The change of subject momentarily disorientated Bashto, it was hard to keep up with the Third lately. His mood swings and tendency to change the subject were growing worse - a by-product of an unruly demon.

"Surely you don't believe that anyone could have bound demons to an infant." Bashto scoffed nudging the scroll, "Besides what reason do we have to attend these exams. We have coped for decades while they attacked and shunned us. Let us to the shunning this time." Binding a demon put enormous strain upon a users body and spirit, an infant would never survive the melding.

"Don't be so hasty Bashto, the First always said that the discovery of his Kinjustsu or one mimicking it was inevitable by other villages. Besides why not use this opportunity like every other entrant, a legitimate reason to spy on our enemies. If there are other demon bearers present we should make every effort to recruit them or .... Well let's see shall we."

"At the very least it would provide excellent training for our Gennin." Bashto nodded liking the idea more and more. "And Daytu might benefit from some real combat experience, let me pick out some teams then." Maybe in the process Daytu could start to make his mark outside of Antzai's shadow.

Futmiaki smiled and turned his attention to trying to construct the First and Seconds face in the sprawl of houses and shops below. It was something Antzai had requested, a bit of a puzzle rather than a monument to help reinforce his legacy to the village, a legacy of a radically different approach to combat.
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