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New People, Old Faces

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In trade for her soul, the 'Devil' grants Rogue 7 wishes. It's a dream come true when she can just 'wish' her powers away or gain anything else. But it's a nightmare when all her wishes end up wors...

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Rogue had just stepped out of her bedroom when a really large dog suddenly galloped upto her out of nowhere.

"Rahne?" she asked the she-wolf uncertainly.

The wolf barked and suddenly stood on its hind legs to lick Rogue's face. Rogue startled by this gesture of affection, lost her balance and fell on her back with Rahne on top, licking her face.

"Eww! Stop!" Rogue cried disgusted. "Get off me!"

Rahne obeyed and Rogue stood up wiping her face. "You know....there are other ways ta show how much you care. How about just a humanely hug next time huh?"

Rahne only barked in reply.

Rogue rolled her eyes. "Whatever wolf girl."

"Oh Mrs. Summers!" a girl of about eighteen came running and skidded to a stop near Rahne. "I'm so terribly sorry!" she quickly grabbed Rahne by the collar and pulled her back. "S-She just g-got a-away when I-I was taking her for a walk--Please don't fire me from this job!" she suddenly dropped down on her knees and burst into tears. "I-I'll never make this mistake again--"

"Whoa! Stay calm! Ah'm not goin ta do anythin ta you!" Rogue assured. "So what's your name?"

"Uh...I'm--Oh I'm sorry," she sniffed and wiped away her tears. "W-With you such a busy person and all you must've probably forgot. I-I'm Jubilee."

"Jubilee? Didn't your parents take you away?" Rogue recalled.

"I...I don't have any parents..." she said slowly.

Rahne whimpered sadly and nuzzled close to Jubilee.

"You could turn yourself back so we could all have a human conversation," Rogue told Rahne.

"What do you mean?" Jubilee asked quizzically patting Rahne.

"Ah was talkin ta Rahne," Rogue told Jubilee.

Jubilee stared at her as if she had grown horns.

"Jubilee! Why did you bring that beast in?!"a woman's voice shouted from behind them.

Rogue turned. She immediately recognized her.

"Madam are you alright? I apologize for Jubilee's reckless behavior. I'll make sure she--"

"N-No! I-I'ts ok Storm! It wasn't her fault," Rogue said in Jubilee's defense.

"Storm?" the woman gave her a confused look.

"Uh...A-Ah mean Ororo," Rogue quickly corrected.

"Oh Good Morning Mrs. Summers I--Are you alright?"

"Uh...hi...? Professor....?" Rogue trailed off looking at the man dress elegantly in a suit. she blinked. "You're....You can walk....."

"Pardon?" he gave her a confused look.

Rogue bit her tongue."Err....nothin. So w-what do you want me ta do?"

"What do I want you to do?" he gave her a perplexed look. "Uh...Madam are you sure you're feeling alright?"

"No--A-Ah meant yes!" Rogue shook her head then nodded. "W-What Ah meant was...uh...what Ahm Ah supposed ta do?"

"Well, breakfast is the most important thing before the start of the day."

"Alright fine!" Rogue said. "Thanks Professor!" She said before running off.

"Professor?" Charles Xavier looked at Jubilee and Ororo who only shrugged.

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