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My Lawyer Made Me Change The Title Of This Chapter So I Wouldn't Get Sued

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the end. goodbye

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Chapter 11- My Lawyer Made Me Change The Title Of This Chapter So I Wouldn't Get Sued

"...cause boys don't cry," I groaned in my sleep and tossed my head to where I was hearing the song and moved my hand around till it came in contact with another warm hand, one that I knew by heart. I smiled before opening my eyes to see him somewhat in disbelief.

"Stop," I breathed and smiled. "Stop quoting Robert Smith, Pete," Pete smirked to himself and looked down at my body. I glanced down to see my stomach pretty much back to normal and turned a worried face to Pete.

"What happened?" I croaked and Pete ran a thumb over my hand.

"It was a had a baby boy," I bit my lip and felt a happy tear fall down my cheek.

"What about Tessa?" I asked and Pete shook his head.

"No hard feelings, she fussed up thanks to William," I sat up and nodded, smiling.

"What about him?" I asked and Pete sighed, taking my hands.

That's when I realized the purplish mark just above his cheek bone and right below his eye.

"I deserved it, so I let him..." I leaned over and kissed it, Pete smiling as I pulled away.

"How," I cleared my throat. "Our baby?" I whispered and Pete gulped.

"It's still so surreal you did this all without me until now...he has to stay until tomorrow, but you can come home now...if you want," I bit my lip.

"Home?" I asked and Pete nodded, standing up and dropping his head to look at me.

"Yeah, home...I'm coming home, Lex," I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before looking up and nodding.

"I didn't think I could go another night alone, waking up in this cold winter with nobody to pull the blankets up," Pete pressed his lips together and took a deep breath before nodding.

"I'll be there tonight, Lex..." he whispered and I smiled standing up and cracking my back before my neck. "I brought you those," I raised an eyebrow and looked down to see my panda pajamas covering my legs. I smiled and shook my head, also seeing the guilty pleasures t-shirt on me. Suddenly, I fell forward and wrapped my arms around Pete's waist, feeling it was necessary.

"Thank you for being so strong for me, Pete..." Pete smirked and nodded, wrapping me into a hug as well.

"While I was away...I grew so old," he paused and I looked up to his eyes that twinkled catching my blue. "But now that I'm back...I've found the cure to growing older,"

I sighed and stepped on my tippy toes and kissed his cheek through a smile before leaning and whispering in his ear.

"And you're the only place that feels like home,"


I climbed into bed that night, things already a bit awkward for my liking. I turned away from an already sleeping Pete and sighed, feeling Hemmingway and Robert both at our feet, happy both owners were in the bed. I closed my eyes and right then I felt a few fingertips brush over the back of my waist before Pete shuffled and wrapped his hand onto my stomach, snapping my closer.

"Roll over," he mumbled and I smirked to myself as I did to see him smiling with his eyes closed before he sighed and opened them rubbing my arm.

"Last night before we become parents, Lex..." he whispered and opened his eyes. I smiled lightly and nodded.

"It feels...great to know you're here now, Pete," I whispered back and Pete pressed his lips together in deep thought for a minute. Tilting my head back slightly, I looked at his serious eyes as they danced across my face, landing on my lips. His parted and he closed his eyes.

"I love you Lexi," he breathed and I closed my eyes in an effort to say it back, but was cut short as his ever soft lips hit mine in an electric shock, emotions spilling out as he rolled over on top, holding himself up on one elbow, the other around my back, rubbing my shoulder blade. I sighed and he pulled away, resting his forehead against mine, breathing rugged and gulped.

"So how about we do this the right way?" he mumbled and I looked up to his eyes, holding his arms on either side of me.

"Huh?" I breathed and Pete lowered himself to my ear.

"It's been since December 2006...I wanna make love to you," I closed my eyes as my breath got caught in my throat and felt my mouth open and close several times as Pete smirked against my cheek.

"Pete," I breathed and he kissed my lips against before telling me to open my eyes. "Just so you know, I love you too," Pete smiled brightly before leaning back down and in our last night of freedom, made it perfectly clear that he was here to stay.


Little baby Wentz stared up at me as I bounced him lightly on my hip, walking down Heather's hallway, hearing her baking cookies in the kitchen. I walked in with Pete in tow and Heather stopped what she was doing, Patrick looking up from licking his finger of cookie dough and they both smiled, Heather stepping over and surrounding me, looking down at the baby who cooed and gripped her finger, smashing it to his mouth. Pete smirked and placed his hands on my waist as he looked on.

"He's already a Wentz, look at that charm," I shook my head.

"He looks exactly like you," Patrick came over next and let his hat be snatched by two little baby fingers. Patrick shook his head.

"He has Lexi's eyes," Heather sighed.

"He'll make a powerful crier," Pete sighed and hugged me tightly as Heather snatched him up and danced around a bit Patrick with her, adoring the baby.

A few more arrivals came in and I saw Freeda with Kiki who waved and smiled at the baby and Andy who shook his head, a smirk on his lips at Pete. Pete smirked in my ear and I patted him on the head.

"You're the new daddy on the block," I mumbled and Pete sighed.

"But, I kick so much ass at it," I rolled my eyes.

"He's only two days old," Pete laughed and I saw Clover come in out of the corner of my eye, Dirty in tow with Aloe and Joe.

"So, does he have a name yet?" I turned to see Freeda holding baby Wentz and felt Pete shake his head from behind me.

"We don't want to name him after's too...," I smirked.

"Cliché," I mumbled and Clover sighed.

"It has to be different, like Clover," Dirty rolled his eyes.

"But cute, like Patrick," Heather said next and Patrick blushed as he came back into the room with two babies on his hips, handing Sadie to Heather who smiled. Freeda laughed and looked at me.

"Name him Cadillac," I rolled my eyes and got my baby back, looking down at him.

"What do you think, Pete?" I asked and Pete shrugged, moving one arm to push some of his hair out of his face, the baby watching his every move.

"I have to think," he mumbled and everybody looked on as he thought, slightly caressing the baby's face, concentrating. I smiled and it made the baby lightly do the same and Heather shook her head.

"I know," I whispered and Pete looked at me, as well as everybody else. "Robert," Pete blinked once, but then smiled.

"If we name him that, can we change another name?" he asked and I raised an eyebrow and noticed Aiden, Stan, William, Travis and Sierra come in through the hallway into the living room where we had migrated. Pete took the baby out of my hands and handed him to Patrick, who had a smile that said everything.

He knew what was up Pete's sleeve.

Closing my eyes, I gulped and opened them to see Pete looking down, bending one knee and falling to the floor on it, brushing one of his hands against mine before gripping it and fishing through his pockets, pulling out the ring that was already out of the box. He raised it up as far his arm could reach and I looked at the small diamond on the silver band. My eyes slightly widened and a smile tugged on my lips.

The diamond was surrounded by two small, sideways bartskulls, carved into diamonds. Pete smiled up at me, and my eyes glazed over as he drew his hand back, taking a breath.

"Marry me," he breathed and I took a shaky breath before looking up at everybody who had bright smiles on their faces, all slightly nodding. I stared into the eyes of Heather who closed her eyes and mouthed something.

"He deserves you more than you know," I nodded once at her before looking back at Pete who now had a nervous smile, it twitching with each second that I hesitated to answer.

"On one condition," I said and Pete stood up, looking me in the eye and nodding.

"Shoot," he simply said and I took a deep breath before smiling wide, feeling like an idiot for mentioning it again.

"When the pimps come into the club," Pete narrowed his eyes for a minute and I grabbed the ring and shoved it onto my finger before putting both hands on either side of his face and bringing him into a kiss. I broke away and watched him smile that perfect smile at me, waiting for me to continue.

"You better drop it like it's hot,"

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