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The story continues!

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AN: Sorry everyone for taking sooooooooooooo long to get back to this. Long story, but I'd almost forgotten about this entirely! Then, I was looking over my computer and I remembered I had written this, and then I remembered how much FUN it was! And then (lol) I remembered I was halfway through the next chapter, so I thought I'd go ahead and finish it and post! It's a good one!

AN: Just a little note in RL. My boyfriend and I broke up again over a disagreement over a very ugly word – POLITICS. (part of why I havent been online, I guess) and there's something that needs to be said and its important! GO VOTE! America is the best country in the world, and its because of ordinary people like ourselves! It doesnt matter who you vote for – McCain, Palin, Clinton or Obama (I think there is a fifth guy too... Bidle??) – just that you DO! Remember, there are countries out there where they are not allowed to vote and its your responsibility to keep the right our ancestors fought and died for. NOWHERE else in the world are people as free as Americans, and while hopefully one day that will change, we need to keep on fighting for our FREEDOM! God Bless America.

No more author notes I promise! On to the story!

Warning: Angst (not a lot though... but there has to be SOME conflict)

Fleur came to the door when she heard Harry come in. “'Arry, what eez eet, monamour?” Suddenly she stopped, her cheeks turning red with a tinge of jealousy and her beautiful angelic face tarnished with confusion. “Fleur, I can explain everything...” Harry mumbled, clearly flustered by this turn of events.

It was at that moment that Tracey, unsure what to do but clearly intimidated by the woman in front of her, chose to speak. True, she herself was gorgeous, and many boys at Hogwarts had been flustered by her gorgeous physique and come hither eyes... until she had coldly shot them all down. But in front of her, Fluer appeared as a goddess. Venus herself perhaps – if Venus was French.

“Master, I am sorry for causing this inconvenience.” Harry's eyes popped out his head when Tracey said this, and Tracey immediately regretted it when she saw the look of anger and outrage on Fleur's gorgeous face.

“Master! 'Arry...Je thought... oh cest 'orrible! 'at 'ave you done, ma cher!” Without looking back, Fleur retreated up the stairs, her look of anger vanishing the moment she turned away. She would not cry. Not in front of Harry and his... his... his tramp! Hurridly, she raced into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

Harry sighed. Really, what had started off as a wonderful day was quickly unraveling. He turned around, ready to yell at Tracey for causing the misunderstanding. Just as he opened his mouth, he stopped.

It's not her fault. She's an innocent in all this too. If anything I should be angry at her father for putting her in this position. Harry thought to himself. But... she's probably to blame to. I bet her true loyalty is to Voldemort as well. And she should have known better than to anger Fluer. Meanwhile, Harry was gaping like a fish, and Tracey was both scared and confused. But...that's not the point. She hasn't done anything, and I have to fix this. Out loud, Harry grumbled, “Curse my Gryffindor nobility. How much easier it would be if I were Slytherin through and through.”

For the first time, Tracey smirked. “Master, you would never have been put in Slytherin.” Harry smirked coldly back. “Really Ms. Davis – I'll have you know that the hat begged to put me there.” Tracey was stunned speechless.

Harry sighed. “I'm sorry for this mess, but I need to talk to Fleur. Stay here and keep out of trouble. If you like you can watch the television.” Tracey nodded, going into the guest living room and turning on the TV. (Yes, Tracey is a pureblood. But her father was a spy for Voldemort and had to learn how to spy in the muggle world. Thus, Tracey knows what a television is.) As Harry heard the opening credits to some american muggle program – Grey's Something or other – he went up the stairs to comfort Fleur.

“Fleur? My love, may I come in?” Harry asked at the door. A soft sniffle and sob was his only response. Fearing she would hex him when he opened the door, he was surprised to see her lying on the bed, looking terrified and unhappy.”

“'Arry, what have I done to displeeez you so much? Zat you feeel compelt to, 'ow do you zay, get an eezcort woman and make l'amour to 'er in our own 'ouse. Do you not love me anymore?”

Slowly, Harry approached his distraught lady. “ not at all. I love you – only you. The girl downstairs is Tracey Davis. Her father had betrayed me and in his fear, he swore his daughter to me as his slave. I had no say in the matter!”

Fleur gasped, shocked and also very angry at Mr. Davis. “I could not let her stay with a family like that, and so I brought her here. But Fleur, my sweet French flower, you are the only girl for me.”

Fleur cried once more, but now the tears were filled with joy and guilt. “Oh, mon 'Arry. I am so sorry for doubting you! You muzt zeenk I am terr'ble!” She sniffled. “For zo long, men have only looked at me for my beauty. You... you are ze first to love me for me, 'Arry. Forgive me, but eet eez still very new to me.”

Harry nodded, relieved the situation was under control. “You never have to doubt me Fleur. I love you now, and I will love you always. We are forever.” Blushing furiously, Fleur nodded, golden strands of her beautiful hair framing her face. “I love you, 'Arry Potter.” Then, slowly, the two kissed gently at first but later becoming deeper and more passionate.

Later, they broke apart. “Well love, now that that's settled” Harry said with a happy sigh. “Let's go see just what the bloody heck are we are going to do about our latest houseguest. Harry laughed. “First Merlin, and now Tracey. I bet we have the whole bloody weird Sisters band moving in next.”

Fleur giggled, a sound that sounded like a choir of angels. “'Arry, language... do you kiss with that mouth?”

Harry gave her a rougish grin. “Only you, my sweet petal, only you.”

AN: Whew, talk about Drama! I have exams at the end of this week but maybe I'll manage to crank out another chapter! Remember to leave reviews. And if you flame, I don't care lalalalalalalala.
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