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There was more than one legacy that resulted from the Amato War....

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Legacy of the Amato War

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Ch2: Chuunin Exam

Daytu held one axe high and the other low in a strong combat stance. His arms felt like jelly and his back was on fire from maintaining such a strong carriage for so long. Even though his body demanded respite, this was the only way he would improve both his skill and endurance - through practice and hard training and so he pushed himself harder. At an unseen signal he changed stances by thrusting both axes forward in a parry, once again holding his position with his twin axes stretched forward and his muscles straining.

Sweat dripped from his brow onto the hardened and water starved earth and his breathing labored from the long hours of combat training. He was aware of the responsibility the First had given him before he had died and it constantly rankled that he had been unable to completely fulfill his obligation to the village. Somehow he always failed to live up to the responsibilities his old teacher had passed on to him. It left him feeling inadequate and unworthy of the burden placed on him but that didn't stop him from striving to improve his lot by perfecting his skill in combat.

His skill at arms was as important to his survival as it was to his mastery over the demon Shah Namah. The village of the Void's survival was always dependant on the skills of the Nins protecting it. Everybody outside of the village's boundaries remembered who they were before they became the void and how they had formed. Sometimes it seemed that the entire world bore grudges that only the village's destruction and scattering of its people could appease.

Even with the recent invitation to the Chuunin exams the Voids relationship with the other hidden villages remained tense with hostilities never far away. As young as he was he could remember the frequent raids and probing of their defenses by hostile foreign Nin and knew that the slightest perceived crack or weakness would have foretold their doom and destruction. Even as strong as they were he doubted they could withstand a combined assault by all five hidden villages.

"Haaaaaahhhhh!!!!" he yelled whipping his arms back and hefting his axes at a distant dried up tree stump, which had succumbed to the frequent droughts in the area. "Aaagggghhhh!!!!" Any molding of the demons chakra remained painful, more painful than it should have been. It was that pain that limited his mastery over Shah Namah by preventing him from drawing too heavily on the demons chakra. He feared that drawing too deeply would kill him, but he was making progress. Today he was able to mould more of the demonic chakra than at any other time he could remember.

Daytu smiled grimly as his axes became six, demolishing the stump with powerful successive strikes. It was a move that he had only just developed and one that was only made possible by the amount of chakra he had managed to steal from his demon captive. He might not have been able to draw much compared to what he knew the demon horded but what he could draw boosted his own reserves to levels that would have amazed other Nin.

Unlike his bearer brothers the amount of chakra he could steal from his demon captive was not limited by the fear of corruption but by his pain threshold. The fear of corruption was a burden that those guarding the two lieutenants had to bear and it was the reason for his teacher and mentor creating the triad system. At any one time it was reasonable to assume that one of the three triads would be wrestling with his or her demon.

Mastery over the contained demons was only achieved after a long struggle, melding and aligning one's chakra lines with such a large and unwilling captive reservoir was never easy. Antzai also anticipated the possibility of one of the three falling under the spell of the demon. He knew how easily power could corrupt an individual, even more easily at the urging of a demon. It was left to the other two to restrain and deal with the third, which made it fortunate, that he need not fear corruption except from his own failings. Only his teacher and when it became time his student would know that it was different with Shah Namah, pain was the only barrier limiting his mastery not the fear of falling under the spell of his captive demon. As such he held an even greater responsibility than anyone would ever know or could know.

Still with increased skill in the art his teacher had trained him in his pain threshold and willpower would increase to such a point where full dominance over Shah Namah would become possible. As his teacher had constantly warned him however it was a long road, even with his lifetime of skill Shah Namah had not made it easy for him but Antzai suggested that his relative youth would provide a lifetime to explore and strength his bond with the demon. He had constantly told his student that it was more than possible to exceed his own limited mastery with those years.

"As ever, you train hard but achieve little brother," Bashto commented from behind the exhausted Daytu. Bashto's tone was joking but nothing could hide the impatience in his words, to his and the village's eyes his mastery over Shah Namah was taking too long and that left a large hole in their defenses. Bashto had taken a fraction of the time to overwhelm is demon.

"I train hard to honor the memory of the First Bashto," Daytu retorted fiercely. "You should know as well as I that such training cannot be measured with flashy attacks or useless techniques. My progress is slow but steady and increasingly productive."

"Yet your mastery over Shah Namah remains miles behind mine or the Thirds mastery over our burden. Tell me how I should measure the result of your training, what is its worth?" countered Bashto frustrated by his peer's lack of progress.

"What do you want brother, you know from your own experience that once I lay the foundations my progress should be rapid. I am still laying those foundations and as such any visible progress will appear small. Measure my progress then Bashto," Daytu sank to his knees in exhaustion from a day of training idly listening to his brother in all but name. Their shared burden had brought them closer than blood could ever have hoped to.

"I would like you to lead a team of our younger Gennin to this year's Chuunin exam in fire country. Although technically you are countered as Chuunin your lack of mastery over Shah Namah will allow you to pass as a skilled Gennin and until our neighbors accept us and recognize our skills we are all countered as Gennin. It is obvious that this is just another probing of our strength and determination and the challenge should help in your quest for mastery, besides you have more than enough strength to pick up some of the responsibilities of the Triad." Bashto started, abruptly changing the subject, a subject that had been thrashed to death.

Daytu just grunted unsure whether to thank his brother or not. He knew better than most what the eyes of the world held for those of the void. Missions into both neighboring countries demonstrated how deeply the stigma of belonging to a village descended from missing Nins stuck. They might have been invited to the Chuunin exams but it would take more than a good showing there to erase the cold eyes that followed Void Nins wherever they went. In fact it would take more than an empty gesture by the Hokage for the Void Nin to ever recognize the other countries as anything other than the enemy. No, the best they could expect is a strong showing so that it became obvious that an attack would be unwise, their strength had only increased through the years of peace.

Although he revered his teacher and the responsibility that had been passed down to him, he was more comfortable in his own village or training on the arid edge of the desert than he was abroad. Subtle signs of life's struggle to survive amidst the rugged plains of hardened and water starved clay suited his personally better than leading a group of green Gennin into a hostile world ever would.

The village and the stark beauty of the surrounds would always be higher in his priorities than the concerns of the rest of the world. Besides it was always a rude awakening when he had to show young ones that the village was the only place where they could ever be at peace, everywhere else you were always constantly on guard or you were dead. For Nins of the Void the world was a brutal place.

"I'm guessing that spying on the other two bearers would be my primary function. You would have sent someone else in my place otherwise." Daytu mumbled dourly, until his mastery over Shah Namah caught up with Bashto's his usefulness to the village was limited to slightly above that of every other Chuunin. The village of the Void always blessed him for his burden but he couldn't help but feel a little useless with such a limited mastery over it. The First's primary purpose in binding the demons was never far from his mind.

"Don't sell yourself so short Daytu, your mastery over Shah Namah might by growing more slowly than you or the other villages may like but both the third and I know how tricky such things can be. Still I can't deny that your ability to sense the presence of lesser demons is going to prove vital in such a mission. Passing the exam is secondary to befriending the bearers and recruiting them if possible. If it is not, send word and await further instruction. Your team will be Hirtoe and Katsumi, I'll leave it to you to brief them but keep in mind that the exam starts in three days so there isn't much time. "

"Couldn't you have made it a little easier for me by giving me someone more experienced than those two, you couldn't have picked a greener and less experienced pair of rookies in the village." Daytu knew exactly who the two Gennin were and was not happy, it had suddenly become his responsibility to bring them up to speed and Chuunin status.

"There is a reason for that brother," Bashto's smile could only have been described as malicious "one that you'll have to discover for yourself."

Daytu could only wince in anticipation as Bashto vanished, it seemed the Third had decided to take a hand in his training. Such a move could only mean an increase in pace and no shortage of troubles. Daytu sighed as he wondered how he could juggle all the responsibilities he was being burdened with.


"We've only been Gennin for three weeks, don't you think it strange that we are already being given an important mission." Hirtoe's worry was evident as she nervously questioned her companion on their suitability for the task they had been given. They had been in separate classes and had not been very close so being chosen for a mission that was not usually given to someone of their level of skill came as a surprise.

"Hah," Katsumi's reply was full of bravado as she proceeded to list her credentials "maybe you lack the skills for such an important mission but I ranked top of my class." It had immediately been apparent to the two that it would be easier if they knew a little more about each other. Such a high-ranking mission would only be possible if they worked as a team, failing their first mission through a lack of teamwork was unthinkable and would be embarrassing.

"In tactics maybe, but you rated as poorly as I did in everything else." Despite the serious need for teamwork Hirtoe's lack of confidence in her skills as a Void Nin and Kitsumi's over confidence had not lead to an instant connection between the two girls.

"Poorly," Katsumi spluttered, "I'll have you know that my taijutsu has improved dramatically since I graduated. Still I wonder who our mysterious third companion is?" Bashto had hinted that they would be getting another Gennin to aid them in their task.

Hirtoe's worried frown deepened as she considered their sketchy mission brief and considered how the addition of any Void Gennin would impact their chances of success. They had both been given the impression that such a task would be very difficult for a group of Gennin to accomplish so how would one more Gennin, no matter how experienced or knowledgeable help them. What they needed was a jounin.

"Good you two already know each other, lets get going then." Daytu walked passed the two chattering youths weighed down by enough supplies to get him to the hidden village of the leaf. If the his two companions had forgotten their supplies they would have to hunt on the way, he had no time to waste if he was to be in time for the start of the Chuunin exams.

"Bearer," the two Gennin stuttered in tandem "what do you mean?" It seemed inconceivable that someone of the bearer elite would ever be paired with Gennin as green as herself and Kitsumi, inconceivable but also a great honor because it meant that he would be taking over their training.

"Didn't Bashto tell you that I would be joining you in the Chuunin exam." Daytu yelled impatiently over his shoulder not even slowing his stride, "come on girls we're on a time limit." 'We may have three days to get there but I was planning on squeezing as much training as I could get in on the way to their destination.' Daytu thought as the two rookie Gennin ran to catch-up.

"Of course," they mumbled as they raced to catch up. "What do you mean Chuunin exam!!"

Daytu shook his head in resignation, why did Bashto leave briefing up to him as well as training and leading a group of green rookies into a potentially hostile situation. He could have named more than one Gennin who would have been more reliable and better trained whom he would have preferred to have on this ill-conceived quest. "For the first time since the founding of our village we have been invited to attend the Chuunin exams. It will give us an opportunity to send registered Nin out to compete for more jobs, earning the village more money and increasing the reputation of our village. That is secondary to scouting the strength of the other villages as the opportunity arises. Now please introduce yourselves, while I know of you I don't know much else and please call me Daytu. Bearer would attract unwelcome attention outside the village." Unwelcome attention to information that was held in deadly secrecy.

"Of course Daytu," cheered Katsumi, exited at the prospect of rubbing shoulders with one of the famous bearers "I have been Gennin for three weeks and specialize in strategy and tactics. My taijutsu is excellent and my ninjutsu and genjutsu are passable." Daytu had to hide a bored frown as he considered Kitsumi's assessment. A Void Nin's ninjutsu and genjutsu was not considered passable until well into the rank of Jounin but then maybe she meant passable for a Gennin.

"Daytu," Hirtoe managed a respectful nod despite sustaining a steady jog "like Katsumi I graduated three weeks ago though unlike her I question my suitability for this role. I rated poorly in all skills and haven't improved noticeable since then. Surely there was someone else more suited to be part of your team." Daytu sighed at her gross lack of confidence, by being of the void she had a huge advantage over any other Gennin she met. Still hopefully he could teach her something worthwhile before he reached the exam.

"I didn't pick the teams, Bashto did. So if you've got any complaints take them to him when we get back." Daytu scowled as he considered the best way to prepare the girls for what was to come. Their skills were ill suited to such a mission and neither of them had been outside the village in their lives. Some survival training needed to be added to his planned training of the girls. "Well no mater what your skills are I want to see a marked improvement by the time we reach the exam."

He couldn't help feel sympathy for Hirtoe as he glanced at her distressed expression; they shared the pain of being a poor student and the lack in confidence that came with it. Still from what he had heard of Katsumi her boasting was as unwarranted as Hirtoe's misrepresentation of her skills. Hirtoe wasn't as bad as she thought and Kitsumi's wasn't as good. No doubt he would soon have a better idea of their skill level in three days when they reached their destination.

"I want both of you to attack me, hold nothing back and as long as you maintain this pace to the hidden leaf you can use any technique you please. I assure you I will hold nothing back in defending myself nor in counter attacking so be prepared," the girls just stared at him as they raced over the cracked ground that made up most of land between fire and wind. 'We're wasting training time here' Daytu thought in frustration.

"Now Gennin," roared Daytu as he watched them charge blindly into a trap he had laid the night before.

"Aaaaaggggghhh!!!!" screamed Kitsumi as she was showed with debris from an exploding mine she had barely avoided. "You asked for it," she yelled pulling kunai from her vest "support me Hirtoe." Daytu waited calmly as Kitsumi no doubt tried to show off her elite skills.

"Ok" Hirtoe stuttered nervously as Kitsumi leaped at the bearer "But..." she tried to interrupt the two as they started exchanging blows. Kunai met handaxe as the two fought furiously, "you cannot defeat me like this and will learn nothing if you continue attacking so foolishly. Obviously the high standard of our Gennin are not being properly maintained," Daytu mocked lashing out with arms and legs before falling in surprise to a pair of Kunai that struck him from behind.

"I didn't top my class without acquiring some skill," Kitsumi laughed triumphantly not pausing to study Daytu's fallen body nor reassuring a horrified Hirtoe. She was confident that one of the bearers would not have fallen so easily. Despite her bravado she doubted that she could take down a bearer even with Hirtoe's help.

"Very good," a booming chuckle filled the still morning air as his doppelganger melted away leaving the steel kunai exposed as they raced to their destination "but I'm just getting warmed up and the way I hear it you were closer to the bottom than the top." Daytu warned the girls even as he guided them into the last of his previously prepared traps, maybe this journey wouldn't be as arduous as he thought.

"Those that have time to boast will inevitably be defeated," Daytu announced as drove the girls mercilessly this time primarily attacking Hirtoe. They may think this was only a bit of fun but before the day was out they would see that his attacks were deadly serious with the real possibility of injuring one or both of them. He would push them to the limit of their skills and beyond and they in turn would keep him on his feet providing a welcome substitute to his usual training. He could not think of a more fitting preparation for the Chuunin exam nor a more enjoyable way to pass the time.

His two Gennin companions were closer to his skill level than they thought and would most likely exceed him in power if he failed to master his demon captive soon. Only his greater combat experience and years of training under the First would allow him to keep up when that happened. Still it was something that would not happen for a long time yet, so for now he would enjoy the feeling of pushing his limits and watching his new students push theirs. Besides he felt that he was closer to mastering Shar Namah than anyone suspected.


"What do you think they're doing," growled Fumithiko to his squad of Jounin. "Trash like that should not be allowed to live much less trespass on our soil, in our forests." When he had received word that the Gennin team of Void Nin was coming this way he made sure that he had guided his patrol on an intercept path. The forests surrounding the village of the leaf had proven the downfall for many invading forces and he was sure that it would prove equally deadly to a team of unsuspecting Gennin. Particularly when ambushed by a team of Leaf Jounin.

"Fumithiko you know that the Void were invited to the exams - what do think your doing?" His companions did not share his hatred for the Void but they distaste was obvious; no one had been pleased when the Void had been invited to the Chunnin exams.

"Setting an ambush, there was no formal reply so when they don't turn up we can just say that the scum of the Void decided not to participate. They wouldn't dare make a move for fear of the other villages taking advantage of the sudden hole in their defenses. I have no doubt that if they had been strong enough to ward all five countries their disease would have long since spread." A team of three Gennin would not be a match for his team of three Jounin, even if one was a little reluctant to join him in his planned massacre. Once the attack started he had no doubt that his team's loyalty to their fellow leaf nins would eliminate any doubts until after the Void Gennins bodies lay cold and bloodied.

"Good idea Fumithiko, the third might even thank us for destroying some of the secrets that were stolen from us during the Amato war." Some of the founders of the void village had originated from the leaf and while no bloodlines had been lost numerous jounin level jutsu had been.

The three jounin watched as the team of Void Nin headed straight for the clearing where they had set up their ambush. All looked exhausted from a hard run from the village of the void. It seemed almost too perfect an opportunity to pass up.

"Now," Fumithiko yelled as they bombarded the clearing with shuriken and kunai. He smiled in satisfaction as the three Gennin fell under the borage not even managing to dodge. As if they could have he smirked, his Jounin were on a totally different level to these Void thief's.

"So it was a trap after all, we won't fall so easily betrayers," boomed a deep voice instantly putting the leaf patrol on guard. Where previously there had been three very dead Void Gennins with expressions of surprise etched on their dead faces there now lay only the weaponry used to ambush them.

Fumithiko's attention jerked back to the weapon scattered clearing, "impossible" he muttered as the clearing exploded in flames and shattered trunks. His team scattered as they dodged slivers of wood as big as their arms being hurled through the air with lethal force. The dust and wood chips obscured visibility as they started preparing for a void counterattack.

"Wha..." he managed to stammer as he was forced to avoid a borage of steel from out of the dust cloud. Before he had a chance to rejoin his team a shadowed figure followed the steel from within the dust cloud to attack forcing him further from where he had last seen his companions. Although he had lost sight of his companion's he held faith that even separated they were more than a match for Void at Gennin level. "Girl I am a Jounin of the hidden village of the Leaf you..."

Once again he failed to finish as the void Gennin attacked him. "Insolent girl..." he roared as the Void refuse pushed him further off balance with her unrelenting attack. Lashing out with a speed that such an inexperienced Nin couldn't hope to match he watched as the girl gaped as he crushed her neck beneath his fist. Smiling sadistically he clenched his fist further listening to delicious grating sound generated by ridding the world of Void scum.

"Stop," Fumithiko's rage chilled at the site of ANBU surrounding him and the sharp cold pain against his throat. "This unauthorized attack will be dealt with by us later you will not interfere, proceed to the village. The exam is about to start."

"Kitsumi lets go," announced one of the Gennin he and his team had attacked. He hadn't noticed the cloud of dust and smoke clearing during his skirmish with the Void girl but he suddenly realized that his battle group had been losing. The girl he had been combating had somehow managed to perch herself on his shoulders with a knife to his throat. The others had not faired much better. All had been separated and dealt with in the confusion and low visibility.

Staring at the vanishing young Nin he shuddered and felt the wetness along the back of his neck. It was just a scratch but could quite easily have been more without the interference of the ANBU. He would spread the word, the Nin of the void were like rapid animals. Not to be underestimated or played with, but put down. Despite the skirmishes outcome he still felt certain that they could not stand up to a Jounin's training and skill.

"You will report your actions to the Third. During the duration of this exam the Nin from the village of the Void are guests so long as they abide by our laws. We do not attack our guests." The ANBU's tone was as chilling as it was emotionless, "however I'm sure he would welcome your assessment as to their fighting abilities."

Fumithiko nodded shakily, glanced at the others and took off for the village taking care not to cross the paths of the Void Gennin. The ANBU left the clearing of shattered trees and broken weaponry not long afterward.


"What are you thinking Futmiaki?" asked Bashto as he watched the Void Nin training. It had been his favorite past time lately, watching the skills of his Nin and gauging their strength. Comparing it to that of other villages and formulating strategies for when a village launch another attack. Despite the recent invite into mainstream Nin society he had no doubt an attack would come.

"Just that Daytu and those rookies would have reached the Chuunin exams by now." Against one maybe two hidden villages they stood a chance but against all five. Futmiaki shook his head as he mentally readjusted their relative strength, with the two enemy bearers at large they could be in real trouble. Not least because rumors and their own experience were all the information they had.

"Do you really think it was a trap, a mere excuse to whittle down our numbers?"

Bashto remained silent as he considered the thirds question, "it does seem foolish. Freely announcing their traitorous act, but then is it traitorous to renege on your word to trash? I doubt anyone would care even if they did."

Futmiaki grunted at Bashto's not so subtle reminder of their nins status. "It could well be that they aim to judge our strength as a precursor to a war which we cannot afford. If the leaf were to openly move against us I have little doubt that others would as well."

"No, it is those demon bearers that worry me. We know so little about them that it was worth the risk to send a team of Gennin."

"But Daytu!" Bashto cried at the suggestion that his brother was expendable, "I have no doubt that he would have performed such a mission easily if he had gained the mastery over his demon that we have but he does not have that skill."

"Then maybe such a risky mission will be what is needed to snap him out of his lethargy. Since the death of the First his training has suffered, admittedly he only had a few years of training towards the end of the Firsts life but that is no excuse. I will not let the Firsts legacy be wasted by Daytu's unwillingness to push his boundaries. No, if we can recruit even one of these bearers out of such a sacrifice then our gamble will have been paid off. Besides I have confidence that whatever happens Daytu at least will find his way home and let us both prey not ahead of an invasion force."

"Still, I'm not willing to rule anything out. I've been smelling blood, death and the shattering of a fragile peace for some time now. My connection with Ari has been singing in delight at such a prospect and the invitation to the Chuunin exams only strengthened my foreboding. You must have noticed something similar, it is essential that we are made stronger not weaker by the coming conflict."

"Peace through strength!!"

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