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Catching UP!

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Harry and Fluer fight death eaters and talk about it afterwards.

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AN: Hi everyone!

Unfortunately I lost access to my fanfiction account and it looks like my email address was deleted so i have no way to reget it. SUcks!!! But I think I will either make a new acount their or else i will figure something else out. But lets get on with the story. sorry it took me soooo long to update. I changed my career plans so I am not in med school anymore. Dont get me wrong but I think I am destined for other things lol.

So, anyway, onto the story.

~ Five Years Later

"are we sure this is the right place," fluer whispered to harry through her magical walkie-talkie.

They were at an old abandoned wearhouse in a rundown part of Wales, England. Dobby and Winky (who had bonded themselves to Harry and Fleur Potter respective) had been spying on the place for five months and were certain that this was wear death eaters in this part of the country were managing there operations.

however, it appeared empty.

"I trust Dobby with my life!" harry roared. he turned to fleur and realized he had scared her. "I'm sorry, lobe," he whispered. "I would never say anything to hurt you."

"I know" smiled FLeur. Harry gave her a loooooonog lingering kiss to show how much he loved her. and then he dried away fleurs tears, almost crying himself to think he had - even by accident - made the woman he loved more than anythign else in the world sad.

unfortunately, it was at that time that the death eaters (or death nibblers, as harry liked to think of them) came out of their ambush.

"Its Potter and his whore! get them and kill them! screamed the leading death eater, who was a very ugly man with dark hair that looked like it had not been washed in a long time.

Harry saw red. he would never allow anyone to talk of his beloved that way. "Expelliarmus! Magnus Lumos Magnifica!" He yelled, disarming and then blinding the leading death eater in a second."

"Aghhhhhh!" the death eater screamed.

But Harry wasnt even watching anymore, as he tossed his wand aside (AN: like it was an empty gun or w/e) and pulled out ihs staff. before the other death eaters could respond he slammed the staff into the ground, chanting an ancient magic spell that Merline had taught him when they had been training at Potter-Black Marauder Bungalow, a two-story vacation home that Harry had inherited in Jamaca and that he and fleur and tracy (and some of the other people harry liked) went to every summer for three weeks.

An earthquake struck and a dozen death eaters fell down, many more were trapped by rubble that the explosion caused.

Fleur was not alone during this time though and she had knocked out at least three or four death eaters in the same time. However, there were dozens of them and even with all their tricks harry was afraid that they might be outnumbered and defeeted. he wanted to cry not because he might die himself but because he did not want fluer to die like this at the hands of death eaters, especially since they had just called her a whore and eh had not yet defended her honor fully.

But he was in grim determination and continued to fight. then just when things looked like they couldnt get any worse, as harry and fleur fought back to back in a cricle, suddenly there was a explosion on the roof.

"miss us, harry?"


MErline had arrived with reinforcements. tracy and dobby knocked out many death eaters from behind and even winky was able to elf magic some of the death eaters into being tied up by ropes. merline was unable to attack anyone directly but his mere presence stunned so many death eaters that harry was able to defeate them.

"Next time, dont cut it so close" harry joked

"Now we need to question theyre leader," harry ordered (but respectfully) his teammates.

"You, he said to the leader of the death eaters "where is malfoy hiding these days"

"Ill never tell you," growled the death eater.

"I know you," harry said, looking closer at the death eater. "your terry boot."

this made harry very angry and sad because he had always thought terry was a nice boy when they were at school together.

"shut up, potter, we know what you were up to. ron and 'mione told us everything.'

Hermione and ROn were DEATH EATERS now!?!?! Harry knew this couldn't be right. Sure they had betrayed him but he didnt think they would ever go dark. especially since VOldemort hated people like Hermione.

"You are lying," Harry screamed.

Terence Boot laughed in his face.

"Legilimancy" whispered harry, looking at terry

teh training paid off and even though terry (as one of voldemort's newest officers) had extensive occlumency training, harry was able to break through the obsidian walls of his mind as if they were not even there at all.

And there it was.

"I know you hate mudbloods," hermione informed the dark lord. "but i am the smartest witch of a generation. you would be a fool to kill me."

"nobody tells lord voldemort what he or she cannot do!" voldemort hissed, snakelike

"we can give you potter," ron sneered.

"interssssssssssssting," voldemort said, thinking silkily. "let me think about it sssssssssssssome."

in the end it was clear that a deal had been made, because ron and hermione were made into independent contractors who worked for voldemort but did not take the dark mark and were allowed to order death eaters around as long as it was for proper tasks.

harry jerked out of terence's mind, feeling shocked and angry.

but he had gained something else.

"I recognize where they all were," he said triumphantly as he looked at felur and tracy and merline and dobby, though even though he tried to keep his face like stone he knew that fleur knew something was wrong and he would have to tell her tonight. "i recognize goyle manor"

"dobby and winky will scout it out tomorrow," harry suggested when dobby nodded. "we will then sneak into the ministry and get the blueprints for the manor so we can attack it best. we will attack in two weeks." harry smashed his fist against a crate. "we cannot let voldemort get away with his evil tricks any longer."

everyone nodded. merline rasied his staff and lighting hit the ground as if to show how determined he was to help.

harry tranfigured all of the death eaters into muggle action figures so they would not be dangerous and not inform voldemort that he was about to lose even more death nibblers when they attacked goyle manor.

they went home. everyone went to their own part of Gyffindor-Potter-Black manor and Harry and Flur went to their bedroom.

"'Arry, i am desolee to hear about your amis," she said, rubbing his back as they cuddled.

"Its okay," harry said, voice shaking. "i just wish i knew what made them go Dark"

fleur shrugged beautifully. "i je sais pas," she said. "it eeez one of zhose zings zat happens, from time a time," she said. "eeet eez not your fault."

harry noded, he had accepted that in the last 5 years that he could not be to blam for everything, but it still hurt alot to think about.

"thank you fluer, i do not know what i would do without you.... well, you and merline," he joked with a smile

'Arry Potter! Fluer teased back gently. She smiled. I 'ope that there are things that i am better at than the ghost of a dead british wizard!"

She kissed him.

"Fleur potter, i can think of a few things," he said cheekily as he kissed her back.

even though they were not done, they had captured many death eaters and harry knew he was still loved. he went to bed happy.
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