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I'm Bringing Sexy Lexi Back

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You will never be this sad, excited or ready to smack Pete across the face EVER again. This chapter had me on the edge of my seat, crying, fingers trembling and I even held my breath for a minute a...

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[V] for verbal vioclence.

Chapter 10- I'm Bringing Sexy Lexi Back


It was at a party that Fueled By Ramen was hosting where I made my first debut with my showing nine month stomach, making a lot of whispers go around with shocked glances as well as I walked in with William, his arm around my waist. We still weren't a couple, but we still managed to full everybody even Travis running over and asking if it was William's and looked positively confused when we laughed and I leaned over, telling him it was Pete's.

Travis just disappeared and I hid behind William as he snuck over to where Pete was with Brandon and Ryan talking, grabbing his hand and high fifing him. I laughed at the confused face he made as Travis walked off but then looked over and caught eyes with me. I was still behind William and Pete only looked away, giving me time to sneak away, William in tow.

"Holy mother of Patrick," I whipped my head around to see a shocked looking Greta from the Hush Sound gawking at me. "No wonder you've been in hiding," I smirked and sighed as she eyed William who shook his head.

"It's not mine," he mumbled and Greta looked back at me.

"Pete's a loser for dumping you like this," she admitted and I shook my head.

"He still doesn't know," Greta nodded and shook her head slowly and I smirked.

"Just you wait, Lex," she sneaked away and I felt a strange presence and turned just my head to see a familiar head peeking over the crowd of people, catching my eyes again and a gasp emitting from his lips. I tugged on William's jacket sleeve and caught my glazed blue eyes with his worried brown.

"I don't want him to find out like this...not in front of all these people..." I whispered, standing on my tippy toes to reach his ear.

William put a protective arm around my waist and began to lead us through the crowd, a familiar black haired fellow following our every footstep as we sneaked out of the back doors and down the stairs to the back parking lot where only a few cars were. We caught our breath and I leaned against William, hiding my face as extra footsteps slowed down near us and I closed my eyes tight as they stopped right near us.

"Lexi?" I took a shaky breath as William pushed my hair back and told me to look. I turned slightly to see Pete, the life completely washed out of his face. "You''re /pregnant/?" his voice cracked and I gulped, breaking away from William and turning fully to him, taking a very shaky breath.

"Yeah," I whispered and Pete took a cautious step closer.

"William?" he asked and William gulped. "You went back to William? I can't believe this shit," I gasped and looked at William who creased his eyebrows together before stepping in front of me.

"How dense can you get, Pete?" he yelled and Pete raised an eyebrow.

"What?" he asked and William shook his head.

"Now I know why Lexi didn't tell you. Look at the father, dumb as a fucking post!" Pete's angered expression softened and his hands poised in front of his mouth as his eyes shifted to mine, burning them for answers.

" he, is William telling the truth?" he croaked and I bit my lip, holding onto William's jacket as I nodded, sliding to hide behind him.

"I was going to tell you the night you.../you left/," I could see from where I stood Pete flinch and his hands clench tight before he took a step closer. William widened his eyes.

Oops, never told him that.

"You left Lexi? For what, Tessa/? Are you /stupid/? Can't you even tell that baby isn't yours? For god's sake Pete...she even told me and Travis that it was some dumb ass that left her, and she only turned to you because she /knew you'd help her!" Pete looked as though he was breaking with every word.

"William," I whispered and he shook his head.

"Pete, look what you've done," William stepped off to the side and waved his hands around my slightly shaking body, tears already perking over my eyelids, sliding down my cheeks in a silent cry. "Countless nights I wished I could kick your ass because I listened to her cry on the phone about how she was supposed to go about this," I bit my lip and looked at him.

"Stop," I whispered and Pete clenched his hands tighter. William went on.

"And then the first people she tells is Patrick and myself because she's scared/...for god's sake Pete, she almost got an /abortion because she heard you say that /you didn't love her/," Pete shook his head.

"I never said that," he whispered and William scoffed as I placed a hand on my stomach, closing my eyes, wishing this would all stop.

"Then why do you constantly tell that to Tessa, who you claim you aren't going out with," Pete shook his head.

"I never said that!" he screamed and I bit my lip as a shaky breath left my bottom lip trembling.

William shook his head, disgusted. I then realized I was in the middle of all this, them both standing on either side of me. Taking a deep breath I watched, not being able to say a word.

"Look at what you've done Pete, just fucking admit that /you, fucked up/," Pete turned his head slightly to see my tears and that's when his own started to slip out.

"Why do you care so much, Beckett, since when have you cared so much about my love life?" he yelled and I noticed Patrick and Heather now standing just right outside the back doors, pretty much in my shoes, not able to move, or speak. William shook his head again.

"Ever since you kicked her out of the picture, Pete...once she was abandoned, you know who she asked to take care of her?" he asked and Pete bit his lip, not wanting to admit what he knew was the truth. "Huh?" William pressed on and Pete's breathing got heavier. "It was me, she turned to me. Not any of you're friends, not even Heather. Pete, she turned to somebody she went out with, the last time you fucked up..." I closed my eyes again and took slow and easy breaths as it roared on.

"Then why did you help her?" Pete asked in a whisper and William looked over at me as I turned for an answer as well.

"Because unlike you, we love her, I love her...Pete, that's all it's ever been about, and you can't get it though you're dumbass," I shook my head, eyes tightly closed and cried out.

"Stop," I whispered and William raged on as Pete flinched with every remark.

"High ego-ed,"

"Stop," I said a little louder. Protest.

"Fucking useless,"

"Stop." I said firmly and William took a deep breath, still on the go.

"Thick skulled," I burst my eyes open and I looked up at the two.

"STOP!" I screamed and the two both looked at me as a look of pain hit my features and I placed both hands on my stomach. Tears fell more rapidly and I gasped, a sharp pain ripping through my stomach. "Stop," I pleaded and was about to fall over when I saw Pete and William both dive at me, Pete catching me in his already trembling arms one wrapping around me while the other rested on my stomach, his warm hand rubbing it slightly.

"Lexi," his voice cracked and his eyes became more glassy as I heard Heather's tearful voice and her hurried footsteps down the stairs well she fell next to William who had seemed to forgotten about everything and was currently spluttering out an address to what I presumed to be an ambulance.

I took a deep breath and managed to peek my eyes open to hear Pete muttering things into my hair while I sat in his lap, breathing becoming more and more painful.

"Stay here Lexi, stay...I can't...I can't do this alone, I don't want to live on my own," I blinked slowly and felt my blood run cold and heard Pete sniff and kiss my cheek and temple repeatedly.

"I love you too much, Lexi," I raised a hand thought the pain and placed over his own on my stomach and lightly smiled, my eyes closed.

"That's reassuring," I breathed and felt Pete take short, rapid breaths in my ear as I felt his tears mix with my own.

"I really do, Lexi," I forced my eyes open and forced myself to tilt my head back, lightly brushing my lips against his.

"I really do too," I whispered and felt him shake his head as I closed my eyes again and intertwined our hands that were on my stomach.

He mumbled something before trying to calm down and kissed my temple again before whispering in my ear that last thing I heard before sirens and darkness.

"You're the only place that feels like home..."
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