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Chapter 13

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This is chapter 13 of the story, hope you like it :)

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A/N: Hey guys, omg I'm so embarassed!! I totally have been spelling “Fleur" wrong all this time! I'm so sorry, you've all had to put up with that, I feel really bad. I hope you guys don't hold it against me!


Harry and Fleur strolled into Gringotts, holding hands. Harry shared nods with the guards at the giant doors to the bank, and walked over to a teller who didnt seem to be doing any business, even though there were long lines at nearly a dozen other tellers inside the building. Harry walked up, smiling at an inquisitorial look from Fleur, and said to the goblin, “Hi I'd like to speak to the Head Goblin please,” and then whispered so only the goblin teller could hear in gobbledegook, “Tell him Harry Potter wants to see him to discuss his accounts.” The goblin looked startled, almost as much as Fleur, and jumped to the back through a large hallway.

Fleur asked, “Harry, were you speaking in Gobbledegook to that Goblin? Where did you learn to speak that?!” but Harry just smiled and winked. “I'll tell you later Fleur, after we've taken care of everything today.”

The goblin rushed out, and spoke to Harry, “Mr. Potter the head Goblin will speak to you in the back in a moment, please sir, follow me.” Harry nodded respectfully and took Fleur's hand again, and followed the goblin back behind the teller's counter. They walked through the doorway down a long hall with doors on all the sides, leading to different offices, until they came to the end of the hall where a door that said “Head Goblin Office” was. The goblin knocked, and a gruff voice told them to come in.

Harry stepped past the goblin to open the door, and brought Fleur in. The head goblin greeted him in gobbledegook, “May your fortune grow and prosper,” which Harry responded with “May you find the fortune you seek.” Fleur didn't know what Harry said but was nonetheless impressed by the respect that the goblin held for Harry. The head Goblin then said, “Harry, after reviewing your accounts personally over the last few years, it appears that the goblin managing it was being paid off by Dumbledore. He's been leeching money from your account—not much, considering your vast fortunes, but we've removed him.”

Harry felt infuriated by that—Dumbledork, stealing from him after everything he put Harry through! Harry felt his magic lash out and shatter a vase that was in the corner, and fleur whispered in his ear, “Harry, calm down!” Harry had almost forgotten that he was there, and looked shamefaced at the vase. Fleur was looking at him with a sympathy in her eyes, and he smiled at her, and then waved his hand that wasn't holding hers at the vase, and said, “Reparo!” and the vase was fixed, good as new.

Ignoring the shocked look on her face, he looked back at the goblin, “Sorry about that, but I'm getting really tired of him always interfering with my life! Can we do anything to stop him in the future?” “Well, Harry, I'm afraid that what's done is done, but I can personally assure you that I'm putting my best team of goblin accountants on your case and they'll be made sure that there won't be any more of these types of mistakes in the future. I promise you that myself,” The head goblin gave an evil looking grin, and harry inwardly shuddered at the pain it promised to anyone in Gringotts that crossed him.

Harry gave one of those grins back, and laughed in his head, “Those goblins, they're the most devious creatures I've ever seen!”

Harry and the Head Goblin talked over a bunch of reports, with Fleur giving some surprising insight, when they came across the information concerning the Slytherin inheritance and Harry had an idea. He brought it up, and everyone in the room started laughing hilariously. “Moldeshorts is going to be pretty upset,” Harry thought to himself.

Voldemort paced back and forth in Riddle Mansion, his death eaters off on various missions for him. Just then, an owl swooped in, and delivered a letter to him with the Grigotts seal on it. It flew away before Voldemort thought to kill it and feed it to Nagini. He opened the letter, to see:

Mr. Riddle,

Gringotts has been issued a formal declaration by the newly instated Lord Slytherin, that you are no longer to be considered of the Slytherin line. He has disowned you. If you wish to file a grievance, you may do so at your local Gringotts branch, or contact Lord Slytherin in person.

Our deepest regards,

Gryngotts Bank

Voldemort stared at the parchment with rage, “WHO COULD HAVE DONE THIS?!?” He yelled, and Nagini cringed away from his enraged form. He paced back and forth before it occurred to him—the only one who could have done that, and disrupted his attack on Diagon Alley—HARRY POTTER!!


A/N: Well, there you are, guys! After writing those last three chapters, I was REALLY tired, I stayed up all night writing them! I threw off my sleeping schedule, lol, so I'm awake right now when I SHOULD be sleeping. But oh well, it was fun! I hope you guys really like this chapter, and I hope you'll review! Thanks for reading :)
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