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Chapter 14

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AN: Ok first off, I want to get a few things off my chest! I have taken a small break from writing, but have decided that I'm not going to allow a few bullies to get the better of me. I know that my story isn't the best, but it isn't half bad either! To those of you who flamed me...ESPECIALLY those of you who flamed me when reviewing a story that I have nothing to do with, GROW UP! It's not very funny and just makes you look sad.

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I was very tired when I wrote the last chapter, and did not write Fleur's accent. It's hard! But I'm working on it!

When Harry and Fleur returned to Potter manor after Gringott's, they both fell down, laughing loudly.

“Ah, 'Arry... eet was zo veery cute! Ze gobleens look of suprise! 'Arry, you are truly vous etes incroyable!”

Harry smiled bashfully, before pulling Fleur into a passionate kiss. Fireworks went off in his head as he did so, and as they pulled apart, they both said “I love you”.

Suddenly, Harry looked nervous. “Fleur, I really do love you...but are you sure you are not just using me to get over Bill?” Fleur looked shocked and her lip trembled as she almost cried. “ 'Arry, off course pas! Facture et moi... eet 'as nozzing to do viss us, 'Arry, mon amour.”

Harry felt really bad for questioning Fleur's love. “I'm so sorry Fleur. It's whole life I have been manipulated by those that said they loved me. I'm sorry for thinking you might be the same. I'll never do that again.” Without another word, Harry kissed Fleur once more, pouring his emotions and everything he felt into it. She melted in his embrace, and they both marveled at how well they seemed to fit against each other.

Sighing as they broke apart, Harry sat down at the table while Fleur went to make him a sandwich. He had lots of document to look over from Gringotts before he decided what he was going to do.

There were lots of interesting things in the folder the goblins had given him. Details of stocks – muggle and magical – that Harry owned, properties that belonged to the family. Even a copy of his parent's will. He was furious that once again, Dumbles had been manipulating him – he had been specifically been mentioned as being adopted by either the Bones', the Longbottom's or the Greengrass's had his parents not survived.

At the bottom of the stack, were a large group of marriage contract proposals, families eager to marry into the Ancient and Noble House of Potter-Black. How would the world react when the came to realize that he was in fact Head of the Ancient Council of Merlin, Head of the Most Venerable Houses of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin, in addition to being rightful Head of the Most Ancient and Noble Houses of Potter, Black, and Davis...speaking of which...

Harry smiled coldy, before calling out to Fleur. “My love, I have an errand I must run – I will be back soon enough.” A muffled “Oui Oui” came from the room next door, and Harry's heart roared happily at the tinkling voice.
Harry apparated to the Davis Manor. It had been protected by the Fidelus Charm, but as the rightful Head, the wards would not be able to keep him out. The house was massive, though smaller than the Potter Manor. It has a great round turret on all the corners, but was only five stories tall.

As Harry approached, the gates opened for him, and he put on his best sneer. Image was everything, after all. Without knocking, he opened the door and shouted, “Daniel Davis! Emma Davis! Your Lord demands your presence.”

A minute later, a very handsome man and a very beautiful lady appeared, obviously angry. “What is the meaning of this! Who dares enter our hou- POTTER! You silly fool! We shall turn you over to our Lord, and we shall be his favorites!”

Harry sneered. “I don't think you will”, he said coldly. “I have just come back from Gringotts and have discovered that I am the true Lord of House Davis – you're great great grandfather gave the Title to the House of Potter in a secret duel. You are my vassal, Davis. I swear on my magic this is true.”

As the glow went away the Davis' suddenly looked at Harry with great fear. “Of...of course my was merely a joke, to celebrate the happy return of our Lord!”

Harry smiled coldly. “Do not take me as a fool, Davis. I can feel that you have betrayed me, I can sense your Dark Mark. Tell me why I should not disown you and your family into poverty, and not allow your ancestor's oath to drain you of your magic?”

The Davis's were now as pale as vampires. “ Lord, perhaps there is a way. I SWEAR ON MY MAGIC THAT MY ONLY CHILD, TRACY DAVIS, WILL FOREVER BE A SLAVE TO MY LORD, HARRY POTTER.”

Harry was stunned. He only wanted to scare the Davis family before making a deal, not enslave their daughter! Harry's voice suddenly dropped below freezing.

“That is the most shameful think I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot. It cannot be undone, but you will swear to never betray me, and you will serve as my spy within Voldemort's ranks. I know this is dangerous, and I intended to offer you protection and get you out of the war. For what you have done, however, you shall spy.”

Daniel nodded, shamed and guilty. Suddenly a soft whimper came from the corner, and Harry looked up to see his classmate, Tracey Davis. She had long straight black hair that went down to her waist in soft, wavy curls. Her eyes were a dark violet, and she had a gorgeous figure. Had Harry not been so in love with Fleur, he may have been smitten. As it was, he simply looked upon her in pity. (Awwww....I love it when guys are so in love with the girl they are with, they don't even look at other girls.)

“Tracey, I am sorry about what your father has done, I think it best you come back to Potter Manor with me.” Tracey nodded, not looking at her parents, ashamed of what they had done. “Yes Master.” Tracey whimpered.

Harry almost corrected her, but decided that until he knew if Tracey was also a Death Nibbler sympathizer, it would not be good to get too nice. Instead, he nodded, and the walked out the door. “I will talk to you later, Davis” he said over his shoulder, his voice cold once more.

“Fleur, I have some good news and bad news” Harry said as he opened the door...

Ahh! Don't kill me! Another Cliff Hanger :D How is Fleur going to take this new development, and what is going to happen to Tracey! Find out soon!

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