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Not exactly good at summaries, but here goes: An up and coming band gets signed to Decaydance's label and romance ensues. (That's all I'm going to'll need to read it. Sorry if this sounds...

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First Mistake is:

Height: 6' 1
Eye color: Hazel
Glasses: No
Hair: Dyed; Faux mohawk/ spikes
Body Type: Built
Piercings: Yes (lip, eyebrow, ears)
Tattoos: Yes (guns, bulldogs, tribal designs, girls names,
and Snoopy on both arms and 'Guilty by Association' on the back of his neck)
Style: Punk
Music influences: Hardcore/ Heavy Metal
Instrument: Drums
Guilty pleasure: Video games
Adjectives: Promiscuous, talkative, life of the party
One word: Ego

Height: 5' 7
Eye color: Green
Glasses: Yes
Hair: Long, dirty blonde
Body Type: Toned
Piercings: Yes (left ear)
Tattoos: Yes (Chinese symbol on right arm)
Style: Preppy skater
Music influences: Punk/ Alternative/ Indie
Instrument: Guitar
Guilty pleasure: How-to books
Adjectives: Nice, quiet, witty
One word: Whipped

Emily (a.k.a Em):
Height: 5' 4
Eye color: Blue/ Green
Glasses: Yes
Hair: Long, wavy, brown
Body Type: Slender (think Nicole from PCD)
Piercings: Yes (ears)
Tattoos: Yes (Clandestine Bartskull on lower back)
Style: Clandestine/ skater
Music influences: Pop Punk/ Hip Hop/ R & B/ Reggaeton
Instrument: Guitar/ Voice
Guilty Pleasure: Pete Wentz
Adjectives: Outgoing, caring, funny
One word: Crazy

Denise (a.k.a. Dee):
Height: 5'1
Eye color: Brown
Glasses: No
Hair: Long, curly, brown (usually straightened)
Body Type: Petite (think Jessica Alba)
Piercings: Yes (ears)
Tattoos: Yes (Clandestine Bartskull on lower back)
Style: Clandestine/ skater/ Eclectic
Music influences: Pop Punk/ Reggaeton/ R & B
Instrument: Bass guitar
Guilty Pleasure: Patrick Stump
Adjectives: Sweet, understanding, empathetic
One word: Picky

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