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sonic x 1

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sonic lay on CHRIS bedroom roof in the sun on earth
tails help chuck in his lab while cream and AMY ROSE with ELLA went shopping
with CHRIS sat out back out of a flash of light come SIR LANCELOT who add change
over the years sonic rub his eyes lance that you ask a shock sonic
yes my love said LANCELOT who put a ice white emerald red inhibitor ring
with green chaos emerald in the middle of the inhibitor ring
sonic glow orange as he was changing into his new powerful permeant form
feeling tired sonic lay down with LANCELOT who put sonic between his legs hugging him
rest love said LANCELOT sonic did just that now sleeping sonic
LANCELOT watch as his king change before him LANCELOT blush thinking soon there
children will come out of the pods each of them were sleeping in
mean while DR EGGMAN add found a file from his grandpa professor Gerald ROBOTNIK
project shadow DR EGGMAN SMARK EVIL but he will no get the chance to get to
project shadow no one of sonic and LANCELOT young son who got to him first
tails ask chuck did you here that flash sound my chaos scanner beeping said tails
yeah cud it be DR EGGMAN again ask chuck I don't think so said tails
mean while CHRIS was in shock looking at the 2 hedgehogs on his bedroom roof
sonic thought CHRIS so that sir LANCELOT thought CHRIS
end of part 1
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